iPad with a 3D display spotted at Display Taiwan show? [video]

An iPad with a 3D display is supposedly being shown off by display vendor CPT at the Display Taiwan show. The device which has been caught on video, appears to be a first generation iPad; however all product branding has been covered. The display requires the use of special polarizing glasses.

Netbooknews discovered the device and is speculating that this may be a prototype of the iPad 3. It looks much more likely to us that this is a publicity stunt by CPT to gain some attention to its display products. Maybe they decided to modify an original iPad with a 3D display just as a proof of concept. Take a look at the video after the break then head back here to let us know what you think!

[Netbooknews via 9to5 Mac]

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iPad with a 3D display spotted at Display Taiwan show? [video]


I am a little on the fence. would be less so if you didnt need glasses. I watched a basketball game in 3d recently, and I must say, I though it looked pretty good