The iPad is really cutting into consumer PC sales according to analyst

For the first time PC sales are set to decline and Citi analyst Walter Pritchard is pointing the finger firmly in the iPads direction. The graph above shows consumer PC sales growth percentages. Month on month they show positive growth; even through the disastrous Windows Vista period and the global recession. If you look closely, between March 2010 and March 2011 you can see a massive decline in growth with it bottoming out in December 2010 and hitting negative figures in March 2011. Now what happened in March 2010 that could have triggered such a decline in PC sales over the following 12 months?

Ok let us remind you! Apple introduced and launched the iPad!!

[Business Insider]

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Reader comments

The iPad is really cutting into consumer PC sales according to analyst


So iPad is wiping out one of the few growth industries to survive the recession? If true, well, that's just splendid news for IT sector jobs...

This is a blatant and gross oversimplification. Read the comments of the Business Insider article. Nothing is that simple.
Is this American PC sales or worldwide? No one says. Why does Business Insider cite "Microsoft PC Sales" and you don't, and Microsoft doesn't sell PCs. Sales of the Mac have been increasing. And perhaps one the biggest effects is the increasing drop of American's buying power. Were you able to find the original report and study it?
And you forgot the possessive apostrophe after "iPad's direction."
Please do your homework and don't be a parrot that leaves out details.

@Mark Hernandez: Good points, but if you're going to point out the writer's omission of a possessive apostrophe, please remember that it should be "Americans' buying power" (plural possessive, not singular possessive).

Vista was a good system. Apple fanboys just like to publish anything negative about PC's. Fact is, 92% of the people still prefer Windows, even after all these years(and massive "fails" like Vista.

Actually Windows fanboys like yourself tend to overlook reality. Many people still see the common PC as a commodity item and simply buy the cheapest one they can find. And since the cheapest ones they can find at their local Best Buy come with Windows loaded on them, that's how they have their 90% or so share. That number was actually 95+% just a few short years ago, so even that number is slipping. Now with the iPad starting at just $499 and the fact that it does most of the things typical consumers do with their laptops anyway (web surfing, e-mail, media, etc) just as well as a full blown Windows laptop does, they're starting to really feel the pinch. Ballmer and Microsoft are clearly still living in the 90's and that mindset is really starting to bite them hard now.

You do realize that an huge percentage of windows equipped computers are sold to businesses to run industry specific software that isn't available on Mac. Take out the business sales and I guarantee Mac sales look even better.

This is true, but in the company I work at, lately Macs have been starting to proliferate. Most of of our work PCs are currently still Windows machines (specifically HPs), but lately (over the past few years) I've been starting to see increasing numbers of Macs on the premises, most of them laptops, altho there are some Mac desktops in there too (some of them quite old, running Tiger or Leopard).

"Apple fanboys just like to publish anything negative about PC’s."
And boy are we busy these days. BSOD, then Vista, and finally negative pee cee sales trends... I can see why you're so defensive. Those "I'm a Mac. I'm a pee cee." ads really got to you, huh?

not disputing you but it's all fanboys. Precentral does the same thing. there's a guy that does little but post articles that are pro HP/Palm in their forums. i'm sure the same happens for Blackberry and android. That said i find fanboyism bad regardless of platform. I prefer commentary more like Georgia's. It seems less based on the religion of apple and more on a fair and balanced appreciation for the products strength's.

I would have to agree; over the past few years, whenever I see a student or group of students (HS to college-age kids) studying or whatever they're doing with their laptops, more often than not they've been using MacBooks or MacBook Pros. How they can afford them is beyond me; I know I couldn't at that age...

Ok. But they may be people who do not need all the functionality of a computer. And with the iPad or X notebook it is just enough. But the article about replacing pcs by iPads. What I'm saying is that people who buy an iPad it's because they don't really need either a pc or a Mac. If you work a few blocks from home, you can make it with a bike

True; if they really needed all the functionality of a "real" computer (e.g. a laptop), they'd have gotten one instead of an iPad.

Oh look, Silicius has just announced himself as a total Windoze fanboi/douchebag.
Try to keep up, Silly. For years now, Macs have been able to do EVERYTHING that Windoze PCs can, including booting directly into Windoze. In fact, PC magazines have said that the BEST machine to run Windoze is a Mac.

