iPad 3 parts leak in Taiwan

iPad 3 parts leak in Taiwan

Apple.pro, which has a good track record with such things, has posted a couple pictures of what they say are iPad 3 parts.

We pretty much know an iPad 3 is coming at some point, and we know it will have parts, but for pre-release techno-fetishists and gadget geeks like us, this as close to p0rn as we can post. Enjoy.


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iPad 3 parts leak in Taiwan


Aaaaaaaaaaaaand....... hrmpphhh!! I'm spent....
Come on, though. Seriously. I could strap a Fleshlight to some random connector, take a picture of it in front of an Apple logo, and call it a part to the iPad3.
Yes, I know that may be a bit on the extreme, but what exactly IS this part in the photos, and how does it prove or how is it different in such a way that we know it's not for the iPad or iPad 2? I don't see how this is Apple Gadget Porn or even something that can be proven to be a part for an iPad 3. Seems frustratingly vague if you ask me.

This is a part for that new wireless charging system. This is obviously the transfer cable for the flux capacitor to the battery. Its gonna charge by any movement over 88 1/2 M.P.H. LOL

Seriously it's completely Photoshopped. "Happy Birthday" is right over the Apple leaf in the inlay, but yet, there's nothing over the original.
I guess I'll keep waiting, and waiting, and waiting.........

DUDE! The rumors ARE true! That's the thingamajig that a whatchamacallit will plug into!!!!!!! I am so putting my iPad 2 up on eBay today. No reserve!

If Apple is planing to launch iPad 3 in 2011 than lots of iPad 2 buyers fill that they are cheated by Apple. Apple should not launch the iPad 2 in market if they are ready with iPad 3 and launching after 6 months new iPad 3 with whole new OS. So why Apple release the iPad 2.
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