And the iPad 2 give away winner is...

One week and three-thousand-plus entries later and TiPb is thrilled to announce the winner of our iPad 2 give-away (technically a gift-certicate!) And we’ll do just that… after the break!

(Yeah, that so Ryan Seacrest!)

And the winner is…


Congratulations!! We’ll PM you in the forum to get your details! And to everyone else thanks so much for entering. We still have lots of great contests going on and new ones coming up soon so make sure you enter as many as possible! We love giving you stuff!

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And the iPad 2 give away winner is...


I don't care if i ever win a competition on TiPb, i just love that you normal joe schmo's, and schmos'ets, shell out the cash, probably from advertising, but cash nonetheless to make someones day fracking awesome! Plus all the battlestar galactica references make me smile everytime!

Thanks guys. Please don't be jealous, I've had a huge streak of bad luck and this broke a 2 1/2 year low for me. Thanks TiPb

Awesome!!!! Grats, Robert - as last year's winner, I would like to hand you the torch - don't worry, I'm not trying to palm your Gift Card :)

Congrats, dude. Glad that you were able to have a spot of light in these otherwise dark times.
In tribute, I'm reposting my post for the entry:
An ode...
The iPad Two
what to do?
Shall I buy one now,
or wait somehow?
Lack of fortuity
requires ingenuity
when you've bought an iPad One
just before last month had begun.
But then came hope;
could it be?
Might I be bestowed
an iPad Two by TiPb?
Let's hope Ally and Georgia
and Chad and Rene
feel as if I am worthy
and toss that five hundy my way!
And if not, never fear my friends
because this is not the conclusion,
but merely where my journey begins.
For if I have to wait
for the iPad Two hunger to quell,
I say nay! Out of my wallet
six ninety-nine (plus tax) I will shell.
So this is the tale
of a man with desire.
Let's hope that this poem
draws praise and not ire.
So please, TiPb, onto me bestow
the most fantastic new device
by those clever folks at Cupertino!

trust me when i tell you. right now..even the ipad is better than anything out there now.. including the xoom in my will not be happier with an android tablet..TRUST ME.. i sell these things and use them everyday..the galaxy tab.. not even in the running...all they did with that was take the samsung galaxy phone and make it bigger w/o a phone dialer..the xoom is specced out yes but for all that great hardware..the software does not perform the way you would think..and the 3d maps are a joke.. the only ones that work are the 2 they showed at their presentations that just happen to be in the cities they were in at the time.." well lets just use NY since we're here" and vegas.. lol .. for other places the 3d maps dont a fast one on consumers..the ipad just feels smoother and transitions smoother than at least those 2 tabs.. havent seen the playbook or HPs verision but im sure they will lack something the ipad 2 will have an answer for..anyways gratz on ur win.. does this mean I didn't win? Well i hate the IPAD2 and didn't want it to begin with jumps out window

Congrats....Guess I'll be spending my money on the iPad2 now instead of thinking I was going to win it. Have fun with it. I cant wait to get mine tomorrow.

Does anyone know how these are selected? They always tend to new new members. Is it really based on what we submit or just a predetermined posts number?
I'm not upset. It sounds like the guy could use something cool to get him away from lame Star Wars.

Just one point I'd like to make about the contest, many MANY comment entries i read didn't follow the basic rule which was to state why you read TiPb. I read tons of comment along the lines of " I want one" and "awesome!" but no comment on the actual site. I'm sure this disqualified a great deal of entrants. P.S. JTK, Star Wars Rocks ! LOL

Congratulations, just read the post that you wrote that won it, and you are a well deserved winner, absolutely hilarious and creative. Enjoy your new iPad 2!