iPad hits Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the UK on May 28

Apple has announced that the iPad will go on sale in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the UK on Friday, May 28. Online pre-orders, as previously announced, begin May 10.


iPad is available in the UK for a suggested retail price of £429 (inc. VAT) for 16GB, £499 (inc. VAT) for 32GB, £599 (inc. VAT) for 64GB for Wi-Fi models and £529 (inc. VAT) for 16GB, £599 (inc. VAT) for 32GB and £699 (inc. VAT) for 64GB for Wi-Fi + 3G models.

iPad is available in Canada for a suggested retail price of $549 (CAN) for 16GB, $649 (CAN) for 32GB, $749 (CAN) for 64GB for Wi-Fi models and $679 (CAN) for 16GB, $779 (CAN) for 32GB and $879 (CAN) for 64GB for Wi-Fi + 3G models.

Orange, Vodafone, and O2 in the UK and Rogers in Canada have also announced they'll be providing data plans for iPad Wi-Fi + 3G, but likewise haven't offered any pricing details yet.

If you're in one of those countries, let us know your plan. Already bought a US iPad? Going to pre-order on the 10th? Line up at an Apple store on the 28th? Or still making up your mind?


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Reader comments

iPad hits Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the UK on May 28


I have just ordered mine from USA and will reach here by the end of may, I just hope I would receive it before 28th :) Which I strongly doubt!!! :(

Glad to see the iBookstore will go international as well. I see it on the press release for Canada, UK and Australia.
I am going to order my Canadian 3G and sell my US Wifi a few days before for cheaps.

Sheesh.. why do Canadians always get shafted on price... $150 more than if I drive 2 hours and go buy one in the states... fricking rediculous.
regardless... Totally pre-ordering a 32GB Wi-Fi, and probably picking up a 16GB 3G also on launch day.

Horrible prices for Canadians as usual! Our money is worth more than theirs! We should be saving $20 or something. I just got paid $225 from an American company and it becomes $215 after exchange ... Honestly Apple, please stop killing us with your ridiculous pricing. Give us the same as US pricing and we'll be happy! Canadians WANT the $999 MacBook.. Not me, but other Canadians certainly do.

Companies like Apple say it costs more in union and transport feeds to move and stock products in Canada, hence the additional charge. Dunno if that has merit.

Australia has the highest iPhone penetration world wide (5% of population [over 1M iphones]) - how's about including Australia in your pricing eh

Aussie Pricing: http://www.apple.com/au/pr/library/2010/05/07ipad.html It looks like Apple makes minimum profit from each iPad. As little as around AU$10 on some iPads when you take conversion, GST and shipping into account. While Aussie pricing may seem steep (AU$629 for 16GB WiFi Only and AU$1049 for 64GB WiFi and 3G), by Apple standards this is very resonable pricing for us. Will certainly put a dint in the Netbook market here.

Also all 4 aussie telcos (Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and 3) have announced they will offer data plans for the iPad from launch. None have released pricing of course. I want to know what retailers will sell the things besides the Apple Store and maybe the telcos selling 3G models.

Dick Smith & Harvey Norman will be. I'd be surprised if JB and a few others aren't also.