iPad 2 -- what we didn't get!

iPad 2 -- what we didn't get!

Sure Apple showed off a lot during the iPad 2 event but they didn't give us everything we wanted, now did they? While I can't tell for sure yet if I got my smaller bezel (I'll be measuring down to the millimeter!) there are some hardware and software features that are obviously missing in action.

We're going to go over them after the break!


Steve Jobs said iPad 2 was incredibly thin but Apple didn't lose anything because of it. Maybe so but there are several things we didn't gain either.

Retina Display

iPad 2 is the same 1024x768 resolution as the original iPad. In other words we can still see the pixels. No doubt Apple is working on a sweet Retina Display for the iPad... we just didn't get it today. Maybe it was too expensive. Maybe they can't produce enough of them yet. Maybe they just need to hold something back so we upgrade to iPad 3 next time. What ever the reason we didn't get it.

Stereo Speakers

We got a new speaker design and maybe the bigger area will lead to better sound but we didn't get the Beats by Dr. Dre treatment the HP TouchPad is getting. It doesn't look like we even got real stereo speakers. For a company with its roots in iPod audio that's a strange thing to keep missing.

ThunderBolt/USB/SD ports

While MacBook Pro got the really fast new ThunderBolt I/O, iPad 2 didn't. It didn't get a built-in USB port or an SD card slot either. Once again the Dock remains the only data port on iPad. At least the Camera Kit will let you get a big dongle for USB and SD. Lack of PCI Express architecture probably keeps ThunderBolt off the roadmap for the foreseeable future though... (Hey, at least we finally got an HDMI adapter!)

High quality cameras

iPad 2 looks like it has the same video cameras as iPod touch 4, not the much higher quality still camera sensor of the iPhone 4. 720p is fine for HD video but 720 pixels high isn't great for a still image. Is this another case of Apple going for thin over function? iPad 2 might not be the every day shooter for every body but something comparable to the coming Android tablets would have been nice.

LTE/4G radio

Okay, LTE isn't going to be ubiquitous any time soon but even if you have it you won't be able to use it on iPad 2. We're not even sure how fast the HSPA radio is yet.

128 GB option

Double density NAND Flash has been available for a while now. Maybe 64GB is enough of an option for most users but for those who want a ton of video or high quality audio 128GB would be appreciated. At least iPod classic can breathe a sigh of relief until September...


No I don't want it but some people outside LG might and there's no 3D display and no 3D cameras. Again I don't care but someone might.

Bezel gestures

Thinner or not there's no gesture area on the iPad 2 bezel. Apple has patents on this (and on touch sensitive casings) but they're still not using them. In fairness even the HP TouchPad isn't using a gesture area and the BlackBerry PlayBook is faking it with a 1 pixel detection border but the Sony PSP2/NGP is using case gestures. Just saying...

Software features

Apple didn't match all the specs of competing tablets but their strength is software, right? Let's take a look.

iOS 5

We didn't get any hint of iOS 5 and that means a lot of software features we were expecting didn't show up either. Notifications, Theme Store, Apple ID activation, user accounts, voice commands, etc. are all still missing in action and waiting on an event later this month or next.

MobileMe and iTunes.com

Maybe MobileMe is waiting on iOS 5 but we didn't hear anything about improvements there either. Same goes for iTunes.com. We did get Home Sharing but the cloud was a no-show. No Find my Friends, no streaming media, no DropBox killer. Nothing.


iPad 2 is a good update. I'd say it's even better than the iPhone 3GS was to the iPhone 3G since the design improved as well as the internals. But it wasn't an iPhone 4 level update. It was more expected and less exceptional. The above is what I think was missed. Let us know what you think was missed in the comments below!

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iPad 2 -- what we didn't get!


