iPad online availability drops to 1-2 weeks

iPad online availability drops to 1-2 weeks

Apple online in the US, Canada, UK and other countries now claim iPad 2 shipping estimates of only 1-2 weeks. This is better than the previous 2-3 weeks and a far cry from the 3-5 week wait times listed shortly after launch.

Has Apple ramped up production or has demand finally leveled off to meet supply? Either way, you can now get your online iPad faster if you so wish. Are you ordering?


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C says:

Ok so if Apple has sped up the delivery time to 1-2 weeks, why the purported delay of the next iphone? i'm with Georgia on this

Rory says:

maybe some day they will get to 1-2 days

JoBlow says:

not likely without an additional charge.

sfwrtr says:

Don't believe it.
I just bought a ipad2 64GB wifi black and it has a delivery date of May 16. That's just short of 4 weeks. If you subtract 5 workdays for free shipping, that's exactly 3 weeks to ship.

sfwrtr says:

Okay... This is embarrassing, but in a good way. Just got an order revision. Ships May 4th, arrives May 10th, roughly 1 week better performance, fitting into the high end of 1-2 weeks.

sangs says:

I walked into my Apple Store at a mall in NJ today and walked out five minutes later with a 64GB WiFi model for my daughter's birthday gift. When I asked if we were lucky to get one, he said, "No, we have plenty in stock." So people, just go check at your local store if you don't want to wait.

Dood says:

That's because you're in New Jersey. Duh.

sangs says:

Wait, suddenly NJ is special? Not likely.

NinjaBreadMan says:

Of course NJ is special. You can't even pump your own gas.

Tom says:

I haven't got my order revision yet,spoke to apple,they were no help,I just want it now,been waiting forever!

Nathan says:

I ordered mine 3/31 (64gb Verizon 3G) with an original ship date of 4/29. A few weeks back they updated it to 4/25 and delivering 4/29. Then 2 days ago the ship date was the same, but they had it delivering on the 28th. This morning it said they shipped! My FedEx tracking number shows it in HK right now and scheduled to deliver this tuesday the 26th. Hurry FedEx!

rujeffinme says:

I ordered my iPad from the Apple online store on April 4, it was scheduled to ship April 25, with delivery on April 30. Yesterday I walked into my local best buy to buy the kings speech (great movie, btw) and they still had two iPad 2's left from their Sunday stockpile... I cancelled my online order and walked out with a new iPad 2 black 32gb wifi...

iBoy says:

Yup. Either the demand tapers off or the production has caught up. In any case, I do notice that the hawkers on craigslist are dumping their inventory back to the original price these days.

iBoy says:

And btw, from 3/11 to today, it has only been less than 6 weeks.

chuck732 says:

Order mine on April 6th. And it say delivery on the 28th. 3 weeks.

Pat says:

I ordered at the earliest opportunity in Ireland, March 25th (after two hours of DDoS-type error messages).
It shipped exactly 3 weeks later as promised. 6 days after that (today), UPS finally gave me a tracking number, but they still didn't actually receive my iPad 2 from Apple. Curious definition of "shipping".
So I'm on 4 weeks and counting. Likely to be 5 weeks in total.

Pat says:

Actually since I typed that, the UPS site updated to say they had it since this morning and it just left the UK depot. So it's on the way and will hopefully arrive exactly 4 weeks since being ordered! Yay!

tfa225 says:

I ordered my 16gb black on 4/17. Original ship date May 9 delivers May 12 (3 full weeks). Today it updated to ships May 4 delivers May 7 (2 1/2 weeks). That's a Saturday so I'm hoping to get it sooner since Apple seems to be pushing them out now....

tfa225 says:

Went to Radio Shack and found the 16gb Black I wanted - cancelled this order~

nstark07 says:

In response to the last question: Give me your credit card number, and yes, I will order faster than you can blink.

Macman says:

I ordered my iPad 16g wifi on march 28 with an original ship date of April 28. The apple website says April 25 ship and deliver by the 27.

Tyler says:

Finally. My company develops for the ipad and it is annoying to have to use the one ipad 2 we were able to get between 10 people.