New iPad 3G orders shipping May 7, pre-orders still "late April"


The Apple Online Store has revealed that new orders placed for the iPad Wi-Fi + 3G models will ship on May 7, while Apple has simultaneously begun emailing customers who pre-ordered to reassure them of their "late April" shipping date.

High demand for the iPad Wi-Fi has caused Apple to delay international release until "late May". Follow-up emails, purportedly from Steve Jobs, confirmed current plans to ship iPad Wi-Fi + 3G internationally at the same time. Unclear wording in one of the emails made it appear US iPad Wi-Fi + 3G orders could also be delayed until "late May", but this appears now not to be the case. (International pre-orders for all models begin May 10).

If you pre-ordered an iPad Wi-Fi from Apple, let us know when you get an actual shipping notification along with the date they're being sent out. If you haven't yet, does finally having a shipping date encourage you to do so?

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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New iPad 3G orders shipping May 7, pre-orders still "late April"


"If you pre-ordered an iPad Wi-Fi from Apple..."
Assume you mean Wi-Fi + 3G :) Will let you know when I get the email(s). Can't wait!

So I pre-ordered my 3G iPad on March 15th, and people who haven't even ordered one yet know their ship date before I do?
Are you freaking kidding me Apple?

I got the following email this morning at 5:18am CDT:
To Our Valued Apple Customer:
Thank you for your recent order of the magical and revolutionary
iPad 3G.
We would like to confirm that your order will be shipped in late
April as communicated at the time you placed your order. You will
receive a confirmation notice when your order has shipped.
You can get up-to-date information about your order, including
shipping status and tracking number, at
Thank you for choosing Apple.
The Apple Store Team

@Justin... semantics really. You know you will get yours before that date so why be concerned. Just be happy its still late April. People will complain about the dumbest things.

It just means that Apple knows how to market and create "shortages". People will see May 7th and think, man, i need to order this quick. Those that preordered will feel good about themselves.
Shipping on 3G preorders looks to be apr 30 since they bumped it up a week (which means apple stores and possibly at&t stores will have them in Apr 30th). Wifi preorders went from Apr 3 to Apr 11th the first delay.

Note: I ordered 2 3Gs... one a week or so after the first. It still said late April when I ordered then, but I have not gotten confirmation on that particular model. Does this mean some orders not placed first day might slip? Or maybe they are walking through the system and haven't gotten to my next order yet.

Wow, no sooner did I post that than my second order confirmation came in. If I'd only held off 10 more minutes on the previous post. Both iPads are now confirmed.

Yeah, I got mine as well.
And JD, I understand that it's semantics, but it still bothers me that we don't have a solid ship date. It simply baffles my mind how people can order one now and know when it'll ship, but those of us who ordered a month ago are still left in the dark.

Hope it'll be in the stores by the end of the month too. I walked into an Apple store the day the Wi-Fi model came out around 5pm and there was no line and they still had some left to sell. I wonder how much bigger the 3G model will end up being. Can't wait to jailbreak it!

Hi, I got the email saying it will be shipped in late April. The exact same email JD put on the sight. I wonder if that is a hint we can expect it soon. I hope so.

I pre-ordered by wi fi + 3g ipad earlier this month before they changed the shipping date to May 7th.
I received an email from apple saying they still were going to have mine by "late april." I realized two days ago that my credit card was charged, which normally doesn't happen until they ship. So maybe they are shipping soon here...

I talked to an Apple rep a few days ago and they told me my preorder (I ordered April 10th) will be in my hands early on the 30th. They also told me preorder customers will receive theirs before they release them in stores after 5:00 that day.

I just checked my order status and the iPad is now in the "Prepared for Shipment" section of the order. I think that before it was in the "Not yet shipped" section

It's April 29th, and my order status is still "prepared for shipment." What's prepared? Guess they had to prepare the device for the long trip? Prepare FedEx to carry that heavy box? If it's going to be late, just send that info.Cuz "Late April" ends in 24 hours I think and becomes "end of April..."