iPad mini down to £199 at one British retailer

iPad mini

It's sometimes easy to forget the original iPad mini but British supermarket, Asda, is currently selling it for £199. That represents a £50 saving on the list price for the 16GB Wifi model available in both Space Gray and Silver.

At that price it also represents a pretty substantial difference to the cheapest Retina iPad mini of £120. If you just want a small iPad and can live with the less powerful internals and lower resolution screen, it's worth taking a look.

For more take a look at the source link below. It's a more enticing price point for the original iPad mini, but even at £199 do you think it's worth it? If you stumble across any other deals on the iPad mini, be sure to share them in the comments below!

Source: Asda

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iPad mini down to £199 at one British retailer


I have chased the latest apple device since the iphone 4 but since "downgrading" from my ipad 3 to the original mini in Feb 2013, after much debate, I haven't looked back. Still a great little machine!

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