iPad 2 JavaScript speed test

iPad 2 JavaScript speed test

CNET UK was able to take the iPad 2 running iOS 4.3 out for a test drive and the results are hypercar impressive -- 2097ms. iOS 4.3 and its new Safari Nitro engine gets a lot of the credit -- it blows iPhone 4 and the original iPad past the likes of the Nexus S and Galaxy Tab as well (they've been unable to test a Xoom as of yet), but that Apple A5 is enough to power iPad 2 to very top.

Why does this matter? Increasingly popular sites like Facebook are using more and more JavaScript to provide more and more functionality. Parsing and presenting that as fast as possible is key to having a good web experience. Who wants to wait to see their fri

Certainly Android will get an even better version of Chrome in the future, and iOS 5 might just bring us WebKit2 like Mac OS X Lion is currently providing in beta form.

For pure web performance junkies, 2011 is looking to be a very good year.

[CNET, thanks Jason!]

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iPad 2 JavaScript speed test


Javascript benchmarks are more promise then indicators of web browsing performance. When there are web-apps competitive to native apps, it'll mean something. As it stand today, web browsing on hand-held devices are still compute-bound. Getting really close though. Probably a 1.5 GHz A9 type of performance. So, next year.
For web-apps, you'll likely have to wait for HTML/CSS/javascript to be hardware accelerated. MS is already doing some of this with IE9.
And the Xoom scores can be seen on Anandtech.

The Xoom barely beats the iPad 2 though and isn't the Xoom CPU running at 1.2GHz vs the A5 at 1GHz? If so that shows that the iOS software is more efficient than Android's and gives more promise for battery life while maintaining more or less the same performance.

how is the original ipad with slower processor and half the ram as the i4 faster than the i4 in the test?

wow it almost seems to be a waste to get an iPad 2. It almost seems like if you already have ipad 1 one that you should wait for iPad 3

This is basically a truism or common practice for all computing hardware. If I were an iPad 1 owner I wouldn't upgrade to the iPad 2 either. If I were an iPhone 4 owner, I wouldn't upgrade to an iPhone 5. If I were a MBP Summer 2010 owner, I wouldn't upgrade to a MBP early 2011. If I were an iPod touch 4 owner, I would upgrade to an iPod touch 5.
Now, there are lots of iPhone owners who do the one year cycle by selling there hardware. That's a pretty good thing if you can live with the uncertainty of selling your hardware and maybe being down $100 or so (a lot of people break even or make a profit).

No matter what when the makers of different browsers get into a speed war we all benefit. If this spurs Google to increase the speed of the next Android browser that's great because then Apple will respond in kind. We've been seeing this between Chrome and Safari for a while now so seeing Mobile going that way isn't much of a surprise.

All this talk about speed makes me want to smoke some lol. Jk. All I know it's not a huge upgrade in my opinion but it looks promising enough to show off too my broke azz friends lol

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