iPad mini event - by the numbers

As usual, Apple kicked off today's event with lots of impressive numbers. We're still waiting to hear about the iPad mini, but here's what Apple's been willing to brag about so far.

  • 5 million iPhone 5 units sold on the first weekend
  • 100 million iPads sold
  • 200 million devices running iOS 
  • 700,000 App Store apps
  • 275,000 iPad apps
  • 35 billion app downloads
  • 125 million documents in iCloud
  • 300 billion iMessages sent (28,000/second)
  • $6.5 billion paid to developers
  • 400 million iBook downloads
  • 1.4 million iBooks available
  • 40 languages supported

Be sure to follow our live commentary while the event is ongoing!

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iPad mini event - by the numbers


How do I reach those users in the web of endless apps
i Guess what im really asking is how do you make your app stand out from the rest
i have made 2 good apps that are in the app store
finger flair and Paranormal hot spots
id be happy to reach 1/3 of them.