iPad set to invade the home automation business, reduction in cost the driving factor!

A new model home in Overlook, Lone Tree’s Heritage Hills has been equipped with two iPads to enable the use of home control and automation. The iPads can control the homes lighting, motorised sun shades, multi-room music system, television and video systems, baby monitors and closed circuit security cameras.

The iPads, featuring 10-inch screens, are designed to remain docked in the wall but can be removed. The dual iPad control system costs roughly $5,000, said Travis Deatherage, a partner with Denver-based Solstice Multimedia, the company that built the system. Audio, video, security and other equipment takes the overall cost to about $60,000. "The iPad has brought the entry-level price point down significantly, because an 8-inch in-wall touch screen before cost upwards of $3,000 or more," Deatherage said. "Now we can get a $500 iPad and still provide most of the functionality that an in-wall touch panel can give."

The iPad’s communicate with a central mechanical control panel via WiFi and overall control can be done via a third device; which could be another iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. This would be done via an application designed for the purpose. The system can run everything in the home including the heating and cooling systems and even a swimming pool.

Home automation has always been a high cost luxury item. Maybe with the use of iPad's we could see it becoming more cost effective to install and enable us to control our energy usage and overall running cost of our homes.

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ack154 says:

As cool as it is that you can use an iPad for this... if you're spending $60k on automation to begin with and then fretting over how much your touchscreen control center is, maybe you're doing it wrong?
Saving money is cool... but it should be more about using the right products, not the cheapest. Of course, if the iPad really does work the best for this, more power to them. I'd love to see the app and the interface involved.

Some Dude says:

Exactly. If I'm dropping 60K I want control panels custom designed for home automation, I'm not looking to shave a few hundred bucks off the total.

nickpthemft says:

I think the point isn't that it shaves it from $3000 to $500, but rather that it's spread across multiple rooms (if I'm reading this right); a 6-room system with $3000 touch panels would run about $18k. You could do 6 iPads for $3k, saving a hefty sum and, provided that they install them correctly, providing functionality to the end user. Pop those suckers out of their wall mount and take 'em on vacation for the whole family!


i want that
that would be awesome

nickpthemft says:

Sorry, Chris, but you just hit my grammatical pet peeve...misuse of the apostrophe. iPad's = possessive, iPads = plural
The iPad’s (iPads) communicate with a central mechanical control panel via WiFi and overall control can be done via a third device;

slumptin says:

Twice. That's just bad...

Kick Butt Applications says:

The iHome... I like it. Given what construction costs are for housing these days, adding this doesn't add that much to the cost really!!!!

Ronn says:

I'll take one. I'm trying to figure out how to do this to an existing home.

evilsofa says:

Already using my iPad (1st gen) and my iPhones to work my home automation system, this is old news to me.

NIKI s says:

Hey mike just read your post - what system do you use to run your home? I got an Ipad 2, iphone 4, and imac...

Neil says:

Hi Chris
I am using my HP computer running MS to run some of items around my home. I love technology.

Wenona Aridas says:

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