iPad 2 Jailbreak beta leaked, best to stay away

Jailbreakme.com updated, been far too long working on iPad 2 Jailbreak?

Last night the iPad 2 Jailbreak that Comex has been working on for JailbreakMe.com was leaked online by a beta tester, and this morning it's all over the web in post and video form. And we're not going anywhere near it.

We've waited this long for an iPad 2 Jailbreak, we might as well wait the last few days for a well tested, verified, proper release version. Hacking iPad 2 was most likely non-trivial for Comex, and messing around with leaked betas seems needlessly risky, unless you have more time, spare iPad 2s, and urges to tinker than you know what to do with.

Google for it if you absolutely have to, but otherwise hold stead and lets hope the real JailbreakMe.com launches soon in all its PDF exploiting, iPad 2 Jailbreaking glory.

[Thanks to everyone who flooded our inboxes!]

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iPad 2 Jailbreak beta leaked, best to stay away


I have an ipad 2 on ios 4.3.1 and if I click the download link on ipad2jailbreakpdf.weebly.com , my safari browser crashes. it also crashes when I open it with ichromy webbrowser. Can u guys help me plz

What's so great about a jail broken iPad? I have my phone jail broken, and i love it, but still not sure if there's really a point for the pad

this is incorrect....if you look at the latest tweets from comex you'll see that these are in fact buggy..
maybe he was trying to "punish" the people who jumped on the bandwagon.....

The only reason for me to jailbreak my iPad 2, is for the Mame4all emulator. It would be good to see how it performs, with the extra extra horsepower under the hood.
It'll only be for a short while anyway, until iOS 5 drops.