iPad 3 coming later this year, with LTE?

The WSJ Blogs are throwing fuel on the fire on the rumors of a second iPad launch this year, but adding an LTE 4G twist.

“While most vendors appear fixated on matching the specs and features of iPad2, our checks suggest Apple will release iPad3 in time for the holiday season, sporting a better display and LTE capabilities.”

Daring Fireball first of thought out loud about the possibility of an updated iPad 2 or full on iPad 3 coming this year, and TiPb has heard a very similar story. Will it come to pass? Who knows. Apple doesn't pre-announce so they can make up their minds any time.

But it definitely sounds like the possibility is on the table. What do you think, could iPad go LTE before iPhone? And would Apple do it with anything less than the same 10 hour battery life?

[WSJ Blogs]

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iPad 3 coming later this year, with LTE?


When does Apple ever release a new version of the same product in one year? Is the same ass hat making this rumor up the one who said there would be a iPhone 4S at WWDC? Apple does not care about the holidays, they NEVER release a product for it.

Super heavily doubt this. Why release an LTE anything before decent LTE coverage. And before you complain 3G was made before 3G coverage, you're wrong.

Nope.. gonna call you on it. When carriers like T-Mo and AT&T STILL only have Edge for miles around me.. ill gracefully disagree with you.
I don't see a 'new' ipad coming this year

Releasing an iPad 3 later this year would be a big middle finger to all of us who bought an iPad 2. As an earlier poster said, since when does Apple release 2 versions on the same product in the same year?

I thinks this could really happen. Instead of releasing a iPad 3, realease a iPad 2 with an lte upgrade to compete with other lte tablets. They sell a lot of iPhones and iPods. iPads sell a lot but not as much as the iPhones and iPods. iPads with wifi only have a way bigger percentage then iPads with wifi and 3G. It would be easier on apple to put lte in iPads then to put lte in iPhones.

I doubt it. So fall would be the timing for every new iDevice? No way. They like having a balanced year.

I trust the WSJ predictions as far as I can throw the writing staff. They were predicting that the verizon iPhone was coming in three months for two straight years. This is just them revving up the rumor mill to get hits and interest without facts.

Nope. Won't happen. We'll probably see a new iPod Touch and iPhone at the annual Fall event, which they are probably moving from iPods to the iPhone version of iOS. To throw in the iPad 3 would just be piling on, and Apple doesn't do that. I think the iPad 3 will probably be released Spring or Summer of 2012. Given the huge lead has in the tablet space, there is absolutely no hurry to bring it out any sooner.

Why do Apple blogs continue to peddle this rumour? There is ZERO reason to release the iPad 3 when 1) they can't even meet demand for this one 2)they would piss off EVERY iPad 2 buyer 3)They have plenty of products yet to be released (iphone, ipods, apple tv, macbook airs, icloud) why would they force consumers to choose between an iPad 3 and these products when they could wait until the march lull next year and cash in again.

It won't be an iPad 3....it'll be a MacPad Pro. Do you really think they'll let Microsoft release a windows 8 tablet before they release an OS X one? Lion is touch ready. I wouldn't even be surprised if this is Monday's "one more thing".

Improved display? Not at a time when production is still distressed by shutdowns and brownouts in Japan. Too risky to no immediate competitive advantage.
Better- than- iPhone 4 phone capabilities in a non-phone? Really? + Apple's bricks and mortar stores give a huge advantage selling Wi-Fi-only iPads, so why play into the hands of carriers by entering their competitive zone with phone capabilities?
After iPhone 4S or 5. Not before.

I have to agree with Paul, why would Apple release an iPad 3 when they can't come anywhere close to meeting demand for the iPad 2 in early June. Unless it's a significantly different model, it will just anger a large portion of their clientele.
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How about an iPad that is phone capable? Not like I don't have blutooth head set.After playing with my wifes iPad2 very hard to go back to my iPhone 3Gs