Help us #iPadTourist contest entrants, you're our only hope!

Help us #iPadTourist contest entrants, you're our only hope!

We asked you to come up with your best dorkiest photoshops of the #iPadTourist Rene and post them to Twitter. Obviously we forgot to tell Twitter because for the last few days we've been desperately trying to find all the entries only to face this:

Older Tweet results for #ipadtourist are unavailable.


We waited a couple of days to see if the Twitter #fail would pass but sadly it has not. Now we've been saving them as they came up, and twitpic has a lot of them, but we know for sure we're missing some and we don't want to miss any. So here's what we're going to do -- we're going to ask you to either email us your pics to or paste a link to them in the comments below. We'll extend the deadline a few days, then one Friday we'll post our top 10 favorites right here on and let you, the TiPb nation, vote for the winner.

Our apologies for the extra hassle, but you're still getting all the great prizes (and the Hawaiian rhino shirt off Rene's back!) and maybe a little something extra for your troubles! (And Twitter's #fail!)

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Help us #iPadTourist contest entrants, you're our only hope!


Like the time you said runner up's in the iphone4 giveaway would get cases? That worked out like you said it would. /sarcasm

Is this available on the iPhone 4, or any other type of editing like this? I'd love to be able to merge pictures like this
Thanks in advance