It feels like the iPad should have a more sophisticated OS than the iPod and iPhone, something in-between iOS and MacOS. Something new. More capable then iOS, but simpler than MacOS. Not that I expected that to actually happen, but if I had one wish, that would have been it, over all the hardware updates -- a 3rd nature device instead of just a big iPod Touch -- and now it's more like a big iPhone, with the cameras. If I were to suggest a better OS, I'd say take a look back at Lisa OS and revive that document-centric approach, only modernized.

iPad has always been a giant ipod touch for people that want to mainly consume data. Dual cameras on ipod touch4 are of inferior quality to the one in iphone 4 and they are the ones installed in iPAD (in terms of capability). Original iPad was a giant ipod touch 3G with higher speed processor (same memory) and this new iPad has a dual core processor but everything else (dual cameras, shape, memory etc.) is very similar to ipod touch4.

That to me is a lost opportunity to make something really new. The hardware is there. All it needs is a brilliant new OS that's as revolutionary as the original iPhone, and maybe it could have sold twice as many just because of the software. To me it seems like iOS is a waste of the hardware, with that big touchscreen and the same simplistic desktop. I want to drag things around and do things right on the desktop, instead of the iOS in-and-out approach. A windowed OS, with a document-centric approach since it's a tablet. A pad of "stationery" in the corner, drag a piece off onto the desktop and then you choose what type of document it should turn into, a letter, a chart, a picture, a movie edit, or a web page you want to publish, and the supporting app launches in the background and the stationary becomes alive on the tablet.

I don't see th cameras as an issue, they're good enough for AR and skype etc - I agree 100% about the OS - great, but needs more - especially in the face of Android (spit) - files etc - to really rock. Apple are very coy about the memory tho - that is a concern. 9x graphics with lift in memory will be pointless

There will never be an SD card slot, because that would kill the higher margin top end models. Who would buy a 32 GB ipad when you could buy a 16 GB one and throw a $20 16 GB card in it and have enough left over for a bt keyboard and one of those new cases, and swap in 64GB or 128GB card as they get cheaper? Unless people flock to Android tablets specifically because of an SD slot, Apple will not add one, because it omission is as much a strategic decision as a technical one.

Exactly. Also, as long as iOS has the sandbox model, there's no shared storage. They have the adapter (cha ching!) for loading photos, but accessing other file types would be a problem.

The back camera is next to useless, less than 1mp, and the front one is VGA? Really, VGA? That's bad even for skype calls. A better option would have been a 2mp camera on the front.

It's funny to me, all these "Android lovers" in the world.
Android is nothing but a copy. No better than this copycat pos back from my college days who copied one of my research papers. I beat the crap out of him when I found out! If Microsoft had put out Android, you would be an Android Hater...There is NOTHING original about Android...It is stepping all over Apple patents...Apple should be getting revenue for every Android device sold! Boo on Google, I lost all respect for them. Using Bing and loving it!

I agree that the concept of android had ideas from other OS, apple, windows, linux(well its based on linux), fortunately for me, I dont CARE where the idea of my phone's functionality came from, I pay enough on my bill to let the providers deal with the legal stuff. Im glad that all the "copied" things that are on Android makes it the best OS for "my" needs at the moment... The 1942 Dodge Carryall was one of the first SUVs made, by your concept, I shouldnt have my Murano since Nissan "stole" the idea... But I really dont think you are discussing about what is better, I think your argument is about your college trauma.

you obviously are a steve jobs worshiper. Im sure the keynote said it but you are convinced this was your own thought. The sad thing is that the new android tablet is not a copy. It has widgets, real tabbed browsing, flash, real multi-tasking. And the xoom is the first to have a dual core in a tablet as much as your probably convinced otherwise.
After the keynote I am even more convinced the android tablet is the way to go for features, and a future. Google is actually investing in advancing the designs, apple if anything took its queues from google on what they put in the new ipad.
Of course you must go back to your apple shrine to leave some fruit (apples) in front of the steve jobs statue.
hope you eventually wake up from the delusions.

I love that response. Everybody who doesn't praise Android is obviously a "Jobs worshipper" or "Apple fanboy". Some people just don't like Android because it's a clunkier OS borrowing elements from other OS's. It's good, but not great. I just can't understand what it is that causes Android users to trip-out and go all teenage-girl-catfight on us.

