International iPad 2 pricing announced, UK less than the original iPad launch price

Earlier today Apple confirmed that iPad 2 will go on sale Friday, 25 March at 5pm local time, with online orders starting a 1am -- and now international pricing has begun to show up.

Read on for the full breakdown...

UK iPad 2 Pricing

In the UK, iPad 2 is actually cheaper than the original iPad. The WiFi only models of the iPad 2 will go on sale at £399.00 for the 16GB, £479.00 for the 32GB and £559.00 for the 64GB. The premium to go with a 3G derivative will be exactly £100.00.

The original iPad WiFi only cost was £429.00 for the 16GB, £499.00 for the 32GB and £599.00 for the 64GB model, so this represents a nice saving on every model for those in the UK.

Australia iPad 2 Pricing

In Australia, iPad 2 with Wi-Fi will be available for a recommended retail price of A$579 inc GST for the 16GB model, A$689 inc GST for the 32GB model, A$799 inc GST the 64GB model. iPad 2 with Wi-Fi + 3G will be available for a RRP of A$729 inc GST for the 16GB model, A$839 inc GST for the 32GB model and A$949 inc GST for the 64GB model.

Canada iPad 2 Pricing

In Canada prices are $519 (CAN) for the 16GB model, $619 (CAN) for the 32GB model, $719 (CAN) the 64GB model. iPad 2 with Wi-Fi + 3G will be available for a suggested retail price of $649 (CAN) for the 16GB model, $749 (CAN) for the 32GB model and $849 (CAN) for the 64GB model.

France iPad 2 Pricing

France gets a MSRP of € 489 including VAT (€ 400.86 excluding VAT and remuneration for private copying) for the 16GB model, 591 € including VAT (€ 484.15 excluding VAT and remuneration for private copying) for the 32GB model, and 693 € TTC ( € 567.43 excluding VAT and remuneration for private copying) for the 64 GB model. iPad 2 with Wi-Fi + 3G will be available at an MSRP of 609 € including VAT (€ 501.20 excluding VAT and pay for private copy) for the 16GB model, 711 € including VAT (€ 584.48 excluding VAT and remuneration for private copying) for the 32GB model and 813 € including VAT (€ 667.77 excluding VAT and remuneration for private copying) for The 64GB model.

Germany iPad 2 Pricing

In Germany, iPad 2 goes for 479 € including VAT (€ 402.52 excluding VAT) for the 16 GB model, for 579 euros including VAT (€ 486.55 excl VAT) for the 32 GB model, and for € 679 inc VAT (€ 570.59 excluding VAT) for the 64 GB model. iPad 2 with WiFi + 3G for 599 € including VAT (€ 503.36 excluding VAT) for the 16 GB model, for 699 euros including VAT (€ 587.39 excl VAT) for the 32 GB model, and for 799 € including VAT (€ 671.43 excluding VAT) for the 64 GB

How do the prices compare to the original iPad in your country? Let us know in the comments!



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There are 33 comments. Add yours.

rj5570 says:

WOW thats just awesome, and I ordered mine 2:33 PST on launch day and still have no iPad. WTF? mine wont ship until April 1st and the rest of the world will get it and cheaper! (UK). Why doesnt Apple fix the supply problem here before adding world wide supply?

George Lim says:

They probably don't want to leave the International Customers in the cold like they did last year.

Luke W says:

Mine is still stuck in Hong Kong. But it got out of China and got onto the island where the Hong Kong international airport is.

mrsFAB says:

I ordered mine at 1am pst and got it yesterday... one day early in fact. So maybe there is hope that you will get it sooner.

richchestmat#IM says:

You had a two week head start

John says:

RJ - look at the currency symbols. It's actually considerably more expensive in the UK, which I hope satisfies your xenophobia/sense of entitlement.

Andy says:

The reason hy it appears we are getting it for a cheaper price is because our Canadian dollar has appreciated in value and is worth more than the American dollar.
So really we are paying more than Americans are in Canada.
529 CAD = 540 USD so really we're not getting it "cheaper"
Same can apply fir other country. Most countries currency appreciated in value compared to the USD

Carlos Oliveira says:

In Portugal, 3G prices remain unchanged (599€,699€,799€) but Wifi models decreased in comparison to the original iPad, at 479€, 579€ and 679€, against the previous 499€, 599€ and 699€ (which later increased due to a VAT raise).

luke says:

In germany, it is 20€ cheaper than the first ipad!!!!

