iPad 2 Videos: 'A Blockbuster Post-PC Device" and Smart Cover

Apple has posted up a video touting the features of the iPad 2 - from it's insane thinness and weight, the front-and-rear-facing cameras, the SmartCover accessory, to PhotoBooth, to HDMI video mirroring, to the powerful A5 chip, to the 9x faster graphics, to the fact that the battery life is still 10 hours after all that.

Apple has also posted a video that explains better than words how the Smart Cover works. It's a magnetic cover for the screen that can be folded back and around itself to turn into a stand to hold the iPad either in a typing position or in a video-watching position.

Check them out after the break!

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Dieter Bohn

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iPad 2 Videos: 'A Blockbuster Post-PC Device" and Smart Cover


Dang so far I've avoided the Apple ecosystem by having an Android phone and Nook Color but the ipad two sold me.

I can't view the video because it's in QuickTime.
That's funny, I thought Apple blasted Flash for being forcing people to use unnecessary 3rd-party plugins.

HTML5 supports embedded video. I'm simply pointing out Apple's hypocrisy on this subject.
Especially when Flash video is better QuickTime video on everything but Macs

Smart Covers -- Visa & Mastercard better get ready for a tidal wave of reports of demagnetized credit cards when people start putting their iPad2's in their purses/bags next to their wallets!

I'm getting it but not because I was blown away. This was the incremental update we expected. Apple got it right from a balance standpoint. Strong enough to put a nail in the competition and yet not strong enough to satisfy users who've been asking for more.
Hopefully, iOS 4.3 will be quickly followed by updates to NOTIFICATIONS and even copy webOS implementations of contacts synergy.