Dood if you read his response he is saying android was copying apple. I find it interesting that steve jobs said that this is the year of copy cats. In this instance google went in a different direction then apple who by the way is not the first tablet. The others were not as big.
Whats frustrating is that people make these comments like rehashes of a liberal reporters comments. Its obvious the person enver tried the xoom nor knows the real features but blindly bashes a company.
I own an ipad 32gig with 3g. I was hoping for someing more then this. And the xoom and other tablets are already ahead in design. I am not a brand loyalist nor do I care for those who are. Enough said.

I read and understood what was said, but you just spout the same garbage that anybody throws out there when a new Apple product is released. You tout the Android OS as the next step - Why?
Flash? Is Flash even relevant post 2002? People get all bent out of shape about the iOS not supporting Flash, but it was the best decision Apple made in terms of mobile OS support. Support Flash is like supporting a drug addicted relative - Yeah, sometimes they're fun and doing alright, but they aren't stable and you never know when they're going to crash.
The Xoom? How is the Xoom "ahead in design"? Explain why you said that and make me a believer. People claim the new iPad will have 256MB of RAM, the Xoom will have 1GB. Ok, fair enough...but if iOS can run decently on 256MB and Android needs 1GB, then who would you tout as the more resource-efficient OS?
I can and will bash any device I want after I've tried it and found it to be inferior to devices that I've also tried. Don't get so sensitive about these things.

The tabbed browsing is a huge plus, the 3d graphics engine, ease to go to multi-tasked processes, as much as you hate flash i have several sites which i like that still use it. Widgets for quick and easy views into social networks, and mail. I can send email attachment without having to dive into an app first to send it. I can attach from any program. I can plut it in and pull files no itunes needed. I will have 4g. I can also do video chat anywhere no need for wifi. Video chat on gtalk which the rest of the world uses no propietery video chat. I can also downlaod attachements in a normal fashion. Alerts go where they should and not get in the way. 1080p video. The list goes on and on.

"Android is nothing but a copy"
This is simply not true. Calling Android a copy of iOS would be like calling OSx a copy of Windows: they came out at much the same time and have similar features, but are two very different operating systems. If you read the history of the Android OS you'll see that Android inc. was founded in 2003 by Andy Ruben and Rich Miner, and the 2005 acquisition of Android inc. by Google started Google's development of the Android OS. This was at much the same time as Apple started their development of the iPhone and iOS. Android's initial release was later than iOS (by about a year), but the announcement of Android was made the same year as the announcement of the iPhone. Hence, these two projects were more contiguous than tandem. Before people start calling me an android-fanboy and make strawman arguments about how I worship Larry Page or something of that nature; let me say that I am just stating a fact. This has nothing to do with what OS I love/hate; this is just to say that the stigma of Android being a copy is not true. Similar features, yes, copy, no.

Erm, MacOS came out before Windows, and it wasn't until more than 10 years later that Windows finally caught up in copying MacOS. I don't think Apple interfaces copied Microsoft at all in that period.

yep, definitely an iFanboi.. I find it insulting that anyone at Apple is calling anybody else a copycat, since frankly their entire empire is built on their own copycat moves.
However if you really look, not blindly, at the Xoom, its NOTHING like the iPad, with the exception of it being a tablet, which isn't something Apple had first, they were just the first one to do big things. The Xoom running stock Gingerbread, is the biggest step in tablet computing that really goes that length to replace a laptop seamlessly instead of creating a consumption device that will be strained to be made as useful as possible with with apps that don't often pertain to everybody. Apple may have started the tablet trend, but it will soon be taken away from them until they step up their game and create a completely new, revamped version of iOS specifically for iPad that is meant for tablet use.
Sent from my iPad 3G.

You're old. You're the same person that said the iPad would never take off. Look around you. Now you're saying Apple has the market, but will lose it.
Is it hard being that bitter and angry? Surely your life is a sad and lonely one.

Apple should have introduced with the new ipad that they are taking away one "feature" that you HAVE to sync up your iPad in order to set it up AT ALL. Apple should have done away with this earlier. If they want it to be a Post PC product then for goodness sake, please make it so I DON'T need a PC just to set up the device!

you really dont tho. they will set it up for you in the store, then you never have to plug it into your PC ever...

