Jay Freeman (Saurik) on what iOS 5 might mean for Jailbreak at WWDC 2011

Cydia founder Jay Freeman talks to TiPb about what iOS 5 might mean for Jailbreak, whether or not Apple uses Jailbreak as a incubator for their own iOS updates, and where Jailbreak fits going forward.

Live from WWDC 2011, right before the keynote!

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Reader comments

Jay Freeman (Saurik) on what iOS 5 might mean for Jailbreak at WWDC 2011


Cydias not going anywhere...even if they add some of the stuff jailbreak offers I will still use it

Give me better notifications and the ability to turn off some standards that I don't use or want and I'd never jailbreak again.
I actually prefer my phone to be stock, but that notification system just makes me want to punch a baby.

Please woman, do your job. And give me new jailbreak apps, when people asked for it. Be on standby.... jay freeman mabye fire her?

If it wasn't for Cydia I wouldn't even have an iPhone; hence, having an iPhone without Cydia is the same as buying a BMW without Leather Seats.

I would have thought that Saurik would be clean cut and blingy by now. Cydia is still a main player in the iDevice world. I would have expected him to capitalize on some of it. He's a man of principal.