Korean carriers halt iPad 2 sales as they struggle to meet demand

Korean carriers halt iPad 2 sales as they struggle to meet demand

No sooner did iPad 2 finally become available in Asia, than South Korean carriers SK Tel and KT have suspended sales due to lack of supply.

"Our iPad 2 inventory has been depleted and we apologize for failing to provide enough supplies due to the product's global supply shortages."

Is this a case of too much demand or too little product? Apple has had a huge problem getting enough iPad 2s to market since the US launch, though things are improving.

Any Korean readers unable to get their iPad 2? Anyone think Apple could have a problem on their hands if customers decide to look elsewhere?

[Reuters via TUAW]

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Korean carriers halt iPad 2 sales as they struggle to meet demand


there could be a problem but i think most are willing to wait. on another front samsung is releasing 4" and 5" galaxy s wifi only ipod touch like devices. 1 gig single core. if in september apple comes out with A5 dual core though... i for one am looking for a second ipod touch but am waiting to see if there's a better camera dual core version.

Some of my South Korean friends are planning to take a weekend trip to Singapore or Japan and get it. (Important to note the "South" part of Korea; I'm sure North Korea does not have anything at all hahaha)

at some point when you always have producing enough product you have to invest in drastically upping you're production. That Apple can't address this reoccurring problem is problematic.

To be fair, considering the numbers they need to produce, they could be doing far worse. I suppose next time they could have even MORE suppliers exclusively making iPad/iPhone parts and nothing else. Or Foxconn could open yet another enormous city/factory.

Oh don't think i think they are doing "bad". it's one of the best run companies in the world. But from a purely business stand point there is a point when the inability to meet demand often get's seen as a negative. You obviously want high demand and just a little more then you can meet. But you don't want so much more that you're drastically missing out on sales. It's fine for those that will wait months but bad for the impulse buyers that lose interest for a while after weeks away from the store. Then start saying "oh i'll just wait" or "oh i don't really need it."
It's one think if they have 8 million potential sales a quarter but can only make 7.7 million ipads. But it's another thing when they got 8 million people that want a pad and you you can only make 4 mill. You're missing half the people. And all those people are not like tipb readers that will drive to a different country to wait in line for a tablet.
But i think it's an issue because for the second go around for tablets when you know there will be massive demand and for like the iphone 4 launch the other year there shouldn't be massive waits.
I'm not saying they are a bad company or it's run horrendously. That's foolish. It's run quite well. I just don't think they manage their initial manufacturing levels well enough.

I could understand underestimated demand for first iProduct(s). These days, its either something very wrong with Apple product planning / marketing or this limited supply is done on purpose, to create false demand image.
Here in DE I can see iPads at every corner of every shop with consumer electronics.
On other hand, in same South Korea Galaxy S2 just got 2x preorders than iPhone 4. Sure Samsung will be up to the task to keep their customers supplied with gadgets.

Yes, after first day of sales, iPad 2 have virtually disappeared in S.Korea, they only accept waiting list which took approx. A week to two to be modest to get, after few days they launched, they didn't bring estimates in certain models. Apple online store(since Korea has no Apple Retail) handle products, a customer who bought certain model just an hour after they started to sold online told estimate delivery date is set to 19th, May.
To sum up, total disaster ongoing happen.

Same deal in Australia, local newspapers were running stories last night about there not being an iPad 2 in stock anywhere, despite the large advertising campaign we have seen. But really its sort of expected with iDevice releases here... ive never bothered trying to get an iPhone right after launch, cause this always happens, a month or 2 in, after the fanatics have all got their tech, the normies can consider if they really want one ;)