First new iPad reviews

First new iPad reviews

The first reviews of the new iPad are in, and as expected they focus on the areas that are visually and experientially different from last year's iPad 2. The consensus is that the Retina display is blow-you-eyeballs-back-through-your-skull impressive, and the responsiveness and LTE networking amazingly fast.

Bloomberg's Rich Jaroslovsky says the new iPad is to the iPad 2 what the iPhone 4S was to the iPhone 4.

It isn’t that the new iPad lacks impressive features --most notably, a vastly better display and an ultra-fast Internet- connection option. It’s just that it seems designed to maintain Apple (AAPL)’s huge lead in the tablet wars, rather than to extend it.

Daring Fireball's John Gruber finally has the iPad he longed for two years ago.

The retina display is amazing, everything in the UI feels faster, and the price points remain the same. What’s not to love? It’s that simple.

The Loop's Jim Dalrymple is impressed with the new iPad's day to day usability and awed by it's Retina display.

So, what did I like about the iPad? Simple — the experience. Nobody in the market today can touch the Apple experience.

Macworld's Jason Snell thinks that iPad 2 users shouldn't look at the new iPad, because it will be hard to go back.

The new iPad is just that: The iPad, updated for a new year and millions of new iPad users. It's not smaller or lighter, but it's got a remarkable screen, a much better rear camera, and support for cellular networking that can run at Wi-Fi speeds. It's the iPad that millions of people have embraced, only one year better.

The New York Time's David Pogue thinks the new iPad is less an iPad 3 and more an iPad 2S.

The new iPad doesn’t introduce anything that we haven’t seen before, either in the iPhone or in rival tablets. There’s no Steve Jobs “one more thing” moment here; Apple just took its white-hot iPad and added the latest screen, battery and cellular technologies.

SlashGear's Vincent Nguyen thinks evolution is more important than revolution for tablets.

Steve Jobs would have approved of the new iPad. With its focus on the holistic experience rather than individual boasts around its constituent parts, it’s the epitome of the Post-PC world the Apple founder envisaged. No lag or delay; no frustrating cloud settings or arcane minimum software requirements. Simply pick up, swipe, and you’re immersed in a joined-up ecosystem. Apple doesn’t need another revolution, it has already started one, and the new iPad brings a fresh degree of refinement to a segment in which it is undoubtedly the king.

TechCrunch's Mg Siegler says looking at the new iPad is like putting on your glasses and seeing the world clearly again. He agrees with our buying/upgrading advice as well.

Technology is amazing, and this new iPad is amazing. Also amazing: the only company competing with Apple right now in this particular space is Apple.

The Telegraph's Shane Richmond says the differences between the new iPad and the old iPad 2 are amazing, and also uses the glasses-on/glasses off analogy.

If you have been holding off getting a tablet then this is the one to go for. In my view, it's the best that money can buy. Existing iPad owners who are thinking of upgrading should take a look at this new device. You'll see the difference very, very clearly indeed.

USA Today's Ed Baig like the new additions, but doesn't seem to understand even Adobe's given up on Mobile Flash...

Pro. Stunning screen, 4G speeds (on certain models), decent dictation and improved camera optics. Strong battery. Apps galore. Con. Shooting with camera can be awkward. No Adobe Flash. No camera flash. No expanded storage.

The Verge's Joshua Topolsky still laments the lack of glance-able information on the iPad, but can't recommend any other table more highly. And the Retina display? It looks like a glowing piece of paper.

Minor gripes aside, the iPad remains best in breed when it comes to design and materials. Other tablets may have more ports or larger screens, but few can match the elegance, sleekness, or solidness of this device.

The Wall Street Journal's Wall Mossberg says the new iPad display is dramatically better and the content delivery is dramatically faster.

Since it launched in 2010, the iPad has been the best tablet on the planet. With the new, third-generation model, it still holds that crown.

We'll add more to the list when we find them, and will be providing our own, full on iMore review this weekend!

