iPad Hands-on Round Up -- Who's touched where and what they think!


TiPb hasn't had a chance to get any hands-on time with the no-longer mythical Apple iPad, announced today, but that doesn't mean we can't live vicariously through the awesome power of the interwebs. What does TiPb think? If you call the iPad a big iPod touch, you're right. If you think that's a bad thing, you're nuts fully justified, but we see it as a huge positive, if only a first step. Removing the constraints imposed by a small screen? Yeah, the iPhone OS is just getting started. Apple is legitimately excited about this, and that means iPhone OS, and iPhones are going to benefit. Love. Up.

Now here's a quick rundown of some of the coolest bloggers in the sphere (in alphabetical order), and what they think of the iPad.

Give them a read and let us know if they change any of your opinions!

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iPad Hands-on Round Up -- Who's touched where and what they think!


Nope, we've all heard complaints about how iPhoneOS is pretty stale with the way you get to the apps and it is. Come on, no multi-tasking as well on a tablet this big? They should have at least had a custom OS layout for the tablet.

Getting up out of my chair to hit the gong. Get this over-hyped, under-delivered piece of crap off the stage.

The iPhone OS might benefit if Apple is excited about the iPad, but think how much more it would have benefited if the same resources would have been working on the ACTUAL IPHONE during this time?

Sorry Rene. I'm going to have to jump on the iPad haters' bandwagon. Maybe the iPad has potential, but it's not worth buying yet, at least not at the price points they listed!

Well then. I just finished watching the iPad presentation, and I must say I was very impressed! If I were in the market for a netbook, I would definitely buy one of these instead. Lots of nice new large touch interfaces, and all very beautiful. I like what this means for the future of laptops, and of the iPhone!

Not impressed. I can buy two netbooks for the price of one iPad and be able to run real programs, have Flash support, large hard drive, stream Hulu and Netflix, plug into my plasma TV, etc. Now if the iPad had an external display port and a larger hard drive then I might change my mind.

One more thing... I did not see any mention of being able to sync the iPhone with the iPad. So you still need another computer to synch your iPhone.