iPad 2 cases reveal rear-facing camera, SD card slot?

Yes, we've reached supposed case-leak season in the pre-iPad 2 hype cycle and a couple of these bad boys have been spotted sporting what looks like cutouts for rear-facing camera and SD card cut slots.

Apple doesn't give accessory makers advanced access to hardware like iPad 2, but since some of those case makers have connections to the factories that assemble iPad 2 hardware, who knows what they've heard, seen, or even fondled on the down-low?

As always, these cases could be spot on or complete wrong, real, fake or really fake, so check out the picture and let us know what you think. Will we be getting a rear-facing camera and SD card slot on iPad 2?

[iLounge, Kodawarjsan, via MacRumors]

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Reader comments

iPad 2 cases reveal rear-facing camera, SD card slot?


First of all, unless these are actually glass, which I highly doubt, these are plastic. Do you really think Apple is going to switch to a plastic back on the iPad? Also, where is the Apple logo? I can believe a rear facing camera, but I highly doubt an SD card slot although stranger things have happened. These are definitely real fake, IMHO.

SD card slot on a mobile device is so anti-Apple that I wouldn't believe it even if I saw it in Steve Jobs' hands next month. I guess it's possible, but why? What's the need? Use Dropbox, MobileMe, etc. If you need file sharing.

SD card slot very unapple like? Yeah. If I were you I'd take a lookm at the mac line up.
and Sd card slot = Photos from your "real" digital camera.

Camera: Of course... Gotta be there. I've said from the begging "I'm not buying one until it has a camera." That is the one thing holding this device back (In my mind). Two cameras, just like the I phone is what I expect. Once the camera is there, the # of uses for the iPad explodes... SD card: Doubt it. Just don't hear people saying "man, I wish this had and SD card slot..." Don't see a bunch of value there...

SD Slot? or could it just be where the speaker is like the current iPad?
Then again maybe they have moved the MicroSim tray?
Suppose we'll find out in Jan ;)

@bj - AirPlay??? Are you serious? What does AirPlay do for you on December 25th at grandma's house when you want to show a video of your newborn opening up Christmas gifts that morning? What does AirPlay do for you when you are traveling and want to stream a Hulu video to the hotel TV?
Riddle me that!

@Stan is on point.
The rear camera is nice, but if there is no camera on the front for Facetime that would be huge slap in the face to consumers.

@JamesT: There is no need for an HDMI cable on an iPad when there is Airplay. Who wants to be tethered to your television? Wouldn't you rather keep the iPad with you on the couch as you do stuff output to your TV. Play a movie from your iPad AND do other stuff at the same time? At $99 AppleTV is CHEAP!

Ahhh, misread. Even if real it's fugly. Anyway, as was said, and SD card slot would be very unlike Apple on a portable device.
@DanthemanFg: So is your mom.

MacBook Pros are mobile and Apple recently added SD slots to them. The reason the iPhone doesn't have it is there simply isn't any space, but the current iPad size would have allowed for it.
Still it looks a little deep to be just for an SD slot unless the slot is also recessed on the iPad so cards sit flush with the bottom edge but can still be pulled out without having to include a spring mechanism.
If the next iPad is going to be announced in January like the first then it would not be surprising that some case makers have gained inside knowledge as the design would have to be more or less final by now with prototypes having been made for testing.

@jamesT realistically the same thing as HDMI out. Many hotels block the HDMI input on their TV's, if they have one, and my inlaws do not have a TV with an HDMI input on it, and I would bet that a lot of the 60+ crowd doesn't either. Not saying airplay is teh awesome!!1, but HDMI out isn't the be all end all either.

@Justin. My grandparrents, who are both over 65 have a 60" LG Plasma screen TV.
and many hotels still have tube TVS, but really, ifg your on vacation shouldnt you be on vacation not spening time watching TV in the hotel room?

This is crazy that it has a camera on the back(If this is real). "Oh lets take a picture, hold on lemme take out my iPad.""Man thats a huge camera" "Yeahhh"

Maybe they moved the dock connector so the cord isnt sticking out in landscape mode? That would be annoying if you already have a dock tho.

The camera on Thr back makes since, not for pictures but for FaceTime. Don't forget you can switch cameras on FaceTime to other person what you are looking at.
As for the SD card slot. Unlikely. First, like @MrC post that opening is to big for an SD card. Most SD card are inserted into a little opening just like the opening for plugging in your idevices(iPod, iPhone, iPad). Second, apple would still want you to sync your iPad. A Mac pro is a portable computer where as an iPad is a oversized iPod. To control and keep profit the iPad will have to stay being sync through iTunes.

Typing on a iPhone.
-The camera on the back makes since, not for pictures but for FaceTime. Don’t forget you can switch cameras on FaceTime to show the other person what you are looking at.

After reading my earlier comment, I realized that my mind thought I was on the iPhone 5 discussion. HDMI on the iPhone would be nice. It would also be nice on an iPad.
There are HDMI TV's pretty much every where I go. I haven't stayed at a nice hotel yet that has blocked the HDMI input. I'm sure they exists, but not the ones I stay at.
As far as vacation goes, people watch movies on vacation. Some vacations are simply about relaxing with no other plans. If you only go once or twice a year, then yes, you are most likely too busy doing other things then watching TV.

Where did the whole SD card rumor come from??? The "SD card cutout" is in the same area as the speaker on the current iPad. Wouldn't it make more sense to say the iPad 2 most likely has a revised speaker design?