Could the iTablet/iSlate be Called the iPad?


MacRumors, who originally dug up Apple's involvement with the iSlate and iGuide names, has come across a trademark filing that suggests iPad may now be in the lead:

A search in the Canadian trademark database reveals that Apple's dummy corporation Slate Computing, LLC also applied for a trademark for "iPad" under the categories of handheld mobile digital electronic devices with a broad range of applications. This application was filed in July 2009 -- much more recently than the original iSlate trademarks which date back to 2006-2007. Slate Computing, LLC did not apply for a similar trademark in the U.S. due to the fact that Fujitsu appears to control the U.S. trademark as it relates to handheld computing. Of course, this didn't stop Apple from using the iPhone name despite it being owned by Cisco in the U.S. at the time of the iPhone's launch.

International filings also exist, though under the name IP Application Development, which thus far can't be linked back to Apple.

So, iTablet, iSlate, iPad, does it matter to you what Apple calls their new mega-iPhone, as long as they don't call it delayed for the Jan. 27 "Come see our latest creation" event? Right? Right? Sigh.

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Could the iTablet/iSlate be Called the iPad?


I like ipad, it fits with the rest.
However ipad doesn't autocorrect on my iPhone to iPad like iPod or iPhone or iTunes....

The "feminine product" argument is beyond pathetic and weak. Apple wouldn't give a damn about that definition of the word 'pad' if they preferred to use it. :roll:

Darn it! I was hoping in would be the first to make a feminine hygiene commnet.
Think of late night and SNL joke potential with the name "iPad".

iPad is easier to pronounce than iSlate or iTablet..whatever the name is I hope Apple can also explain to users why they need it.

I can't imagine they would call it the 'iPad'. It's too similar to 'iPod' in itself. Just doesn't make sense from a company standpoint.

So is this some kind of electronic device for females to use during that time of the month? In sync with the menstrual cycle?
I would go with iSlate IMHO

Funny video. Apple would never live it down. Could make for some creative ads.
The iPad, with tap-on (tampon) touchscreen technology and USB 3.0 tether. No strings attached.

iPad is the perfect name here. It's an easy word to say -- unlike iTablet and the hideous iSlate. And it also fits with the entire line.

when does this come out? or when will they announce it will launch? Cause my b-day is in 3 weeks and my wife owes me!!!

Like apple tv, this product could carry the "apple Logo" in front of the ____ (insert product name here). I am actually thinking the term "itouch" could be more acuratley used on this product than the iPod touch.

Definetly, the article is really a precious topic about the ipad. Although I dot agree with some minor points in general I´m fully on your way. I´m looking forward to your forthcoming updates. Just saying thanks for your Fabulous work and writing is an important thing nowadays. Lets see what Steve Jobs will present in the next step. I will instantly come back to stay privy of any updates, and let us both see what the ipad will change.

They went with iPad. Wonder how it will sell with the ladies.
My wife's reaction when I told her the name: she cringed, then said "ewwwe. what were they thinking?".

¡¦m not so sure, as everyone else is, that this essentially kills the Kindle right away. It¡¦ll certainly build anyone considering buying a Kindle hold off until the iPad is released. But Apple only indicated that the battery life would be 10 hours, and didn¡¦t say whether or not it¡¦d be any further if you¡¦re simply using it to browse iBooks. To me, the fact that you'll go a full week while not desirous to charge your Kindle is its massive selling purpose, and what makes it higher for travel. I will droop on to mine for now however I¡¦ll have an interest to see.

Mac's new product will eventually grow after the pumped up period during it's unveiling. The touch screen and Apple's potential to fix issues will definitly to make the iTablet a huge product in the time ahead.

Just to recap, the first replier Matt, was "pretty much 100% sure". This prediction was even funnier than the actual name they decided to go with!

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This App just got alot better becuz I didnt know I could turn tilt off and aik with finger. Just go t alittle bit furthet then where I got with tilt. Nice, Thank You!Does HDCP mean that if I download my content (movies, tv shows) from torrent sites, that I won"t be able to play them on an Apple TV? I HAVE to download from iTunes?Maybe its a stupid question, but why does Australia even get a Black Friday sale? Its the day after Thanksgiving – an American holiday. But either way, sounds great.