iPad Wi-Fi + 3G: unboxed

iPad Wi-Fi + 3G is at TiPb HQ and editor-in-chief Dieter Bohn is unboxing it the way unboxing is meant to be -- and had to be -- done.


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iPad Wi-Fi + 3G: unboxed


A T-Mobile sim card isn't going to work on an iPad out of the box (it's not unlocked) but trimming down a mini AT&T SIM will work.

@Michael Denny: Do we know if they aren't unlocked? That's why I wanted them to try it. Steve Jobs said that the iPads are going to be unlocked worldwide.

Yes, please try t-mobile or any other non-att sim, I believe a lot of people worldwide are really looking forward to see if it can be used with another carrier! Thanx a lot :-)

Just as an FYI I just left apple store. They are taking back any wifi only version withou re stock fee no matter when you purchased it.
Apple, very cool. They do the right thing.

Personally, I don't think that the iPad Wi-Fi + 3G is worth the extra cost. The iPad isn't terribly portable, and if I'm ever in a spot in which I have at&t coverage for my iPhone but no Wi-Fi for my iPad (yes, I have one; it was a gift, and a great one at that), I could always use my iPhone for Internet access.

I jay received my wifi 3G I-pad and love it. Trying to understand when I am in a 3G area and why I cannot get on line in certain area. Help needed. Someone said when i have 3G coverage it will say 3G beside the AT&T in the left top corner. Is that correct?also what does it mean when an e is beside the AT&T? Thanks in advance for your help.

"Personally, I don’t think that the iPad Wi-Fi + 3G is worth the extra cost."
Well, I am not lugging around my heavy HP laptop anymore. I got the 3g for one reason, those $10 to $20 dollar per night hotel add ons for wifi. They, the hotels, claim the charge is for their in house 24 hour IT support... Yeah, right. Last thing I want at the end of the day is, on the phone for an hour, for something I am paying for, with the tech at his house. The front desk people are clueless. For $130 dollars for the 3G and $15 bucks for 250 MB/30 days, it starts to pay for itself real fast, so, yes I think the iPad is portable when compared to a laptop, and the 3g is worth it. As for the iPhone, don't own one, and if I did wouldn't use it for the internet. Hated those Palm Pilots crap I had to use. (An ex but still owner of, an Apple Newton... glad the big(er) screens are back).