iPad 2 lines already forming at Texas Apple Store

We still have a full 4 days to go, but it looks like lines for the iPad 2 release on March 11th have already started forming outside of an Apple Store in Texas.

Maccast listener David sent me this snapshot of a tent apparently already outside a temporary Apple Store location in Texas.

The tent is said to belong to Justin Wagoner, who was also first in line at a Texas Apple retail store when they released the iPhone 4 last summer. The Apple Store in question is actually a temporary location for the Knox Street location in Texas which is currently undergoing renovations.

With Apple not allowing online orders of the iPad 2 until the day they actually release it we should be seeing significant lines formed at retail stores throughout the US from those eager to get it on day one. I wasn't expecting lines to start forming this soon so it looks like we can expect a pretty busy launch for the iPad 2 this Friday.

Will you be camping out for the iPad 2? Let us know in the comments!


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Andrew Wray

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Reader comments

iPad 2 lines already forming at Texas Apple Store


He doesn't work and is disabled with a seizure disorder. He's been first in line at that store for the 3G, 3GS, 4 and now iPad 2. At least it's not 100 degrees F (38C) like last time.
I guess this is just what he does.
It takes 2 or more tents to form a line...

I Don't understand why he would wait this long for an iPad 2 If you already own an iPhone4 & iPad, I don't see why anyone would be crazy for an iPad 2.

no way in hell...not saying the iPad 2 isn't a cool device, but 4 days before??... NO F...... WAY !!!

How much success can you really say you have when you are being blogged and discussed about as being the number 1 total loser?

Yea, right. As if you've never stood in line for anything "i" in your life.
It is true, of course, that Apple made a calculated decision to release it on 3/11 and cause for lines to get even longer by disallowing pre-orders. Darn it, the one time I was actually going to pre-order online and now I'll have to see what's what come Friday, afternoon at 5pm no less. Oh well...
Where are the new iMac's with ThunderBolt?

Losers. Honestly, I felt like a complete tool when I called my boss to tell him i'd be late to work the day iPhone 4 came out, since I was in line for 1.5 hours. This just takes the cake.

Lucky you. I stood in line for about 6hrs to get my 4. Good thing I have an understanding boss, because I told him I'd only be a couple hours late.

Wouldn't it be funny if it was just a tramp that's set up shop there, and then throws a wobbly when on Friday there's loads of people queueing up next to his tent.

I would buy an iPad 2..... and break it in front of his fanboy-gay-liberal-horrible-make-up face.
Let's see how he cries about it.

Better luck outside BestBuys, they usually reward this kind of stupidity by giving one away to the first guy in line.

Your wrong I went to best buy on the morning the xoom came out to get some new Bose desktop speakers for my imac and there were 4 people inline to get the overpriced buggy android based xoom tablet. I would say they sold tens of dozens of xoom's be now. lol

Maybe I'll stop by on my way to work and show him my ipad 2 that I will have bought from Walmart a full 10 hours prior to the 5pm launch, since Walmart always sells stuff early.

Ha. That would be awesome. I dont live/work far from that location and there's a bestbuy not too far either so I just might have to do that.

My wife has a 28" waist with a 40" hips. I would rather be next to her on cold rainy nights than online for an ipad. Dude need a girl !!!

He is only do this to hopefully get a free iPad. He is proving he is a "loyal" customer. Why would anybody go that early

It's something to be late for a couple of hours but to take 4 days off just to be first in line it's kinda wiered :s. But how does this really work? If he had to go to the toiled or something can someone else just take his place. Mabey he just left the tent there and he'll be back just few hours before release date.

No, my time is a bit more valuable than that. Don't get me wrong, I intend on buying one...I do not intend on making it my life.

It would be nice if apple opened early to start selling them instead of 5 p.m. I still have my iPhone bag from the 3G, they should do a nice iPad bag for the first 100 customers, make people feel special again.

Moron... In fact, I believe this is the same moron that did the same thing for the iPhone 4 and got a story written about him. If I remember correctly, he was unemployed and on disability too (if it's the same guy), which is how he could sit there for 4 days like a tool. Made it even more asinine.

Which makes you wonder how he can afford all this iStuff. We're probably paying for it if he's on disability.

I'm typing from my tent where I'm waiting for the iPhone 5 - or maybe the 6, because I'm not that crazy about the aluminum back.
Seriously, I will get a 2, but my world won't end if it's not first day.

Wow if he is that desperate why doesn't he hold his iPhone 4 up very close to his face. Same affect surely and will save freezin his **** off

HELL no they should have made the first one with everything on it and not hold anything back. This new iphone and ipad every year is getting crazy

Since I'm from Dallas, I feel that I should go to his location right now and kick his tent over. Anyone with me?

Omg that's awesome, way more fun than coming home to my fat ugly wife and 3 brat kids screaming, maybe I'll join him in there, not brokeback style but you know for man on man company.

-waits for 4 days- -Apple employee comes out- "um, sir, im sorry, but we don't have the iPad 2 at this store."

Don't you need atleast 2 people to actually call it a line, and how can you guess it is gonna be a busy sale off one crazy person

WOW! Some people should think before they post such ignorant comments about other people. Whats wrong with the guy setting up his tent. Hey Christian go kick his tent, could be he would kick your sorry A$$. I thought this was an intellectual crowd on these forums, guess I was wrong. It takes all different kinds of folks to make the world go around. I think I'm going to bring him a sleeping pad and bag. Not kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's all fun and games and we have nothing better to do, I doubt anyone here will actually kick over his tent lol

you guys are judging him because he wants to camp out, whats it bother you for- you are not out there with him

For iPad 1 I ordered it online and it arrived a day before release !! Happy days !!! And no tent required.

"Normally I only camp out over night, but since I do not work due to the fact I am disabled with a seizure disorder and I am not in school at the point, I figure I just make it a fun experience and do it for a week."
Does it not concern you that a guy living off the state can afford an iPad 2 in the first place when most hard working people can't?

Yes. Yes it does. It's completely what's wrong with our society.
Maybe we should come to Texas on the 11th, and when he walks out of the store with his shiny new iPad 2, we should take it from him, keep it, and pass it around and all take turns using it, since, after all, we all paid for it anyways with our tax dollars that he uses to "live off of" (aka - Use to buy expensive gadgets). Obviously, if I paid for it anyways, shouldn't I get to use it too?