iOS developers can get their hands on the OS X 10.10 preview for free

iOS developers can get their hands on the Yosemite preview for free

It appears that iOS developers can now download OS X 10.10 Yosemite without needing a separate OS X developer account. In the past, a Mac developer account has been required to get developer preview software from Apple, and will set you back $99, for a total of about $200 for developers with both iOS and Mac accounts.

One of Apple's stated goals at yesterday's unveiling of iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 was to get iOS devices and Macs to work together more seamlessly than ever before. By opening up Yosemite to iOS devs before they have to spend $99 to take a look, it's likely that Apple wants to encourage iOS developers to explore Yosemite, get to know it, and possibly begin writing apps for it. You will still need a Mac developer account if you want to publish your apps on the Mac App Store.

Developers can find the Yosemite preview in the iOS Dev Center. What do you think of Apple's move to open up the OS X 10.10 preview to iOS developers?

Thanks to Clint Brown for the tip!

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iOS developers can get their hands on the OS X 10.10 preview for free


The reason is probably because Xcode 6 and Swift require Yosemite. I wish they had a REPL-only version so I could play along while reading the book...

This is how I was able to get Yosemite yesterday. I signed up for the summer beta program but when I went back to my iOS developer account I noticed there was an option to redeem a code for Yosemite & download the beta.

This is awesome! I have been wanting to invest in opening a dev account to preview iOS8. But most of the features I wanted to try out require Yosemite and I did not want to form out an extra $100 to get access to both betas. Totally worth getting an account now.

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I've been wanting to do the same thing, but thought I'd check with you first to be sure. Once you set up your iOS Dev Program account, did you in fact get access to the preview for Yosemite?

Last year I was able to download the Mac beta at first, but eventually my access was denied until I got a Mac account.