UPDATED with Video: iPod touch Leaks Begin! Is This the Third Generation's New Camera?


UPDATE: Video has been posted, check it out after the jump!

ORIGINAL: New images have surfaced purported to be Apple's third generation iPod touch, showing a top, center mounted camera for the presumed-to-be-announced in September product revision.

To catch up, we've heard the new iPod touch would have a camera and mic, and potentially come in at 16GB/32GB/64GB for $199/$299/$399. Now, as to the picture above...

Real? Fake? Really fake? There are certain constants in this Apple 'verse, including spec and image leaks prior to, and in anticipation of, any new Apple event. So either way, we're right on schedule for the rumored September 8th iPod, iTunes, and Music show!

[via MacRumors, thanks for the tip Gregg!]

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Reader comments

UPDATED with Video: iPod touch Leaks Begin! Is This the Third Generation's New Camera?


Why is there a dot next to the camera similar to the mac isights, to tell the user its on when they cant see that :S

Mac rumors has the video up, its definitely not fake. Click the link macrumors link and scroll down its got the video posted, sorry its real. The hole next to the camera is supposedly the mic.

Totally faked, already debunked before this even hit my RSS. And I notice QuikDC already said that.
Who puts the camera in the middle? Only Blackberry.
Why wouldn't it hold the same form? And what's the pin-sized hole next to it? ARE YOU EVEN TRYING!?!

I think this is a fake picture. Look at the black-plastic underneath the camera lens cover, it seems that it slopes towards the top left-hand corner of the lens cover, which is the camera from the current iPhone? Any thoughts?

Agreed, Very fake looking. Any mug can dremel a hole into really nasty looking 3rd party case and stick a generic mobile camera lens behind it!
Either that or its one of those nasty hong kong ipod touch knock offs....

Thats what Ive been trying to say for the last 3 posts, there is video, but it could still be drilled and fitted, we need to see it working to judge it. fact is its not p shopped

Fake... Camera positioning is not going to be diff than the iPhones. Would have sales less than they could get otherwise... There are caeses that have inserts to fit iPod touch and iPhone let alone other things.

Ok so after viewing the vid. I am thinking this just might be real. If it was a 2g touch the motherboard would be black... Instead this one is red. Which is the color that sometimes appear in apple test hardware for differentiation or so I have heard. The reason it is so scratched up is because it was a hardware durability test. I mean it could be real I guess the real question is how did it get in these ppls hands.

this is totally fake, i agree w/ @gregg. someone could have very well had way to much time on their hands, drilled a hole put in an old iphone cam and poked a little pinhole next to it (cause it makes sense to have a mic for a vid camera, right?!) and then made the edges smooth and believable.
and wtf is up with it not having the top and bottom of the face of the ipod???? def. fake in my opinion :P

I say yes and no. I mean I want to see it take a picture, then I would believe it. Its totally possible. and they arent going to put the camera on the right like the iPhone, because that little rubber thing is there.

This is totally real. I believe it 100%. It is completely consistent with the Chinese case manufacturer leaks. Bravo.

Justin the back is likely blank because its a tester phone, why waste money on branding the phone when it was never meant to be sold.

Off topic, can anyone tell me how to sync photos/videos from my 3GS to MacBook iPhoto thru iTunes sync? I only see sync options from iPhoto to the iPhone, not the other way. Thanks.

This stuff is always fake. Anyone remember all the fake pics and speculation about the 3GS? Remember the matte black finish on the back that didnt happen? Or the black bezel on the front? There are people who have nothing better to do than photoshop pics and make fake mockups using current equipment. The next gen ipod touch will probably get a camera but I doubt it will look anything like this.

Seems pretty suspicious that where the camera would normally be there's a convenient big rubber chunk covering it up. What is that supposed to be? Its only purpose as far as I can tell is to cover up the hole from the real camera. I vote fake.

To everybody who thinks somedody drilled a hole a cramed a camera... You are clearly no industrial designers and have no idea how elaborate that would actually be since when the guy turns the iPod the camera is perfectly fitted in place and you can clearly see the aluminum rim the tipically surounds the camera lens very smoothly placed... I'm not saying is the real deal, I'm just pointing out that produce a fake like that is not as easy as it sound (just taking a drill and a hammer and boom the new iPod touch)

And just to back up Gregg, yes, the "blackrubber thing" is the cover for the WiFi antenna and is plastic to facilitate reception...

and now engadget is saying they were wrong and the video is real. all of you can eat CROW. why can't the camera be in the center? because...it just can't? wtf this is the 3G touch. get over it.

and dan is a complete idiot who has clearly never even seen an ipod touch. "what's the big rubber chunk"?? you should actually have seen a product IRL before you comment on how fake a new edition is or not.

