iPad 2 tourist photoshop giveaway

Was Rene out filming something "funny" for TiPb TV, or did he just get caught being a big, dorky iPad tourist? The always awesome @richardlai and @philnickinson clearly think the way I do -- dorky iPad tourist and offer some photoshop evidence to prove it (see after the break).

Which made me wonder -- how many more places could our terrific TiPb nation find a photoshopped Rene? Since a contest is likely the best way to find out, here it is!

Photoshop the picture of Rene and his dorkalisious Hawaiian shirt and tweet us the picture (make sure you include @TiPb and the hashtag #ipadtourist). The funnier the time, place or situation the better! (But keep it family friendly, please!)

Need some inspiration? Here's @richardlai:

And @philnickinson:

Prize: Our favorite photoshop wins an iPad tourist pack courtesy of store.imore.com, including an Aquapac waterproof case for iPad to keep it safe on the beach, and a Motorola MOTOROKR S305 Bluetooth Stereo Headset to keep you rocking on the road!

(And @reneritchie has even offered to give the Hawaiian shirt as a special bonus prize -- if you want it that is!)

A few more in the gallery below. Can you do better? Can you do the best?

[gallery columns="2"]

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Reader comments

iPad 2 tourist photoshop giveaway


This may be the best TiPb giveaway yet, maybe even ever. Whoever wins the shirt needs to be posted back up here, wearing said shirt!

I believe if you have your twitter follow list restricted, they will only see it if they follow you.
Suggestion: Create an additional twitter account that is used just for contests and allow that one to be open to the public

Wouldn't it be easier to supply us with a photo of him already cut out so layering in would be easier?

Some of you failed to change the actual image on the iPad. Be sure to do that.
Ugly shirt but I'm glad Rene is allowing us to have fun at his expense.
I'm waiting on someone to find an image with a girl in the shower, put Georgia's face on it, and then show Rene outside the shower watching and recording. hahaha.
Who can come up with it first.
PS - No body parts or else it will not be approved.

Just one more: Rene doing a special TiPb TV with Georgia in the shower. (She just finished testing yet another waterproof iPad case, no doubt.) http://bit.ly/fLO4ah (Don’t worry Georgia. I didn’t tweet this one.)