iPad mini rumored to be wi-fi only, iPad 3 mark II rumored to be international LTE friendly

iPad mini rumored to be wi-fi only, iPad 3 mark II rumored to be international LTE friendly

The iPad mini may debut as a Wi-Fi only device, and the iPad 3 revision iMore revealed back in August may be compatible with International LTE frequencies, just like the iPhone 5. This according to [the Guardian]'s(http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2012/oct/09/ipad-mini-wifi-uk-4g) Charles Arthur:

Industry sources indicated to the Guardian that they do not expect to see 3G-capable versions of the iPad mini. That would allow Apple to produce it comparatively cheaply and to limit the top price of the product, while retaining mobile broadband connectivity for its pricier iPad line.

Both the original and new 7-inch Kindle Fire and the Nexus 7, the primary competition for the rumored iPad mini, lack a cellular option. Apple has also thus far resisted including cellular connectivity in the iPod touch line. The original iPad was announced with both Wi-Fi and 3G, but the 3G version took an extra month to be released. The suggestion seems to be that Apple would use cellular as a way to push buyers towards the bigger iPad. However, not having cellular on a tablet device, even a mini-sized one, would be incredibly annoying. So, hopefully, at worst we'll be looking at a staggered release like the original iPad, and at best the same old $130 up-sell as the rest of the iPad line.

Given what we’ve heard about the size of the iPad mini, a cellular version of the device would be vary attractive to those who want something bigger than their phone with them when they’re out and about. It would also give Apple’s smaller tablet a distinct advantage over competition from Amazon and Google.

The Guardian also repeats rumors iMore has been hearing since August, namely that the iPad 3 will be refreshed at the same time. iMore has already mentioned the Lightning connector, new, cooler internals, and potential LTE chipset update, but the Guardian adds that such an LTE update would also allow the new iPad 3 to work on international LTE frequencies, like Europe. (The current iPad 3 only offers North American LTE.)

Would lack of cellular on an iPad 3 be a deal-breaker for anyone?

Source: The Guardian

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Reader comments

iPad mini rumored to be wi-fi only, iPad 3 mark II rumored to be international LTE friendly


I'm fine with Wifi only. The last thing I need in this world is another damn cell phone contract. I can't wait to see the price point on this little dude!

The lack of cellular connectivity wouldn't necessarily be a "deal breaker" for me, but it would make me reconsider purchasing the two I had planned on. I don't wan't want to have to constantly tether from my phone, anytime I'm out and about (which was the whole point of getting a smaller iPad to begin with).

That's exactly what I said is the problem. I DON'T want to constantly have to go through my phone to use my iPad on the go. Why drain the battery of two devices?

It would be a total deal breaker for me. Was planning on ditching my iPad 3 w/ LTE for two iPad minis (one for me, one for the wife).

If it is wifi only, I see absolutely no reason to downgrade. For me, the reason I want it is because it is small, lightweight and therefore more mobile. Plus the $10/mo incremental Verizon data plan is tempting.

Constant tethering is simply not an option for me.

$10/mth? Do you have to have a current Verizon account? I hate cell contracts but this wouldn't be too bad.

Hmmm. Seems backwards. It seems people (at least me) would want 3g/4g on the more portable of the two.... In all honesty, this may make me rethink the iPad mini. I have a WiFi iPad2 and a Nexus 7 (WiFi) and was planning on selling them both for a Verizon IPad Mini.... if I'm gonna be stuck with WiFi only, then I don't see any reason to sell what I have.

AT&T and Verizon are sure hoping its 3G/lte enabled.

For me it might be a deal breaker. I plan to custom install this in my dash and use it as media player/GPS I was going to take out my 700$ that I am constantly having to pay for updates or hack/mod my system. I'm sick of dealing with it and was hoping that an iPad mini would solve my problem. Even it's iOS's gimped maps is on par with most in dash or add on GPS systems. Plus I could have automatic iCloud, audiogalaxy, pandora, slacker, ext with push of a button. Without 3G need to feather every time I get in car. Such a pain. This also maybe the only way ATT pulls me out of my unlimited data and into a shared plan.

Wifi only is perfect for me, most of my iPad use is wifi, plus I have personal hotspot enabled
so my wife, father and my iPads as well as my touch can all access the net very easy most everywhere.
I'm waiting to compare the iPad mini to the new touch, then I will buy.

As someone who owns a cellular iPad 3 in Australia, purchased on launch day, when they were still branded as "4G", I'd be pretty disappointed if Apple released an iPad that was branded as the same product, but was suddenly capable of working on Australian 4G networks.

I'll be honest, I knew it wouldn't work on Australian 4G networks when purchased, and have no issue with the current model.

Don't get me wrong, I couldn't care less about the different dock connector, or a bump in processor speed. My sole issue is it been branded as the same product, but is suddenly compatible with a network that I paid to, ideally, be able to use.

If this is the case, I'd be happy to pay an upgrade pricing to allow me to have this capability, but I can't see Apple giving me that option.