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Reader comments

First new iPad reviews


I may have to pick one up on Friday. My radioshack opens up at 7am, but wonder how that's going to work.
Plus I get paid on Friday =)

Well unless you get paid at 5am then you're SOL. I mean of you get paid noonish , by the time you get there they've sold all their 4 stock units :lol:

Ir Yngwie, if you have direct deposit like most normal people, you get your money at 1200am friday morning to spend as needed...

I heard through the grapevine that the big boss ordered me a new iPad on announcement day. Can't wait to see if FedEx stops at my house on Friday!

I admit that I will be at the Apple Store Friday morning when the doors open. iPad is on the menu and also some software for it (a file manager and iWork at least). I finally gave up on Android on tablets as even on ICS the UI is choppy and also the parts don't all play together seamlessly.

I'll be calling in to work on Friday so I can buy myself the new iPad. Shhhhh, don't tell the boss ;)

I should be getting mine FedEx prior to leaving for work, perfect timing for the commute and down time at work.

A bunch of the links in this article point back to itself.
Also the poll is pretty stupid in the way it deals with the percentages. It ends up being almost completely meaningless.

Mines is in Alaska in route on time to Virginia tomorrow. I had the Galaxy 10.1 Tab and I gave that to my woman. Looking forward to getting my new IPAD tomorrow!

I have neve ordered anything blindly like this on Apple launch day before and I have been waiting 2 years for MY version
of the Ipad and what I hoped it would be. I took half a day off tomorrow to wait for my UPS delivery. I just hope he doesnt show up before noon. So excited.....

It's disappointing not to see iMore included in that review list.
"Rich Jaroslovsky says the new iPad is to the iPad 2 what the iPhone 4S was to the iPhone 4."
I have to totally disagree here. I defended the 4S upgrade because it updated what mattered in an already great device. It's basically different guts. And name any other company updating their devices that's even remotely on par with this. I'm not sure what absurd standard they're applying here or what their expectations are.
The new ipad goes much further. The screen is the most important part of a tablet. It's what you're looking at. How you interact with it. This is basically a new ipad that only shares the same design. But it hardly looks the same once you turn it on.
I also take exception to those that seem to be saying no one was complaining about the ipad 2's screen. Yes, we were. There's a reason my iphone remained my e-reader. Or why I still used my iphone more.
This is the first ipad i want to try using in place of a laptop (besides on a work engagement). The screen now makes it a much superior experience. For the first time, i'll be putting that iphone down as this becomes my primary device. I'll still want an LTE iphone but my desire to upgrade phones once a year after that is much less.
I'm looking forward to it. This ipad isn't a slight update. It's the game changer. My advice for ipad 2 owners is should sell it and upgrade. It's worthwhile to upgrade because no matter how you use it, the screen changes everything for you. It's a simply remarkable feat that Apple could get this high of a resolution on a 10" tablet. That's easily worth an upgrade. Any tech reviewer who glosses over this just isn't very credible IMO. It's a compliment to iOS in that it's probably the only mobile OS efficient enough to make this high res screen viable.

I could not disagree more. I feel this iPad is just a slight upgrade to the previous version (which it is). My iPhone 4S will continue to remain my device of choice. It is smaller, has a great screen, is fast, has Siri, better camera, and does everything the iPad does. When I want a larger screen, I use AirPlay or hook it up via HDMI and use a keyboard.
After they released this, I could feel the lack of Steve Jobs' (RIP)presence at Apple.

Sorry you feel that way, but it seems like you've not bought into the idea of an ipad no matter what. That's fine, there's many out there that haven't. It took me awhile as well.

