iPad 2 component manufacturers revealed?

According to a report by Digitimes, three manufacturers have been appointed to provide components for the next generation iPad 2. Ibiden, Tripod Technology and TTM Technologies will manufacture and supply PCB boards for the new iPad. Additional suppliers will be added to the list in February 2011, when production of iPad 2 increases.

The sources said Ibiden, Tripod and TTM have received certification from Apple, and will start shipping any-layer HDI boards for iPad 2 in small quantities in December.

If Apple keeps to its yearly product update cycles, as is usual, then we can expect to see a new iPad announced in early 2011 and shipping by April.

The question remains however, what do we want from the next generation iPad? Obviously front and rear facing video cameras for FaceTime calls, more RAM and hopefully a Retina display, but what else?


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iPad 2 component manufacturers revealed?


Agreed we probably won't see 'Retina' resolution but it would be nice if they bumped up the resolution a little to match the 11" MBA, including the anti-reflective coating.

I definitely would like to see the next generation of the Apple A4 chip. Hopefully it's 1.2Ghz. It would love the see the option of a 1.2 and a 1.4Ghz iPad 2 maybe with 128GB and the ability to sync your iPhone to it. Ok, I know I'm dreaming now.

I hope it has both a front & rear facing camera! That way I could easily take pictures of items to put on ebay without having to turn on a computer!

Ummm.. Of course we will see a retina display.. like it would be stupid not to add one.. They added the retina display to the iphone and ipod touch and the price remained the same.. That is my number one expectation, 2nd atleast a front facing camera for facetime, someone raised a valid point talking about a rear camera for augmented reality apps but personally I only need a front facing camera. I have an iPhone for taking pics. More Ram, Faster Chip maybe, and A new form factor probably thinner design.

They should add all the features of the galaxy tab like video chat, and more memory. The most important feature when coping is call it "magical" and "revolutionary". Then it all becomes new.

Kanyo, A retina display on the ipad would bump its resolution up to a ridiculous amount, it would compete with, and better my iMacs maximum resolution, i can't see that happening, a small resolution bump maybe. Although IMO it looks pretty damn good already, probably not a high priority.
almost certainly we shall see front and rear facing cameras, although personally I see a rear facing camera on a as about as useful as a chocolate teapot, I expect Apple feels the same way but wont admit that, so they'll throw in the same crappy cam from the iTouch rather than the decent one in the iP4. Considering the way my ipad spends it time docked at my desk facetime could actually be useful there in a SCI-FI video phone kinda way. Still not something I'd ever use practically though.
More RAM definitely, a less curvy form factor similar to the change from 3GS -> iP4 maybe, and maybe a storage bump.

You don't switch cameras using facetime? This comes in so handy. I'm out shopping last night, see something, and can show wife using the back camera with facetime. Heck, i use the back camera more than front when facetiming..
Anyways, better to have the option than not. Why bother saying you don't need it?
I don't think we'll see Retina yet though. Noone has even come out with a competing product matching the ipad's current res. Heck, there isn't really a competing 10" tablet period.

if you have an iP4 and iPad, you know how much a retina display would greatly inprove the ability to read for more than 25 minutes at a time.
After usign my iphone, all I can see on the iPad, especially in iBooks, is pixels.

I agree with kanyo. Apple probably will put retina display in the ipad 2. Its not like its impossible and it would make it stand out more compared to other tablets.

I too love the idea of a pen. I want to replace notepads in meetings but I cannot use the iPad only. Cameras are nice. Maybe one camera that flips within the form of the iPad. More RAM, better display, HDMI out, integrated stand.

No retina display, and honestly, no rear camera. There is just no need. A good front camera makes sense, but using an iPad like an iPhone to take pictures seems cumbersome and less than elegant. Apple doesn't like those.

I really doubt it will include 'Retina' resolution. That would just be overkill for the technology as it would be higher than most desktop monitors (probably 2048x1536). Apple are really trying to keep the price down and they won't be able to do that if they included such a high resolution display. The screen is already the most expensive component in the iPad.
My realistic guess for upgrades are:
* Display 1280x800 with anti-reflective coating to match 11" MBA
* Front facing camera for Facetime (Makes sense since iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4, and all Macs have it) but rear camera might not be included to keep cost down
* 512MB RAM
* Slight CPU/GPU bump, maybe A4 based on ARM Cortex A9, but Apple are probably more concerned with battery life
* And one more thing.... (Mystery feature that might make the iPad stand out a little more from the upcoming competition like possibly the smart bezel stuff)
I doubt storage will get a bump as it would drive the cost up too much to double the current offerings.
Stuff I wish they would add, but probably never will:
* Hardware supported and accelerated stylus as secondary input for lag-free drawing/writing (no, foam tipped capacitive styluses on a multi-touch screen that can mistake your hand resting on the screen as input doesn't cut it)
* Wireless everything - inductive charging, wireless backup/syncing, wireless automatic and free cloud storage file transfer
* Fold in half like a clamshell design, but with a single seamless screen when opened up to make it more portable and protected

