iPad not charging via USB? Make sure you're using a high-power port


If your iPad isn't charging properly via USB cable, try changing the port you've got it plugged in to. Turns out iPad requires more power to charge than iPhone or iPod touch, and not all USB ports are powered equally (some are branched off, like hubs). This is especially true of laptops, including MacBooks. Could be front vs. back, left vs. right side, just keep trying until you find a high-power USB port that does the job.

(This is also why the iPad included a different, 10 watt power adapter from the one included with the iPhone and iPod touch). Apple has a knowledge base article up with a variety of other iPad charging related information, so be sure to check that out.

Hey, 10hrs of battery life on a 9.7" display don't charge cheap!

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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iPad not charging via USB? Make sure you're using a high-power port


I seem to recall a similar thing happened with the iPhone 3G/2nd gen iPod but I'm not 100% certain. People were shocked when their device wouldn't charge properly. (I'm more annoyed at the removal of charging support from firewire power sources, like my car's aftermarket ipod adapter and my old but perfectly functional firewire ipod charger.)

So which MacBook port(s) work? I have a late 2008 unibody MacBook, but I'm curious as to whether Apple has made the brilliant move of shipping any recent MacBooks without a properly-powered USB port

I tried charging my iPad on the Dell PC in my office at work today (mindful of what the iPad manual says---viz., that plugging into a PC may actually result in power drain, not charge). Result: NO port on the office Dell PC will charge the iPad. (Means I'll keep a block in the car or office.)
Also, I tried the power block from my iPod (4th Gen.) While it is lower power than the block included with the iPad, it does charge the iPad. Presumably it will take longer to do it, but it does it.

Anyone know if there's any problem charging an iPhone or iPod touch with the higher-capacity iPad charger? I sure don't want to be forced to carry more than one USB charger on trips. OTOH, if it's not a "smart" charger, it might overheat the smaller batteries in the phone & touch.

google this program it worked for my windows 7 pc and 2 laptops while turned on

I unquestionably accept everything you have stated. Actually, I browsed through your other articles and I believe you are definitely right. Best wishes with this website.

I have the same problem with my IPad, yet I've been using a dual USB port adaptor for my car and it's been charging. On the adaptor is read that each port give off 5 volts each? Is it the adaptor??