Wrong again. I have a ton of Apple products except iPad 2 and now the new iPad. I played on my first Apple computer in the 1980's. Have owned lots of them them ever since. Have three in my house now. Just saying the "new iPad" is not that great of an update. Pogue is right. Apple just dropped the ball and in the next couple years you will likely see their tablet market share slip because of this release. Not even Siri ...sad.
To Firesign3000:
Steve Jobs may have stuff lined up for the future but his presence is gone. He contributed more than people are aware. I am sure you have heard how he woke up thousands of Chinese in the middle of the night to make the iPhone screen glass. Touches like that are missed by Steve. There is no replacing or planning by the late Jobs that can attribute for his immediate attention to detail. Tim Cook and Ive are a fraction of the innovator Jobs was. He is missed and cannot be replaced.
If Tim Cook or Ive were as good as you make them sound, they would be creating their own Apple (like Jobs) not working for them. Steve Jobs certainly wouldn't work for others. He was the fire.

Lack of Steve Jobs? I don't think so. You can be pretty well assured that pretty much everything in Apple's pipeline for the next three years or so was planned by Jobs and Cook long before Jobs passed. And if there is anybody in the world that is almost as fussy as Steve was, it's Tim Cook (and Jony Ive for that matter). Read Issacson's book about Jobs, you'll see what I'm talking about.

"The new iPad doesn’t introduce anything that we haven’t seen before, either in the iPhone or in rival tablets."
How could i forget Pogue? This is such a retarded statement. I wonder how many tablets he's seen that are capable of or running this type of resolution?
I get the sense that he's equating this ipad screen to the iphone's. I suppose that's Apple's burden for reducing all this down to retina marketing terms.
Still, i'd say a tablet running this screen with no hiccups, getting this kind of battery life on LTE, is definitely something we've not seen before. And you definitely won't see it on rival tablets.

Looking forward to the iMore review of the new Jesus Slab. I'm happy with the iPad 2 I got last weekend, thanks to the price drop. All of the Android slab geeks must hate it, but numbers don't lie. The new Fondle Slab is going to sell like hotcakes and no other slab can touch that Retina display.

funny how the title does include the new in as part of iPad, which what Ive been saying all along , that it is "the new ipad", but some of our imore friends kept saying nope, its just the new "ipad"! :twisted:

any release apple does is a big difference to what they previous released if you say other wise.. you must of just purchased the old model. :(.. i have 4 for sale 1000$ each 32gb wifi

This is awesome and a very worthy upgrade, but man...Steve never would have let them call it "The new iPad."

Re: "Daring Fireball‘s John Gruber finally has the iPad he longed for two years ago."
Maybe that's why it's called "iPad" again. Apple has finally made the iPad they always wanted to make.
Re: Topolsky: "Other tablets may have more ports or larger screens, but few can match the elegance, sleekness, or solidness of this device."
See? He's afraid of saying how much he really likes the new iPad. Because if he did, he'd alienate the Android faction, the Windows 8 faction, and the Playbook faction among his readers / viewers. And really, "more ports"? Ports? Oh please.

"Re: “Daring Fireball‘s John Gruber finally has the iPad he longed for two years ago.”
Maybe that’s why it’s called “iPad” again. Apple has finally made the iPad they always wanted to make."
This is actually the VERY reasoning behind my thoughts on the name... I just think they are calling it "The new iPad" because its what they originally envisioned to create.
OR, they wanted to change everyone's idea behind what the iPad is... So, instead of thinking of the first gen iPad when people talk about the iPad, they will instead think of the insanely HD and insanely powerful iPad. In other words, "The new iPad".

Despite the fact that all these reviewers, who posted videos, are saying that the video doesn't do the screen justice... Its still an incredible comparison! You can still see the difference... Cant wait to try one in person!

I bought my iPad on the day that it came out and so far, I think it is one of the best things that Apple has come out with! When I play games for long periods of time, it does get a little warm, but not to where it gets uncomfortable, and it stays cool even when I am streaming movies, such as when I’m using the DISH Remote Access app. It streams live and recorded shows in HD from my receiver at home, and it takes a lot of processing power. Movies look great on the Retina Display, especially in high definition. I also like how LTE is snappy with loading movies. Just the other day, I watched Thor in HD on my iPad while I was on lunch at DISH where I work, so I really like the convenience of the new iPad. I really like how the battery lasts all day too.

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