iPod touch 4 with dual cameras, retina display, coming in a few weeks?


Yes, it's really come to the point where a casual reference on Daring Fireball to the next generation iPod touch 4 -- with rear and front FaceTime cameras and Retina Display screen coming in a few weeks -- gets plastered all over the internet.

if you wait a few weeks to buy the Touch, you’ll get one with a Retina Display and dual cameras.

Apple has introduced the last 3 generations of iPod touch at their special iTunes and iPod-centric music event held each fall.

Gruber's reference to the new iPod touch came by way of comparison to the Android 1.7 powered, 5-inch screen Dell Streak which at $200 on contract and $550 outright, doesn't even seem competitive to past iPod touches and iPads, let alone what's coming next from Apple.

Then again, Apple's had a hard time meeting demand for iPhone 4 and iPad, some suspect due to constraints on their high quality IPS display panels. Has capacity recently been ramped up, or will things get even tighter with iPod touch wanting its share this holiday season?

[Daring Fireball]

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Reader comments

iPod touch 4 with dual cameras, retina display, coming in a few weeks?


Why is the Dell Streal being compared to the iPod Touch 4? These products may share similar capabilities but are not in the same product class.

I might just get one of those since att won't let me upgrade...still, hold off to iphone 5 or possibly get an Evo 2

Grubber is an idiot. I've seen no one compare the Streak to an ipod, its a phone/mini tablet. As mentioned above, completely different class of product.
Rene can you please provide more information on this Android 1.7? As far as I know it doesn't exist. Don't go out of your way though, accuracy is not something an editor should have to worry about.

Rene, please fix your reference -- both Gruber and the source have the Dell tablet at $300 with a contract, not $200 like you wrote. $200 is the iPhone price.

Wow, $300 *on contract* is even more insane than $550. Dell is so far behind my own brain is auto-correcting price and OS release?
iPod touch has been on the market going on 4 years and there's still no competitor. That's what should be fixed.

Also, why does the Streak* (mini-tablet/phone) have only 256 MB of RAM? That's almost as bad as the Blackberry Torch dropping on the market with a 624 Mhz clock speed!