Agree. I felt the same even 2 years ago when buying my first iPhone. Never had any other phone that required a computer.

Ok, more seriously:
Retina Display: wishful thinking. It's coming, but a simple look at the 2011 state of the industry would lead one to say it was not coming. Wishful thinking. At least half the people were skeptical that it was doable. After DaringFireball said no, people who still hoped were fantasizing.
Stereo Speakers: You knew the device was getting thinner. Since when did thinner lead to better sound? Not only that, Apple has never produced an iPod with good speakers, or even speakers. If you want better sound, you can get one of the hundreds of soon to be available speaker docks or use Airplay.
ThunderBolt/USB/SD ports: You're right, you won't see TB until all Macs have them for awhile and until Intel has driven the TB chip down to iOS device sizes. That's at least another process node away. If Apple is moving away from the 30-pin iPod dock, it's going to be TB, not USB. Moving to micro-USB isn't going to happen. MicroSD slots? No. SD cards? There's really no common usage for it.
High quality cameras: What is more important to the iPad: thinness or better cameras? Same question for the iPod touch. I suppose they could let it protrude though, but that'll introduce a break in the lines. That'll result in a reduction in the visual/feel quality of the device. So again, which trade do you want? And again, you were wishfully thinking if you thought it would be better than the iPod touch.
LTE/4G radio: Apple won't use LTE/4G until chipsets move to the next process node and be as efficient at 3G radios were a year ago. Today, they are about half as efficient. This is in addition to availability across the world.
128 GB option: Transistor densities double approximately every 18 months, give or take 6 months (or more if your chip manufacturer made a mistake). You well never see a doubling every year. Using 18 months, that's 2 doublings every 3 years. That's if there aren't any problems moving to the next process node.
3D: Hahahahahahahahahahaha!
Bezel gestures: Um, who wanted this other than webOS fanatics? And as you say, they are losing it in the TouchPad. 4/5 finger gestures could be interesting though!
iOS 5: Apple is a "one major product at time per marketing event" type of company. It was wishful thinking any other way. Thinking back to 2010, was there even one marketing event where they covered more than one major product? Even at WWDC (iPhone 5 event), they didn't.
MobileMe and iTunes.com: Wishful thinking. If it is a major change they'll have a specific event to market it. If it comes along for the ride, it'll be something minor.

Interesting that you mention micro USB. A couple of years ago the EU passed a law, for environmental reasons, that all cell phones sold in the EU must use the same charger type. Not sure when the law is to come into effect, but I believe the standard decided was micro USB. I always wondered how Apple would comply with this.

The law apparently has an exception by which a manufacturer can ship an adaptor. Apple will sell an expensive 30-pin iPod dock to micro-USB adaptor, thusly, meeting the law.
If Apple ever transitions away from the 30-pin iPod dock, and it'll be Thunderbolt if Intel can drive Wintel adoption, it isn't going to be micro-USB. And it's going to be a painful process.

i'd put money on apple having to add this adapter in with the phone. If the law requires that you should be able to charge with a micro USB i'm sure that would in by default.

Hey idiot..Don't try to sway what people want..These are all features that other tablets have and that people loyal to Apple want in their products. You sound like Jobs himself..regardless of what people want you give them what YOU deem necessary..SMH

I think it's ridiculous that the iPad has a 9.7 inch display but still only displays apps 4 x 5 plus the 4 on the bottom with no widgets, granted it has one more line on the bottom, but it's still a huge waste of screen real estate. I would have really liked a 80GB option moving down 32GB to $499. Also hopefully in iOS 5 they implement those multitasking gestures from the 4.3 beta and obviously notification fix.

The iPad 2 is just a hardware upgrade to keep up with tablets like the Motorola Xoom and anything else that's going to be released this year.

I always said the iPad 2 would not have a retina display. It would require too much processing power to run games at that resolution. Also it would be to expensive. With the A5 having 9 times the graphics power than the A4, I would not be surprised to see the retina display in the iPad 3. It should have even more processing power and the cost of the retina display will have dropped.