If someone would risk losing their job over leaking this image, wouldn't they take a crap load of better pictures to prove it???

I really want it to be fake. I hope apple will do actual hardware changes to the iPods unlike the iPhones. urgh but I doubt it

I agree with Will. Why is the quality of these leak video always SO BAD? The leak of the tablet earlier this week was about 4 seconds long, this one never holds still for a second to even get a look at the device.

The reason why the camera isn't in the same spot is because they have to put the WiFi receiver there. The reason they didn't just plop it on the other side is because it would be difficult to use. The middle is the best place to put it when they can't use that one side. It makes perfect sense. And it is completely consistant with the Chinese Case rumors.

@Kevin.. Because it's on flickr. God. Calm your tits.
Anyway, the reason I KNOW this is not a mod, is because it does not have the apple logo on the back of it. Prototype units for the iPod touch would not be engraved and stuff because that's a waste of time and money since they are not being sold. This can't be a mod because there is no way of getting the logo off once it's on there.
It's definitely real now.

Good thing they put the video up or it would have been debunked with the pics. I dont know anything about photoshop and those pics blown up, look like the camera was pshopped on there, but the video is a little harder to fake.

I don't think its real simply because there have been, and will continue to be, tons and tons of fake videos and pics. Just remember the aluminum cased Iphone with video call camera, and of course the black matte finish etc. There will always be fakes, and people will always make big deals out of them. I'll believe it when I see it on the shelves of an apple store. I also don't think that apple will put the camera in the middle, I feel like they'd try harder to make it look more like an iphone. Everything else has always been consistent, with the exception of the sleep button and headphone jack. Who knows...

Everyone knows the iphone 3gs was a rushed to shop product , poor build quality in the new plastc back cover and overheating resulting in now 10 that i know of exploding iphones, for apple the touch market is larger than the iphone and if you look at the ipod touch it normally features newer tech than the iphone , so the upcoming touch will be a good indication to how the next iphone will be in 2010

Alright, here are a few clarifying points we've established so far on the picture and video:
1) The picture is fake. If you zoom in on the camera and the small dot next to it you will see that the area around it is blurred, indicating that it was photoshopped.
2) If the picture was fake, WHAT MAKES PEOPLE THINK THAT THE VIDEO IS REAL???!!!??? It's supposedly the same ipod in the picture as in the video, and if the ipod in the video is real why wouldnt the guy who made the video just take a real picture of the ipod instead of photoshopping one?
3) We shouldn't want this video to be real because that just means that the ipod touch is still in the prototype stage. Apple then still needs to finalize it, manufacture it, and then ship it, which will take a while. If this video is real, then we can't expect the 3rd generation ipod touch to release any time before late october, even november.

thats looks like an inconvinent spot to place a mic, don't you think? apple would probably place the mic on the front, so you wouldnt have to breathe all over the camera and flip it over to use the mic
and the way it was filmed was obviously shaky, blurry, not intended to be clear to viewers..
the screen isn't glass, like it should be
the iphone's camera was to the side, so it wouldn't make sense if the itouche's was in the middle
BUT did you notice what was USED to film that video? take a look at the reflection. the iphone doesnt have flash/ light for the camera... looks like the new itouch was being shown in the reflection>

HUH???!!! u know wht apple is stupid if they r releasing this w/ camera and mic....it would make iPhones useless...just JB the ipod touch 3G and use wi-Fi and get phone service AND texting from the app store....so they better hopr itz fake cuz ipod touch is cheaper then iPhone....lol

I think it is a real prototype of the upcoming itouch that is gonna be revealed on 9-9-09. I also think its funny that the guy filming is using an iphone.

guys i already have the ipod touch third gen!it's color black with red!i just bought it the day after yesterday!:)))

Hi,i have just been rip of as i have got three ipod touches with camerers they came box and apple logo 32gb plastic case got for gran kids been rip right of kind regards rigsby.

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