iPad now shipping in 24hrs

iPads shipping in 24 hrs

Apple's online store now lists both iPad Wi-Fi and iPad Wi-Fi + 3G as shipping in 24hrs, and not just in the US but in international stores from Canada to the UK as well.

Supplies of Apple's "magical and revolutionary" new device have been highly constrained since launch, leading delays in international rollouts and concerns that the IPS panels just couldn't be made fast enough to meet demand.

Did demand slow or did production rise? We'll have to wait for next quarter's results to find out.

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iPad now shipping in 24hrs


@ tweger01
That's what I'm doing. I'm thinking a front facing camera, retina display and at least 500 mb of ram will do it nicely. It's an obvious step for them.

I'm waiting for the next gen and shouldn't it be the end of this year? And if there is a 7" I may go for that.

Don't be too sure the net gen iPad will have a full 9.7 inch retina display. The technology for such a display is not a sure thing.
It will have a front facing camera though! But not until April 2010.

I just bought a 16gb wifi + 3G this week and was told by the guy at Best Buy that they had about ten in stock and had no problem keeping them in. I don't really see people carrying them around or using them "in the wild" much so maybe demand is slowing.

Yup. Same here. 2 among my circle of friends bought their iPads in April and that is it. So I am not surprised that the demand has slowly dramatically since then.