LMBO...IS this what people were waiting for??? No change in the nothing but app launcher OS, dual core chips just to swipe left to right!!!!...Garbage cameras and the same screen resolution???? Nothing new here but a thin design and a processor that cost 20 bucks more than the original although much faster I admit??? This is really not worth an upgrade!!! This should have been the first Ipad ... LOL the touchpad is better than this because it offers something new on a OS.

They need to put a USB port on the iPad so people that ditched their computers for the iPad can sync their iPods and iPhones with iTunes.

I agree and disagree. I believe Apple should NOT put a USB port on the iPad. I believe Apple should allow wireless device syncing back to the iPad from the smaller iOS devices. But I believe that might happen...

Retina display, not gunna happen wasn't expecting anyway. USB psssh buy the adapter. Camera's are garbage, but then again if your using the iPad as a camera, no one is looking at your photos anyway. 128gb, would have been nice, and you know apple is never going to do expandible sd cards, so why even speak of it. However, the iPad will get the job done for what a tablet device should be used for. Really are you going to replace your laptop or desktop for an iPad.. NO your not. The real problem with this device is IOS. Really has it changed in 4 years. Same o'l grid of icons app launcher. Come on Apple, I hope IOS 5 is "Revolutionary"

Pretty solid upgrade IMHO. The Smart Cover is genius!! Glad to have both black and white option. The only thing I am missing is better screen resolution. Everything else I can take or leave this round. iOS 5 should bring a "whole new device" if we're lucky. And screen should improve on the next generation. Best to just buy it and enjoy it. Then repeat this whole process next year. Apple products are designed to be both fun & functional. I believe the iPad 2 fits this design.

Smart cover is cool, but really, isn't protecting the back almost as important as protecting the front, since you'll want to sell it someday? I actually like the old case better, that smart cover doesn't have anywhere to stash anything, like headphones?

im impressed with this article, as a fan of technology, (i regularly switch between my two android phones, my iphone4 and a hacked HD2 with Wp7) i love the surprising level of objectivity here. i was expecting a Jobs sermon.
the point was that ipad 2 was evolutionary as opposed to revolutionary. and more of an evolution than Ipad 3gs was over 3g, coz both the software and hardware was evolved.
All it means for me is that i was heading towards their competitors anyway, and the ipad2 doesnt sway me in the least.
now which one of the honeycomb/touchpad should i get. those beats audio speakers sound heavenly.
AND YES. they left out certain things so come this time next year, yall run out and get iPAD 3. hihi.

The three things I really want in an iPad that would make me consider upgrading from my original 64GB 3G model:
1) Some sort of an SD slot (mini, micro, standard - whatever) that would allow me to back up or expand things like contacts, e-mails, etc.
2) Retina display - goes without saying.
3) TRUE 4G.
I don't need FaceTime (I honestly haven't met ANYONE that's used it, even just as a "gotta try this" moment), and while the new model is thinner, that causes me a slight bit of concern due to the size of the screen. I think the original iPad is a good balance between heft and portability. Then again, I have Otterbox Defender cases on both my iPad and iPhone 4 so uber-svelte is wasted on me.
Lastly, the one thing I'd really like to see from a software standpoint is a customizable icon layout as far as the number of icons allowed in rows and colums. Right now there's an awful lot of wasted screen real estate between the app icons on an iPad - why not give users the option?
And does anyone REALLY use anywhere close to 64GB on an iPad now?
I haven't even gotten close and I use mine regularly for books, music and video - I can't possibly think of a way I'd ever need 128GB.

I think this is a great update but I don't think a lot of iPad owners will upgrade, but it will be great for first time buyers. I will probably wait a while to get one but I'm sure I will later on. Probably after I have some hands on. That's the way it usually is, I think I can hold out until I play with one and see how it performs vs. my old one.

They got it that light and thin while retaining and adding which is a major achievement but Georgia is too stupid to understand that.
Maybe if she flipped her hair around some more in the videos it would loosen up her brain.

