Jobs: iPad has competitors flummoxed

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Apple's Steve Jobs took the stage immediately today as part of the iPad 2 event with 15 million sold and 90% market share. That's more than every tablet PC ever sold.

Jobs said it "flummoxed" competitors. While some made fun of Jobs calling iPad magical, and others complained about the price, Jobs said to "ask our competitors now". (Referring to the difficulty in matching iPad's price point.)

Jobs showed off 65,000 apps for iPad and 100 -- and they were being generous, he says -- for Android 3.0 Honeycomb and then went into a video of Apple execs, users, educators, professionals, and others proclaiming 2010 the year of the iPad.

As a final shot, Jobs asked if 2011 would be the year of the

With more Honeycomb tablets, HP's TouchPad, and RIM's Playbook all on their way it will be interesting to see how Apple's iPad 2 holds up in 2011.

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Reader comments

Jobs: iPad has competitors flummoxed


With all those sales, you would think Steve Jobs could afford to do some laundry and buy some new clothes instead of wearing the same damn thing every day!
It's like in the Seinfeld episode when Jerry dated the woman that wore the same outfit every day.

There is nothing wrong with that. It's like a work uniform. When I go to retail stores employees wear the same uniform everyday.

Uniform???...I think for such great event he should wear something different,instead of the same sleazy clothes,must be something cool among tetchy people such as Steve,and the dude from facebook.
Americans are well known by their outfit.

gotta love the copycats comment, i mean having a case that sleeps/wakes the phone is so new that every blackberry users just wishes they had one....oh lol.
looks good tho, just maybe a little too much like a large ipod now

Getting a bit sick of Apple's pretentious, arrogant crap. It's stuff like this that makes me suddenly want to switch.

Switch to what exactly??? Also, Have not all of those "Competitors" taken shots at Apple for the past sixth or so months? What you have to understand is that that was not Steve Jobs being a dick just to be one. That was a smart business move that needed to happen in order to protect Apple's turf and turn the minds of the consumer towards the iPad.
Plus, out of all of those "Competitors" Apple is the only one that can truly stand behind their product with %100 certainty and confidence, being that theirs is the only one that's proven. So you go ahead and switch if you want to, I'm sure you'll be back, not many choices to switch to at this point anyway. Me personally, I could care less what's said in a keynote, the real question to ask is does the product measure up and perform like I need it to.

go ahead an switch buddy...why don't you help the competitors make some decent apps as well.

Sorry Steve you just brought the iPad up to what's out coming out the first half of 2011, and it's not quite up to par spec wise. the only thing you truly have is apps, and that will change as Android Honeycomb apps start rolling out. Honestly we say this story play out in the smartphone market. Me thinks the the tablet market will be in the same place two years down the road.

Now if the other companies could only show a little innovation, they could hold more market share instead of constantly playing catch-up.
Apple isn't bringing the iPad up to "what's coming out the first half of 2011", the iPad 2 would have already been in development before these other ass clowns woke up and started development.

Umm, no.. the competitors are ahead, once again, the next-gen of an iOS devices is just a minor upgrade putting it at spec, or slightly under in this case with the competition.
Amount of tablet specific apps I think is a little ridiculous and pompous to gloat about, considering most people I know with iPad's, myself included, don't honestly use that many apps. Web browsing, email, movies, music, and games. Which as far as the 'iOS games are better and offer more selection' argument is concerned, the gap is shrinking very quick. Next year, or later this year, when Apple decides to break new ground with the next iPad sequel, they might step ahead of the game, unless Nvidia and Qualcomm put the Android/HP tablets out in front again.

You missed my point, Apple enters the market first, and thats how they are holding market share. It's the same with most new ventures,the first one out of the gate is usually the most sucessful.
Sure the competition will have some good sales, but they are always trying to catch up in sales because they aren't the ones innovating the new technology.

Just by virtue of still having to connect the P.O.S. to my PC to delete files, the iPad2 still loses. Get your sh*t together, Apple. The whole point of a mobile computing solution is that I have to plug it in as infrequently as possible. Plus, STILL no flash? When is Jobs gonna eat his words and acknowledge that HTML5 is hardly as prevalent, and play ball? The internet is not just text and pictures, and if you think it is, you're clearly using an iDevice.

Little does Steve seem to remember that it is Apple who copied the TabletPC. Motion Computing has been doing the tablet thing for quite some time now. Still, Android's offerings (particularly the Tegra models) run circles around the iPad2. I'm saying this as a person who tried out the iPad2 yesterday and was left unamused and unimpressed.
In this case, iPad2 should be renamed "iHypedMyselfTooMuchAndOfferSoLittle"
And yes, I will be one of those people converting to Android 3.0 this month.