iPad 2 online orders now on truck for delivery!

iPad 2 online orders now on truck for delivery!

W00t! According to TiPb iPad Forum members who ordered an iPad 2 online at the crack of dawn on March 11, their precious new devices are now on the trucks and out for delivery.

Others who ordered at the same time however aren't yet seeing that all-important status update. If you ordered your iPad 2 let us know if you're still waiting, if it's incoming, and if and when you get it!

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iPad 2 online orders now on truck for delivery!


Ya, I ordered mine at 2pm PST, after the best buy I waited at until 4:30pm EST announced they had no 3G's. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Now I have to wait till the first week of April. I hope they move up shipping dates sometime this week, but I am thinking the only thing that will happen is my date will get pushed back. Pretty much BS, waiting in line and being one of the first 5 and the model I wanted wasnt even there, but other best buys got them in the area. Made me cry. seriously.

Georgia. Good to see that you have the 'Woot' down. A good 'Woot Woot' always does it for me.

Mine is on the truck. That's a day earlier than Fedex originally indicated. The bummer of the whole deal is I'm still in Europe and won't get home until Thursday night!

same boat as Sam; I guess we are some of the lucky ones? congrats to everybody getting who are getting their shipment!

Ordered mine as soon as it was possible online and mine still hasn't been shipped. It's a black 32GB Wifi+3G ATT. Apparently the 3G ones are taking longer to get. My ship estimate is 18th thru 25th. Very frustrating because a friend of mine ordered one thru ATT store at 7pm Friday and got his Monday. That's a crappy launch supply system on apples part.

Same thing here. 32GB Black 3G on AT&T. Ordered at 1:09am PST. Still hasn't shipped and we're on business day #4.

They said that the Ipads that have special engravings will come the first week In May. Lucky you though. That's really nice to have it personalized like that. That's definitely worth the wait!

I had mine engraved and it said "engraved" by the end of Saturday. I can't see it taking till may. Mine is supposed to be delived between the Mar 22 - Mar 29

I ordered two iPad 2s the moment they were available from the online store on Friday morning. One Wi-Fi and one ATT 3G. The Wi-Fi one JUST shipped today with an estimated delivery date of the 22nd. The ATT 3G hasn't moved at all. What a huge bummer. I also ordered two Smart Covers and received one of them yesterday.

I want one so badly. Why did they have to run out? They know they're gonna sell millions of them...why cant they have enough available on day one. Bummer :(

Ordered white 16gb WiFi only at 121am Friday.
It's on the truck for delivery this morning at of 723am!!
Looks like my wife will get her birthday present a day early!

I order mine on March 12.
I get it on the first week of April :(. I am a saaad panda
Plus. I order a smart cover and I already got it so I have a smart cover just sitting there :( I am tryin to buy one at retail

I ordered mine about 6:30PM EST on the 11th and my ship date is April 1. I keep checking thinking maybe Apple will surprise me and get the order out faster, but I'm just kidding myself.
It's going to be a long three weeks.

Ordered mine as soon as they went on sale online and it arrived yesterday direct from China! :)

My order was completed at 1:23 am - 23min after they went on sale. Black, AT&T, 64GB, still hasn't shipped. ETA of 3/18 - 3/25. :-(

I ordered a 64GB Black 3G model at 01:00 AM PST. As of 11:50 AM on 03/16 my status still shows that my order has not shipped. Sigh.

Ordered mine on line at 4:19.
Status has been ready for shipment foe 2 1/2 days. Called Apple, and they told me that because I paid with a gift card, my iPad would sit for 48 hrs to make sure the funds were charged against the card. To which I replied, "the cards balance was charged the same day. I called and checked. "
I don't understand the delay. If I went into the store with the card, it would have been treated as cash.

Ordered my black 16GB wifi model at 3am CST (when they became avail) and it arrived yesterday. HDMI out arrived today. Smart cover tracking says it's 6 days out. I ordered all at the same time.

Just ordered my tablet, Black GB WiFi, am not in a hurry to receive the iPad 2 as I need to sell the old one in 2-3 weeks time. But am hoping I doesn't get delayed than that. Can't wait :)

I ordered a black 64gb wifi only and a white 64gb wifi only. The white one shipped on the 16th for delivery on the 22nd. Black one JUST got updated about an hour ago as prepared for shipment so I assume it'll ship tomorrow. All my accessories have already been delivered and they all came a day early. They actually sent an extra smart cover by accident.

Ordered mine online at 12:34am PST on launch day. 64GB Wifi 3G AT&T model. Still says "Not Yet Shipped".
This makes no sense to me. I did not pre-order a product. If you don't have it in stock, don't take my order unless you tell me it is a pre-order. There is absolutely no excuse for this unacceptable delay.
Either you have them in stock ready to ship, or you don't. If you dont, then say so.

Tipb.com is probably one of my favourite tech websites but some of the comments make me laugh.it's like some people on here think they have some divine right to everything..."I want it and I want it now!".hold your horses dude...you will get your iPad and it will be brilliant...but everyone knows that apple always have this problem...promising delivery,moving the date...and then everyone gets p*ssed

p.s. atleast you have more chance of getting your new iPad way before we do here in the UK. TUAW suspects that the international launch will be delayed aswell.Will just have to wait I guess. And in any case events in Japan put things into perspective.