You're obviously too stupid to finish your sentences. "They got it that light and thin while retaining and adding"... what? Retaining and adding what? Ambiguous much? Plus, "loosen up her brain" makes no sense, as you'd just get concussions all over the place. Are you like, 10 years old?
At least Georgia can write sentences :P

We didn't get time travel... or any other mythical things blogs made up over the last 9 months that are either too ridiculous or too expensive to pack into the 2nd generation tablet.
They put enough in it to get me to upgrade, to keep them well on top of the pile of copy-cats coming out, and to continue to push the wave of post-PC era devices.
When things like retinal displays can actually be built that large for that price I'll worry about them missing the feature. Until then I'm not going to cry over the lack of unicorn features.

Here is a little about my opinion on this... sorry its long but it explain lots, I start with the IPad 2 news and compare a bit between android and apple... hopefully it fits (twss)

  • I can't wait for the new IPad 2!!!! I heard they are making custom iOS 5 versions for the jail broken IPad 2s! You will be able to overclock the dual 1.2Ghz processors and make it even faster!!!!! The awesome new display will support 3D (depending on the version of IPad 2 you get since there will be many different types of IPad 2s to fit your needs, I think this will be on the Apple iPad2 “Optimus” series), also some will come with dual cameras that shoot pictures and video in 3D, and the full hdmi mirroring feature is just incredible! Support for microSD will be included in case we want to, well do anything that has to do with an external drive besides the huge drive included. iOS5 (original and custom versions) will have NATIVE flash, unlike Android!
  • Besides as many of us Apple fans know, Android is a copy cat!!! COPY CAT! (there! I said it!). First we can start by Android’s version names, gingerbread, froyo, Eclair (Obvious right? Well, Ill explain it to the FAndroid readers who don’t see it as clear as we do… You can eat all of those things, just like APPLE!) Another obvious thing that was copied was Android’s multi tasking, which was taken straight from the ios code(I cant confirm this but that’s how I see it!) That remote android app finder (where is my droid or something similar) copied by apple!!! so was wifi tethering, native flash!
  • How about them apps? Android copied Apple so much that even they have apps!!!! But the consumer cares mostly about who has more apps and we know we win easily over Android, I don’t think I even need to brag about the gazillion apps that apple has over Android!(350000+ Apple vs 130000+ on Android… eat that!). The apple widgets really make a difference too, but I heard Android and Windows are copying that.
  • iOS has so many more Apps AND you can barely find any similar apps for the Android system and when you do, there is a very good chance of them being either cheaper or free (Duh! who wants free stuff when you can pay for them?) Keeping most of our Apple apps paid apps is one of the reasons why we have so many apps and why we keep those loser free-app-developers away from us!) I bet I could name 10 apps that everybody needs and that Android doesn’t have!!! (But I don’t feel like naming them)
  • Apple’s battery can’t even be compared to the famous battery-draining Android OS(Unless they buy an extended battery and put a custom made android version, which are known to double their battery life). In order for an Android device(lets use the HTC EVO for example) to compete with an iphone battery-wise, you would need to spend about $60 on an extended battery!
  • Just because 53% of all smart phones in America had the Android OS, doesn’t mean I will surrender my loyalty to Apple, Apple is thinner, looks prettier, and is the innovator!!!!!! It cannot be possible for any new Android tablet or phone to EVER catch up with apple!

Now in all seriousness, the IPad and IPhones are awesome to the technology-challenged (who are now the below average group) consumer. Its simple, fast, stable, no viruses, does everything that the average consumer needs. The apps are stable but you cant modify much and you cant pick much on hardware (think of the 3D display, dual cameras, size and many other things). The games are better for now...
Android goes perfect to the average / technology driven consumer... more customizable, more options, more functions, cheaper apps, and a better future gaming promisses (think of the playstation apps and the dual / quad cores coming soon).
My sister never had either, she got an iphone 4 after trying my HTC EVO and she told me she couldnt believe she would ever admit that the Android was a lot better to her (she is an average consumer)
ps. I based my consumer level by the way they know and can learn new technology (in my opinion)

