iPad Pricing -- Wifi Only $499, $599, $699, 3G $629, $729, $829


Apple has announced pricing for their new iPad tablet device, and it comes in two flavors, WiFi 802.11n only, and 3G enabled (via AT&T in the US).

WiFi-Only Pricing

  • $499 16GB
  • $599 32GB
  • $699 64GB

3G-enabled Pricing

  • $629 16GB
  • $729 32GB
  • $829 64GB

Wifi version will be available in 60 days, 3G version in 90 days.

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Reader comments

iPad Pricing -- Wifi Only $499, $599, $699, 3G $629, $729, $829


Well, I don't live in a 3g network, so that narrows it down for me if I choose to blow my tax refund on it!

It's a meh product. All it is is a 10" iPod Touch with a 3G connection and a keyboard attachment. Nothing amazing. Nothing revolutionary. Not a game changer at all.

This thing is mediocre at best but sadly their are enough Apple loyalist to make it a success.

And despite having a 10" screen, 1ghz CPU, probably a 512mb to a gig of RAM, and a good battery, it still has NO multitasking? That surprises me a lot.

First i was dissapointed that the 3GS looked just like the 3G then the touch no cam, this iPad whats next? why didnt this come with 4.0? or is this what the next Os is going to look like also?

Hey, if it doesn't float your boat, then pass on it. Wait for v2 or get something different or nothing at all. Me? I use my iPhone WAY too much and mostly at home. Most of those uses would be much improved on a bigger screen, so yeah, I'll probably be getting one. Now I just need to scrape together $829... Darn you, Steve Jobs!

I'm unimpressed. Dyvim, if you are at home, why don't you just use your laptop? If you don't have one, $829 can get you a pretty a nice one.

I'm dissappointed in this iPad..... I expected much more even if the price is half of what was predicted... That is like buying a new car and having to pay extra for the tires.... Sorry but 3G should automatically be included. And if people start buying this crapp like that..... The next iPHONE will be the same.... 299 for a new iPhone and pay an extra 200 more if you want 3G and pay another 100 more if you want wifi and a 100 more if you want bluetooth...... COMMON APPLE !!!!! I can understand higher prices on MEMORY or different CPU speeds.... but 3G should automatically come with it at the START UP Price given........ I was very dissappointed in it. I expected some things just like everyone else including some type of camera....or even some type of video conferencing using WIFI or 3G if that was possible. Anyways....... I'm not spending my money on this crapp.... and if they pull the same crapp on the iphone on the next release.... you can bet your azz I'll be sticking to my 3G or a 3GS.
APPLE i think you were a dissappointment today.

Give me a MAC PRO at 800 with a touch screen and ports for USB, Bluetooth, mouse compatibility, wifi, 3G and all the goodies... and then we are talking. TAKE FOR EXAMPLE U1 HYBRID by LENOVO.
Now if APPLE would have came out with a laptop like the U1 Hybrid in which you could remove the iPAD from the keyboard, but yet have all the connectivities that a laptop has when you want it...... that is where APPLE WOULD HAVE BEEN SUCCESSFUL on this.
Here is the Video of the LENOVO at CES.
I think apple was on the right track, but fell short when comparing to the technology that just hit the streets. I understand we have the APP STORE.... but if we could have had the LENOVO style system with the ITUNES stores.... it would have been a MAJOR HIT..and apple would have been Cashing in the MONEY.

OH WAIT...... maybe Apple is coming out with the other half of the iPad next year for another $500.... Sorry, I'm an apple fan, but I'm just so dissappointed on this product.... they could have done better.... I have a feeling they rushed this product out. STEVE.... I think the greatest accomplishment you took part in was the iPhone not the iPad. Now I feel better after getting that out of my system.

Ok u guys are wrong about the Ipad........ The ipad is going 2 be a step up in the history of electronics. I think it is going to be one of the biggest things that has came out in a while