I ordered 2 iPad 2's at 1:02am and they were delivered today at 11:20PST. I am waiting for all my accessories. They were ordered at the same time but. Showing delivery for the 18th. Oh well.

Ordered mine at 4:08 est but it still hasn't shipped. I think it sucks that Apple started sales earlier than they were supposed to and I think it sucks even more than the Apple stores won't let you sign up for a waiting list and then act annoyed because I call each morning to see if they have stock.

Ordered mine 9 minutes after they were available online. White 32GB 3G only. Still not even shipped.

Just got my black 64 GB WiFi model that I ordered very early last Friday morning. FedEx site said delivers by the 17th, but they got it here a day early. Now I just need my cover.

Yesterday I reserved my 32gb WiFi/3G Verizon iPad 2 at the local Best Buy and of course they will not tell me when they are expecting any. So....I GUESS I WILL WAIT@!!!

Mar 11, 2011 at 01:46 AM PDT, I'm in NYC. Still showing 'Not shipped yet' on website and ships 3-5 business days. Arggghh. I have the cover already!!

My tiller is on the truck as well. You better hope that it does not fall on your iPad.

Same story here. Ordered a 32gb black ATT at 5:30am Friday and the site still has "order not shipped" but states it will arrive between march 18-25. Was really hoping to have it this weekend.

I feel bad if all you guys who ordered one and Apple comes out with the iPad 3 this fall. That would suck so bad! So I'm waiting till September to see what happens. I'm cool with my MacBook Pro & iPhone 4 for now! :D

My AT&T 64gb/wifi was ordered on the 11th along with my Smart Cover. Cover shipped the same day and I got it on Mon., but my iPad still shows Not Yet Shipped. It's suppose to ship in 3 to 5 business days. Today is day 4. I'm just hoping that they don't change my ship date. It's suppose to arrive at my house between the 22nd and 29th. Keeping my fingers crossed. My local Apple store got a shipment in today but no AT&T models... :-/

I ordered mine as soon as possible on friday and it is expected for delivery on monday. i am so excited. i ordered the 32GB white wifi only.

I ordered mine at 04:34 AM PDT on Mar 11th. Order status still showing Not yet shipped. All other items I've received.

Black 64GB Wi-Fi ordered 1:04 PST flagged as ready to ship at 4 pm today (day 4). Smart cover ordered at the same time shipped Sunday, but had expected arrival date pushed back from the 18th to the 25th. Hope they arrive together.

Mine arrived this morning, one day before expected! The smart cover says it'll come next week though, weird. Bought one from my campus bookstore.

Just got an email 10 min ago that mine is ready to be shipped. It's a black 32GB WiFi + 3G. It's supposed to be delivered on the 21st.

I have called apple two times to ask why my 16gig, black wifi iPad is stuck in "Prepaired for shipment" for 3 days now. Never got a good answer.
The first time I called, they comped me 2-3 day shipping, the second time they comped me my cover. I didn't ask for any of it, the just offered.
Way to take care of your customers Apple.
But, next time, why not stock pile the devices you are going to sell in country?

Ordered 2 Smart Covers, 1 Black 64GB AT&T & 1 White 64 GB AT&T on 3/11 @ 12:48am PDT. Smart Covers arrived yesterday. White has shipped today and expected delivery via FedEx is 3/23. Black is listed as prepared to ship. Both had 3-5 business days to ship with estimate from 3/18-3/25. I was hoping to get them sooner but at least it is within the expected delivery dates.

I ordered mine at 5am Eastern on 3/11 and it's still says it's not shipped yet. AT&T IPAD WI-FI 3G 64GB BLACK-USA

Ordered at 2:20 AM Mountain Time. Wifi Only 16 GB. Engraved. It's out for delivery today, 3/17. Smartcover got here yesterday.

I ordered my online with Apple on 3/13. ETA is 3-4 weeks. I am about to lose it, but can't wait for it to arrive. I ordered the camera accessory, & it's been stuck for 3 days in the status of picked up after FEDex cutoff time.

Forgot to mention, I ordered the 32GB WiFi 3G White with the free engraving. I'm hopeful, but thinking the engraving and 3G might delay my shipping. ;~(

Ordered 32g 3G at ATT store on Saturday March 12th. Shipped on 14th received on the 16th and picked up this morning. Originally told me 2- -3 weeks. Had ordered another 16g 3G Verizon from Apple Store and nothing yet...

ordered 32g Friday @ 3am central and received it Wednesday, march 16th! well done!!!

I ordered my ipad 2 at 7:30 am on march 11th, and it still has not shipped. It has 5-7 days to ship on it. However I am getting it engraved

ordered online 64gb/3g/wireless verizon from Apple Store 3/11 at about 8:30 am.EST As of today status stills says delivery 4/8

I ordered mine on 3/13/11 on applestore.com and still nothing. I ordered the White Verizon 32 gig 3G model. However, it says that my Blue smart cover is prepared for shipping. So maybe iPad 2 will come a week or two after the cover comes?

I have been searching for the order tracker without success, but the good news is that my 16GB Black WiFi ordered at 11:23 on 3/11 now shows Prepared for Shipping! It is due in PA 4/6.