I respectfully disagree with almost everything you said.
I'm a fairly technological person, I like to think. I can usually pick something up and know my way around it in a fairly short amount of time. I know more than a lot of people at my university's IT department about the way computers and such run. I pick up an Android phone, however, and I'm completely and utterly lost. I can't find anything, I don't know how to send messages... I am just LOST. I feel like if Android is your FIRST delving into smartphones then yes, it'll work wonderfully. I come from a BlackBerry though and I'm completely out of my league. Plus, you need to specify WHICH android. So many phones carry variations on it that they're all different.
I do not feel customization is as important as a lot of people do. In my case, I customized my BlackBerry so much that I was never happy with it and I was constantly changing things. I breathed a sigh of relief with the lack of customization on my new iPhone. I now don't think about customization (unless I'm sick of my ringtone) and I'm able to actually focusing on USING it.
More options? More functions? Can you explain these? You're very vague and I'd like to hear what Android phones can do that iPhones cannot. Genuinely.
Cheaper apps? I find this hard to believe, unless Android has 50c apps.
Gaming - I just don't care. I use my iPhone as a tool, not a toy. That's just me, though, and I realize I'm in the vast minority.
Every experience I've had with someone "picking up" an Android device is sheer confusion. At the Verizon store, when I went to get my iPhone, there were about five people at both the iPhone booth and the Android booth... and all of the customer reps were at the Android booth trying to help the people figure out the phones. This says a lot to me.

"I know more than a lot of people at my university’s IT department about the way computers and such run" ... "I’m completely and utterly lost. I can’t find anything... I don’t know how to send messages… I am just LOST"
- Was this a joke? or does your IT department needs some training? Is it UMass by any chance?(because i could understand if it is). I got an 9 year old cousin that can teach you how to send text messages on any phone "she wants" (well ive only seen her doing on my Treo 3 years ago, instinct 2 years ago, iphone recently, and about 3 different types of androids with different customization) She thought my mother how to use her LG Optimus S.
More options? More functions? Can you explain these? You’re very vague and I’d like to hear what Android phones can do that iPhones cannot. Genuinely.
- I had a huge sarcastic post that pointed a few of those, but it was moderated... Unfortunately Im not spending the time going in details again, but 4G, HDMI with mirroring, 3D displays and 3D pictures and videos, microSD, widgets, multi-tasking, customization..............
Cheaper apps? I find this hard to believe, unless Android has 50c apps.
-- Again, long post on this, do a google search yourself if you want to find out, there are tons of comparisons on the amount of free apps vs paid, and price difference between those OSes...
Gaming – I just don’t care. I use my iPhone as a tool, not a toy. That’s just me, though, and I realize I’m in the vast minority.
- Good for you, im sorry you weren't included in my opinion.
Every experience I’ve had with someone “picking up” an Android device is sheer confusion. At the Verizon store, when I went to get my iPhone, there were about five people at both the iPhone booth and the Android booth… and all of the customer reps were at the Android booth trying to help the people figure out the phones. This says a lot to me.
- It says A LOT to me as well but I'm sure what it says to me, is quite different then what it says to you.
This is all about taste, of course, some people like to personalize their phones, some people hates changes, some people cant keep up with technology and its understandable since its going at lightning speeds, some people like to use something made so their 5 and 13 year old children, their 35 year old wife, their 85 year old grandmother can all use at the same level, others like more challeng things... Im standing by my other post...

Maybe Apple are waiting for the existing MobileMe Accounts to run out before changing the service? I cant seem to get into the my account area on MobileMe so i cant see if there are any upgrade options.

Since Jobs said that 2011 would be the year of the iPad2, what does this do for the next generation iPhone? I'm guessing it's going to receive a small update like iPhone4 > iPhone4s (iPhone5). Minor but necessary upgrades. Anyone else thinking they didn't create a back cover so that you can still dock the iPad? Oh btw, they kept the home button!! yayy

RAM!!!!! That's all I really cared about
Using my dads iPad in comparison to my iPhone 4 the ram issue is obvious. New browser window, switch back reload page, switch app, swictch back reload page.
Even my iPhone 4 doesn't keep enough windows for my typical browsing , I wanted 1gb, are we even sure we dint have it???
Has someone opened a few browser windows to see if there was an improvement?????