I think there is zero chance of a "Retina Display." That's a 300+ DPI screen. Like others, they can double the DPI to 266 and get 2048x1536 and employ pixel "doubling" techniques like in the iPhone 4, but the cost would be prohibitive. 2048x1536 is not that far away from Apple's 27" monitor. Just crazy to think of it. It is larger resolution than all of Apple's displays for Mac OS other than 27" and 30" screens. Just crazy. If anything, the 1024x768 resolution will be used in iPad 2.
I think the single biggest, the most important, specification for Apple to work on is weight. At 1.5 lb, it is still about half a pound too heavy. It really needs to shed half of its weight. That's not achievable. 0.3 or 0.4 lbs however, seems doable to me. Make it thinner (0.4" thick), use a magnesium alloy, more efficient chips with smaller battery but same performance, maybe they can shed a quarter to a third of the weight. 1.1 lb will feel a lot lighter than 1.5 lb. That added to the thinness will be a big usability enhancement.
The typical tech specs such as 1.5x the CPU performance, 2x the GPU performance, 2x the RAM, 2x the storage, 2x the network performance will likely be there. Onward the march with chip improvements. If there is a 128 GB storage option, sure hope there is Light Peak on the thing as transferring 128 GB will be slow with USB 480.
Weight is the biggest thing they have to work on. So if there is a component manufacturer I'm looking forward to hearing about, it's a magnesium alloy manufacturer. Maybe carbon fiber, but I suspect that would make the machine feel hotter.

Rumor was made of a possible USB. If that's the case... No need for SD slot for the iPad. Just use a USB drive. I would like to see...... A drop in price for 2nd generation (wishful thinking) but with the competition, anything can happen. Again, a USB port would be great for peripherals, cameras, memory, external drives (3.0 grin). Faster processor, retina display. Oh yes, apple, may I have my rotation lock back instead of the worthless mute you have decided to go with. If not add another button for that will ya. Different people have different needs. An iPad is not an iPhone. If that was the case I would only have one device. I use each device for different purposes.

Make it really magical. Poof data plan free. I was against a rear camera, but MIA mention using it as a scanner for documents. That would be great for apps like Evernote. I also would like retina display, but do not see it.

NO Retina Display - iPad won't not have the muscle to support a resolution that a high, but a higher resolution than the current iPad is realistic.
Yes, there will be a front facing camera.
No, there will not be a rear facing camera.

To all you guys asking for a pen with the iPad?? Check out the boxwave stylus or even the targus stylus, they work better than you can imagine!!

Current iPad has only 1/3 more pixels than the current iPhone. At 1/3 the pixel density. I wouldn't hold an iPad as close to my face as I would an iPhone 4 in normal use, so it doesn't need a retina quality display, but it does need SIGNIFICANTLY more pixels before it would be a device that attracts me.
The iPhone 4 is the first phone I can actually DO stuff on. Primarily because it is the first phone with enough pixels to have a reasonably sized place to work (but also because it has so much other excellent hardware and software included to allow maximum utility of the gorgeous display).
I don't see the current iPad as a device that would let me do much more than I already do on my iPhone 4; and my iPhone 4 is so portable it is practically ALWAYS with me (apart from showers and swim sessions) and the iPad would be so NOT always available.
HOWEVER, if and when Apple releases an iPad with roughly twice it's current resolution (4 times the pixels) I'll be all over it. It would still be lower than the resolution of an iPhone 4 but that would be negligible based on the fact that you hold it a bit further away, and the overall desktop is so much larger you could DO things on it you CAN'T DO on a phone.
I don't expect to see that many pixels on an iPad until generation 4 at the earliest. So it looks like I've got a good wait ahead of me.
I can see the appeal of the current iPad for folks who don't see very well, or require reading glasses, and don't enjoy using the iPhone 4 at the smallest possible font sizes for reading and such. But since I can still make use of the phone in that way, I don't see the attraction to carrying around what is basically a bigger, heavier, unpocketable iPhone (less the phone!) that doesn't do a damn thing my current phone doesn't do already.

I'm hoping for a 7" model...the current footprint is a little too big to be portable and heavy to be comfortable for children or elderly. The footprint of the Galaxy and the new Color Kindle are awesome...plenty of readability for books, games, web, email and more in a much more relaxed and comfortable design.

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