New iPad teardown shows A5X processor made by Samsung, increased die size for quad-core graphics

The New iPad's A5X processor

The fine folks at Chipworks have taken a closer look at the new iPad, particularly at the upgraded A5X processor. The die size was apparently increased by 35% to accommodate the quad-core graphics processing unit. They were also able to confirm that the new processor was made by Samsung using a 45 nanometer CMOS process. Chipworks also looked at the parts iFixit pulled out from their Austrlian iPad, and identified particular RAM, Wi-Fi, LTE, audio, and power management chips; much like the 5 megapixel camera unit, a lot of these were recycled from the iPhone 4S.

It seems like although the screen is killer, there aren't a lot of dramatic changes under the hood of the new iPad. That said, I would love to see some up-close pictures of the Retina display's structure. We can see the difference in pixels for ourselves, but during their announcement, Apple had explained how the wiring was put on a separate plane in order to avoid signal confusion and cram pixels in together as closely as possible; seeing a cutaway or other close-up of what's going on behind the pixel layer would really showcase the biggest change in the new iPad.

Source: Chipworks

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Reader comments

New iPad teardown shows A5X processor made by Samsung, increased die size for quad-core graphics


Considering all the legal issues between Apple and Samsung at the moment it's good to see that they can still work together to make the kind of technology that we all enjoy.
I do wonder at what point will relations between Apple and Samsung breakdown that they can't work together.
I think when it does happen that we the consumers might be the one's who suffer the most.

Wow...that was a bunch of blab business is business,....this isn't your ex girlfriend/boyfriend relationship here. Lol

business is business but apple has been trying to bury Samsung's mobile division. Right now both companies need each other so they're working together but how long before apple is able to create the whole process without Samsung's help? I'm sure they would rather not do business with them if they didn't have to. So it is a valid question.