New iPad Pre-Orders Will Ship By April 12th


If you hesitated until today to pre-order your iPad you're going to have to wait a few extra days before your device is in your hands as Apple has changed the shipped by date to April 12th. If you pre-ordered prior to today then you can relax, you have nothing to worry about and your iPad should be in your hands on April 3rd.

Still debating where you should make your purchase? Think again about going into your local Best Buy as TUAW is reporting that they will have will have extremely limited stock - 15 per store to be exact and that's 15 total of all 3 variants. Best Buy will then receive an additional 15 devices on April 11th.

Apple's latest creation is looking to be quite a hot commodity. Who would have thought!?

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]


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Mitchell says:

Not fair, I want mine In the Uk on April 3rd!

cycling56#CB says:

Checked my order status today and it shows prepared for shipment. I can't wait until next Saturday. But I guess I will just have to wait.

Pat says:

Ireland isn't even included in the second batch of countries getting the iPad, so I'll have to venture North to Belfast to get my iPad 3G in late April. I know Apple is an American company, but how about giving us Europeans pricing and a solid release date in advance too!

Tenor146 says:

Haha sucks to be someone who didn't pre order soon enough. Can't wait for Saturday!!!

macharborguy says:

How many "live unboxing" streams do you guys think there will be? I know i plan to do one.

Dave01568 says:

Wait...... Price you pay to be an apple fan

cardfan says:

Nothing like creating demand by having a "shortage"

61Butte says:

@cardfan: Nothing like showing how stupid you are by typing stupid posts. Thanks for sharing.

Freiteez says:

"they will have will have limited stock" typo :P haha I'm waiting to try one out before purchasing anyway so this doesn't effect me