iPad now available in China, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru

iPad is now available in China, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, as previously announced, and as Gizmodo points out, celebrating new Apple gears is a cross-cultural, seemingly universal phenomena.

[Han Ziwen became the first iPad owner in mainland China today, and was carried out of the Beijing Apple store on employees' shoulders. He even made a t-shirt for the occasion: "I BUY IPAD NO 1". Image via Getty]

Cue the folk music. Then go enjoy your new iPads.


Rene Ritchie

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Darkstar says:

Wow... I'm speechless.
Even his shirt is written in Engrish...

The Reptile says:

Those were not Apple employees celebrating with him. They were the English grammar police making a citizens arrest because his t-shirt was wrong.

Redshirt says:

Something tells me he's single...

kenneth says:

Is he a Foxconn employee? If he is, I believe a caption contest should take place.

Trevor says:

The question is, did he buy both of those? Or did the fruit people just give him another to borrow for the pictures? Maybe they've still got a grey market for iPads, and he's gonna make alot of money selling that other one.

Best PTC sites says:

Finally Argentina and chile bros got the magical device
but its still unconfirmed when will we get it in nearest stores

Bob Maxey says:

I will be travelling to Rio, Buenos Aires & Patagonia in March, 2011. Is there sufficient service to be able to use an iPad? Where in Buenos Aires can I buy a card for the iPad to be used on the trip?