Mitchell says:

£399! Oh my god I sold my iPad 1G for £350 yesterday!

Chris_c81 says:

Really pleased at the UK pricing structure for iPad 2. Notoriously labelled as 'ripoff Britain' because normally something for sale in USD$ normally equates to a 1:1 conversion ratio into GBP£.
I intend to get to the Apple Store in Milton Keynes at 3pm, hoping that'll leave enough time to get a good place in the queue to snap up a 32gb WiFi model, not bothered which colour, the cover ad a HDMI cable.

RadicalxEdward says:

Dude you're going to want to line up MUCH earlier than that. If you really want one on launch day be prepared to show up a couple hours BEFORE THE STORE OPENS. By the time you get there at 3 there will already be 1000 people in line.

Chris_c81 says:

I might be totally wrong but I can't imagine needing to get to a UK Apple Store for 6am-7am and queuing till 5pm in order to get one. I can't even imagine seeing 1000 people there. Again, I could be wrong but I can't really see it here in the UK. What were store queues like for the iPhone 4 or iPad 1? Don't recall reading about MASSIVE queues...

RadicalxEdward says:

that says it's "delayed" to 5pm on friday, which is nonsense because that's the same time they're launching it everywhere (including the time they launched it in the US).

nizy says:

Really interesting UK pricing, especially considering that VAT has gone up from 17.5% to 20% since the 1st Gen iPad launched.

creiij says:

Well those prices (including UK VAT) are still not enough to get an iPad 2 here in Sweden. My guess is they will end up around £450 here with our taxes and stuff.
Still worth it, yey for free healthcare =)

Damien says:

Not happy Jan! Oz price have gone up $20 which is totally bizarre as now our dollar is worth more the the US$. In fact when the first iPad was released the Oz$ was only worth $0.83US, whereas today it's worth $1.01. Come on Apple, stop ripping us off and drop your prices Inc iTunes as well!!!

melb_guy says:

Oz prices haven't gone up at all, they've been marked down. The 16GB Wi-FI Only model has gone from $629 to $579 - $50 bucks off. Same with the 64GB Wi-Fi + 3G model. Was $1049 now $949 - $100 off!. Thanks Apple for acknowledging the parity of the US and Australian Dollars for a change! Pretty happy about the price drop but still not enough to make me want (to pay for) a 'third device'.
iPad 1 Australian Prices (for comparison):
iPad is available in Australia for a recommended retail price of AUS$629 inc GST for 16GB, AUS$759 inc GST for 32GB, AUS$879 inc GST for 64GB for Wi-Fi models and AUS$799 inc GST for 16GB, AUS$928 inc GST for 32GB and AUS$1049 inc GST for 64GB for Wi-Fi + 3G models.

Damien says:

Well, yes they were the launch prices but the wifi 16gb was AU$549 prior to the price drop to AU$449, so I call it still a price increase. Still say we're getting the raw end of the prawn at $579, as that means they value our dollar at only US$0.86 even though its been over a dollar on avg for nearly 6 months.
Maybe Apple dollars are worth more!!

Jamie Fear says:

what time are online orders as some sites are saying the press release said 1pm not 1am. Can anyone clarify

chrisoldroyd says:

It is 1am, it is in the Apple PR

Jamie Fear says:

awesome thanks. Going to attempt to order one online before taking my chance at pcworld or apple

richchestmat#IM says:

Me too. Apple Store phoneline recommended that approach.

Tekoo says:

Dear Yanks, you had ur chance now it's the rest of the world's. You aren't the centre of the world. U preferred ordering online instead of getting it instantly by queueing up, sad but blame yourself. I'll wait something like 12 hours in a line and get to play with my iPad2 straight away. YOU you will have to wait a few more weeks because you took the easiest route. Stop sooking, suck it up!!

richchestmat#IM says:

People who queue 12 hours make people queue 13 hours.

Tekoo says:

And I'm queuing 12 hours because there was people queuing when I the iPhone 4 line 10 hours early! =D

richchestmat#IM says:

Exactly. This is people crowdsourcing themselves dumber. If the 2 or 3 hour queue looks longer than anticipated supply at my local Apple Store then I'm going to go home and play computer games and play with my iPad 1 until the online order arrives.

Andrew says:

kinda feel cheated... so much more for the same £££

Andrew says:

though it could be worse I suppose.... right?

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