I was seriously going to consider the Ipad2 but after I watched a video that showed how the Ipad1 multitasked but you constantly having to double press a button I had to think twice. This OS is truly garbage..Its smooth but very simplistic. Let me state this and you can mark my words. The Ipad 3 will have a 3mp camera with a flash this time, A minor OS update, Same design, 1mp front camera, And a slightly higher res. display. Anything more will be to "revolutionary" and won't leave enough room for the 4th generation.

It was a magical performance from a consummate performer, on that we can all agree.
Speaking for a little more than an hour, in a voice that has lost little of its calm intensity, Steve Jobs mesmerized the audience Wednesday at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, and by extension the world.
His introduction of the iPad 2 did quadruple duty — it enticed mainstream customers, wowed spec-hunting tech geeks, tweaked his competitors and pleased Wall Street. Future presidential candidates would do well to study it.
Essentially, Jobs was selling a dream that could set your rib cage thumping with desire.
“Technology alone is not enough,” he said in one of the day’s more lyrical asides. “Technology married with liberal arts, humanities, yields the result that makes our hearts sing.”
Full disclosure: Yeah, I want to buy one, too.
Do you think you’ll buy the new iPad? Tell us why.
But a dream-made reality comes with limitations and imperfections, especially in the gadget business. Like any good magician, Jobs used sleight of hand to distract from the things we’re not supposed to see.
On the morning after, it’s time to take leave of our hearts, return to our heads and name them.
Man on wire
Magicians who use wires in their act don’t let you see them, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. In this case, the wire is the same old white cable that you’ll have to use to sync your iPad to your PC or Mac from Day One. Yes, apps such as Audiogalaxy or Air Server let you stream music and video to the iPad via Wi-Fi, but they don’t remove the need to hook up to iTunes to back up or sync content for most apps.
In a device that’s supposed to be about effortless connecting, and a world that is moving to cloud syncing, this is an increasingly clunky throwback.
Memory man
How much memory will the new iPad have? We don’t know, because Jobs didn’t tell us. Given that he ticked off all the other major specs of the device, it seems an odd omission. Could it be because its memory is exactly the same as the original iPad — 256 megabytes?
That would look embarrassingly paltry next to iPad competitors such as the Motorola Xoom or the HP Touchpad, which both boast 1 gigabyte of RAM.
Gadget blog Gizmodo claims an Apple employee quoted 256 megabytes when demonstrating the product, only to have the claim walked back by a PR handler. We’ll wait for better proof.
But there is another kind of memory that we know is exactly the same on iPad 2: storage space. The Apple tablet still maxes out at 64 gigabytes. Sure, the competition isn’t beating that yet. But given the standard pace of technological improvement, one would expect a 128-gigabyte hard drive by now. Could tablet design have reached some kind of inherent size limit?
Behind the screen
Contrary to what the rumor mill had been expecting, there was no improvement in screen resolution — meaning the iPad 2 is already lagging behind the iPhone 4, with its much-touted retina display. (An iPhone 5 is expected later this year.)
And while Jobs told us how many frames per second of video the new iPad’s cameras would shoot, he didn’t mention megapixels. This is not a spec he has been shy about announcing when it came to iPhone models.
Holding back?
In all the hoopla, it’s easy to forget that many features announced for iPad 2 were expected — and were technically possible — in iPad 1. It was widely remarked at the time that Apple was deliberately holding back built-in cameras, for one, so that the iPad 2 could launch with a larger splash.
Barring some mass outbreak of leaks at the notoriously tight ship that is One Infinite Loop, we’ll likely never know the truth. But we do know that one “new” feature touted Wednesday — the ability to use the mute button to lock the orientation of the screen — was originally available in iPad 1. The button only changed its purpose when iOS4 was introduced.
So what, if anything, is Apple deliberately holding back for iPad 3? A memory boost? Retina display? Cloud sync? Stereo speakers? (Yes, the iPad 2 is still mono.)
One thing we can be pretty sure of — there will be another peerless presentation of achingly beautiful tablet technology this time next year.

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