iPad putting a hurt on Asus netbook sales

Since iPad doesn't seem (yet?) to be cannibalizing Mac sales, those 1 million units moved a month have to be eating into something and it looks like netbooks -- which Steve Jobs said aren't better at anything -- are the ones on the buffet:

Asustek Computer saw sales of its netbooks in the second quarter fall short of expectations mainly due to competition from Apple's iPad, and has downward adjusted its target shipments for the third quarter, the traditional peak sales period, to 1.4 million units, according to company president and CEO Jerry Shen at an investors conference on August 13.

They're going to try an eeePad to compete.

[Digitimes via 9to5mac]

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iPad putting a hurt on Asus netbook sales


Not a surprise really. I have one of the early EEE 704s and the more I used it the less I liked it. Granted the newer netbooks have a lot nicer screens and keyboards, but for pure consumption (which I venture to guess that a great majority of netbooks are used for) I'd rather have an iPad. Waiting for the next gen though.

My Asus netbook is certainly gathering dust since I got my iPad. I loved the Asus once, but no more. I only keep it around in case I really, really need Windows, and most of the time there's another Windows box around that I can remote into with the iPad.

iPad is definitely more convenient, but Steve Jobs remark about not being better at anything is rediculous.

Steve Jobs exaggerates. Boom! Actually, the iPad is only better at about 95% of what you can do with a netbook. OTOH, there are plenty of things an iPad can do that netbooks can't. My netbook doesn't have GPS, an accelerometer, or integrated 3G wireless either.

Netbook sales are hurting iPad sales. I can save, download, and transfer files with my asus. It's far more useful personally than an iPad. I have my phone, I'll wait til the iPad can do more

Must iPhone fans find rejoice in Apple attacking, suing, outselling other companies/individuals? Such inferiority complex, can't you people just enjoy your high tech gadgets and let other people be happy?

Re: "...1 million units moved a month have to be eating into something and it looks like netbooks..."
I dunno about these volume levels, but it's always possible that a new product creates its own space, expanding the pie, instead of eating into another product's slice.
I don't know that netbooks are suffering because of the iPad. That's certainly not what I've heard from other outlets.

I'll be adding to the "problem" soon. I love my Dell netbook, which I mostly use for email, browsing, games and music. As soon as iPad 2 is released (assuming it will include cameras for Facetime), my Dell Mini 9 will go in the drawer and I'll never look back at traditional netbooks.

No. It isn't iPad that impacts the sale of netbooks. It is the new Asus 13", CULV class of notebooks that do. They are as mobile as the netbooks but as powerful as notebooks. They are selling like hot cakes in Asia.

Frankly I just don't understand why in the world anyone would prefer an iPad over a netbook. There is NOTHING that an iPad can do that a netbook can't do, and unlike iPads netbooks let you install whatever OS you wish (even "hackintosh" in some cases), whatever programs you want, USB ports, you can change the hard drive, change the battery, & on and on. Frankly, the hot sales of the iPad only prove to me that PT Barnum was absolutely correct.

The only reason I have not bought a netbook yet is because of price!! When they were $200-250, they were very attractive, but I wanted to wait a while until the CPU's and video playback got better. Now video playback still not the best, but the current models with decent video playback and 8 hour battery life are approaching $500!!! Not to mention Windows 7 Starter kills it for me. I want Linux or Android!
I would never buy an iPad because of lack of a physical keyboard... plus the "locked down" proprietary nature of the device. I'm sure some people love their tablets, but I just can't stand typing on a screen.

We sell both iPads and netbooks where I work. iPads are flying out the door, netbook sales have dropped off dramatically.

iPad is a new tool ... a great too, but something new ... I agree with West3man ... the pie has been anlarged.
Moreover the lack of a usb port is not acceptable from not a fan boy or a low technology user

The time it takes you to boot up that Asus netbook, I have already typed this post and are off doing other things. And for anyone that thinks you cannot save and transfer files, you can do so easily with Docs To Go.
If you need a physical keyboard, buy a wireless one for $60. And I do not need to change a battery that gives me roughly 10 hours of life.

Netbooks carved out their market from notebooks, and a lot of people got netbooks not as a secondary computer, but a secondary portable computer. The iPad is carving out its market from the same niche. OTOH, I really think the netbook market is fairly saturated. These days, high-end netbooks and low-end notebooks are distinguished only by the CPU/battery life, because they cost exactly the same. What I really think is that Asus is lowering expectations of their netbook sales while priming the public for its EeePad release. I anticipate that the EeePad will be able to compete with the iPad primarily on the basis of price, because the iPad is actually quite expensive for what it does.

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AMEN, MizFit. I guess with age (wisdom) comes the knowledge that we have a CHOICE what we absorb and what we do not. Naysayers make me tired.