This is silly, first iPad is no computer substitute, you still need a computer to activate and to backup, second Macs are PCs, are Mac sales down too?
Is the "analyst" (everybody is an analyst these days) considering the end of Moore´s Law and how a three or four year old PC runs almost as well as a new one?

FYI Frank: Moore's law predicts that transistor density on an integrated circuit will double every two years. Nothing about CPU speed. (
Oh yeah. Almost forgot to say that you're correct. iPad isn't a computer substitute. But it's still taking sales from pee cees. Especially netbooks, which are rapidly heading for the e-waste scrapheap section of the history of bad ideas.

I agree, whilst not a direct substitute - alot of people are buying them as such, or as you say - as netbooks. The point is, you can use your old crappy pc or mac for data storage, and then buy the latest iPad each year to keep up with fresh tech - pc/mac gathers dust as is an infrequently used hard drive essentially - so sales slow down.... Whereas we all want the latest iPad etc

In many cases the iPad is becoming the second (or third and beyond) household computing device at the expense of a Personal Computer either with a Mac or Windows operating system.

That's what I was thinking.
Maybe the average family buys a new PC every few years.
Well this time around... they buy an iPad instead.

i see no evidence of causation, merely a correlation of statistics. What you really need is a poll or some measurement that people are forgoing buying pc of somekind in order to buy an ipad. They can't buy both either, that wouldn't account for a decline. But i've seen no such poll ever. Just speculation. fact is it may be true. I'm just saying these correlation of stats don't prove causation the moon coming out at night makes stars appear.

Ugh. I come here for iPhone news. Not a fanboy circlejerk about Apple's affect on PC sales. Or Google bashing. Or Microsoft jokes.
I can't take it anymore. I just want iPhone news. Objective iPhone news reporting. What's so hard about that? Why does every other post have to include some quip about how much better Apple products are than everything else?

I feel where you're coming from, but it doesn't look like there is a whole lot of iPhone news to be had right now, at least not until Apple decide to announce their next thing (probably iOS 5 or whatever they end up calling it) in June. And yes, some objectivity is in order; all this silly fanboyism and bashing/hating on each other just because of our platform of choice is pointless and has got to stop. It gets us nowhere...

Well, I think they they actually do a fine job of iPhone news reporting, IMO. Remember, though, this is an iPhone blog, so although all the news is all true, collectively it may not all be objective - which is alright, seeing how this is an iPhone blog ;-). Crackberry and Android Central aren't 100% objective, either. And, as for comments, objectivity is certainly not the point, correct? Commenters, though, should show common courtesy and restrain immaturity and spite.

Yeah, that's basically what I'm saying. And I'm not saying that they don't do a fine job of iPhone news reporting in here; they do, and they've always been one of my favorites. And yes, it's an iPhone/iPad/iPod blog (covering all the iDevices); "The iPhone Blog" became simply "" about a year ago (was it?). But yeah, we could use a bit more maturity and common courtesy (maybe it's not so common!)... I just shake my head in disbelief to see so much hate and vitriol coming from some people against each other (not just in here), due to a difference of opinion or preference as to which device they use. I've seen those who evidently feel compelled to defend their preferred device or OS with such zeal, as if their own personal honor, or the very tenets of their faith were at stake. It just amazes me. They're just devices and OSes! They're not that big a deal... See, I come from a time when all we had were landlines (imagine that! It was a big upgrade from the old couriers and smoke signals. LOL), so maybe I'm just old and don't "get" today's tech realm (yet), but I just think we can do better than that as people; you know, "golden rule" and all that. OK, rant over. Good night... PEACE

Why are we talking about Vista?
I think that there are a lot of people using an ipad as opposed to a netbook but it isn't and never will be a desktop replacement nor a work laptop replacement. Its a convenience device for checking emails and managing things that are possible with specialized applications. I wonder how Android tablets fit into this situation.

Well I can say that I owned a MacBook Pro and it lagged a lot and the screen got imprints on it from the Keyboard. It froze whenever I tried to watch YouTube videos, and I had to connect my iPhone like 3 times before it was recognized, EVERYtime. I switched to a PC, and I can honestly say that a well equipped PC is much better than a Mac for the money paid.

That's not a Windows vs. Mac issue; that just sounds like you had a defective Mac, which can happen. I've never had any issues with my Mac at all.