Let the "iPad Family" Rumors Commence!

Steve Jobs with iPad on Chair

Yes, the iPad won't even ship until exactly a week from today but that doesn't mean there aren't folks out there already busy starting "iPad family" rumors replete with iPad nano and iPad HD no less. No surprise, right? "iPhone family" rumors have been dredged up almost yearly by all manner of Apple analysts. Yet there's still no "iPhone nano" (or iPhone HD for that matter). So, forgive us if no breath is being held...

For future link-back's sake, however, here's what Dan "Fake Steve" Lyons quoted in Newsweek (via 9to5Mac):

Paul Saffo, a tech forecaster and professor at Stanford University, expects Apple to roll out a family of other iPad models—a small one the size of a paperback, a big one the size of two magazine pages—perhaps as soon as this fall. (Apple won't confirm, natch.)

And this before we even start 4th generation iPhone silly season. Rumor fatigue much?

(Lyons' summation of the existing iPad, however, is interesting and worth a read).

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Let the "iPad Family" Rumors Commence!


An iPhone Nano Is an interesting device to conceptualize: wicked cool to look at and play with, but probably too small to really be practical. I'm still waiting for iPhone HD (and iPhone 4G, of course).
An iPad Nano already exists, though.

Just won't happen. The different screen sizes would divide the app store too much and having 3 different versions of the device would confuse customers which is something apple just doesn't want. That is something microsoft would do. Those analyst are all retarded if you ask me

I concure. The iPad nano would just be an iPod touch. So yay all of us for being the first iPad nano users
Sent from iPad nano

As soon as this fall? Wtf. Who are these people. I thought Lyons was a steve hater! & yet he likes Apple products? What a douche. Obviously they must not know how Apple roles. All in all, the moment I read the title of this article, I already knew it was gonna be fake. This all another silly analysis that will never happen. So why waste their time? & I'm guessing that's the only reason why, obviously.

We already know there is a space reserved for the camera, we already know apps are being pushed toward max resolution.
Therefore to assume this particular form factor is cast in stone is pretty silly.
An array of sizes is s given. Just as soon as you line up to buy THIS SIZE with it's lock-in operating system Apple will reach into your pocket yet again with a bigger device and a better OS.
Time frame: this time next year. Camera version in this same form factor will be out by christmas, which is when the buyers remorse sets in.

I think having more than even one screen resolution might create problems for developers, and consequently, consumers. This is the same problem that plagues all other OSs. This is why I am afraid they may never increase screen resolution on any device for a long time. Also, if ipad has fewer dpi than iPhone, they certainly won't be upgrading display or iPhone, otherwise the ipad would look VERY pixelated by comparison.

I don't think some of you are getting it. Think of it as iphone OS = mobile family of devices. Iphone, ipod touch.
Think of the iPad as a device running iPad OS. (Not sure why apple didn't name it iPad OS 1.0). This OS is capable of running the mobile phone apps but the reverse isn't true.
iPad is 10" screen. iPad Nano could be 6" or 7"(still much bigger than an ipod touch). Same resolution as the iPad. Running the iPad OS and iPad apps (and of course iphone apps).

Your reasoning is seriously flawed. Virtuall ALL other OSs handle multiple screen resolutions with ZERO problems for developers.
Do you even own a computer?

@Icebike - the smaller the screen and the fullscreen rather than multi-window aspect makes resolution more challenging for developers.
Many Android developers will tell you this. Even Droid vs. Nexus One, where N1 has 30-odd pixel shorter display is a concern.
Also, WIMP seems more resistant than multi-touch. You can grab even tiny scroll bars on a huge 30" screen with pretty much the same ease as huge scroll bars on a 13"