E&B Company eCopilot Leather Pouch Case for iPhone

EB front open

The E&B Company eCopilot leather side pouch for the iPhone, [$29.95 - iMore Store link] has a sophisticated style and classic appearance. The case is made of a durable leather outer shell and has a soft cushioned interior lining. The horizontal pouch opening has a magnetic binding which makes it easy to open and close and yet is strong enough that it will not open on its own.

For more about this case, pictures and what is Project Pink, join us after the break...

eB empty open

The eCopilot can be used on your belt or carried in your bag or briefcase. The belt loop is reinforced and has ample room to fit over various belt widths. For those who prefer belt clips, however, that's not an option here.

EB back closed empty

I prefer to keep my iPhone in my purse, so this pouch is well suited for my needs. The case has a streamlined finish so it does not add much bulk or weight and the leather outer layer has a attractive finish. It's also quite strong and will protect your iPhone from most scratches, abrasions and some falls. In fact, when my child kicked my phone down the stairs -- it survived (so did my child, after a lengthy time out...)

EB on Bag

The sides have small openings and, whether or not it was the manufacturers intent, this can be used to plug in your earphones without having to take your iPhone out from the case.

EB Side closed

There is a small groove in the front of the case which makes it easy to get to your iPhone with one hand.

EB Belt open

This case is beautifully constructed and will take a good deal of abuse with ease. Its look is sophisticated and perfect for the professional in your life. For those of you who may want the case in another color other than pink, The E&B Company eCopilot side pouch also comes in black, brown and red and is available for $29.95 from the TiPb iPhone accessory store.

E& B cases

Project Pink: if I get over 50 different people's comments on this post, Rene has generously offered (will be forced) to carry around my next case for a day (it's also pink!). Follow me on twitter @GeorgiaTiPb and I will keep you posted on the progress.

** And the response has been so great if we break 150, I will get Video !

Disclaimer: the E&B Company eCopilot leather case was provided for review by TiPb’s iPhone accessory store.


Senior Editor at iMore and a practicing therapist specializing in stress and anxiety. She speaks everywhere from conferences to corporations, hosts the ZEN & TECH podcast, and should be followed on Twitter @Georgia_Prime.

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MrAnonymous says:

Great pouch to own. Too bad mines wore out after a years worth of use.

Steph says:

Very pretty, I like the look!

wally says:

only 50? sheesh, I'd think with a tweet like that you'd get way more than 50 people commenting :)

NPR_Aficionado says:

Pink would look great with any iPhone Rene~

Bee says:

I am so commenting... must take pictures..

Leanna Lofte says:

I think the pink would look great with Rene's complexion.

Stinkypeas says:

You know what they say pink is the new black

Jeremy says:

Pink will look good on Rene...

tys says:

Pretty in Pink ;-)
They need an orange one, too.

Georgia says:

Oh yes I promise pictures !!

Anthony says:

May I request that Rene also compliment the pink pouch with equally pink accessories like pink glasses, pink bracelets, pink do-rag or whatever.

Derrick [Tramain360] says:

Great Review, Don't forget to take Photos.

AarontheRed says:

I want to do my part to contribute to Project Pink. Also, I think that Rene should have to actually wear the thing on his belt, not just carry it around. 

fvc625 says:

I would like to see Rene carry it around... Pink it is...

Dannyrodri says:

Haha that'll be fun. Be sure to post pics afterwards lol

PhxBlue says:

Pink pink pink pink pink pink! It is the new black, for reals..

Bert says:

What we won't do to see René wearing Pink

Greg says:

It would make Rene look cute

MrP says:

Someones gonna be sportin a pink case!!!

Georgia says:

Thanks AarontheRed it is now officially called Project Pink.
Pass on the info and get all to comment
Project Pink Luv up!

Ethan says:

Whoa, I was under the impression that magnet cases are a huge NO NO when it comes to an iPhone case. DLO side cases have velcro for this reason. It screwed up the phone. I wouldn't get any case with a magnet for my iPhone.

Victoria-Marie says:

I like the black case, its very sleek. I would also love to see Rene with a pink one = )

missveronica33 says:

Let's see a pic of him using the pink case for a day!!! ;)

DMan says:

Nothing like a pink manbag to balance off iPhone "coolness".

Garret Parsons says:

I like pink, pink is the the new black and can now be considered manly. It's like wearing a Shemagh or Khufflyah. It's not a ladies scarf! The British military wear them from crying out load and it's not a purse it's a satchel and Indiana Jones wears one! I say go pink!!!

SusieLou says:

One more commenter for Project Pink!

Ayah says:

Pink for Rene. Yeah... Why not?

Scooby Doo! says:

Well, this is original, I suppose. Right?

Fred says:

Uhh.. that pink thing.

Zapplegate says:

Can haz pink iPhone case for Rene?

ArseneKarl says:

Come on!
Muzt. Haz. Pinkx.

Dmollner says:

Pink pink pink. Go pink.

slumdog says:

It'll match Rene's pink belt...perfect =)

AJ says:

Come on Rene... It's not that girly hahahahaha

Adrian says:

Did anyone noticed that it's magnetized? Magnets destroy the iPhone's screen. I comment with experience. DO NOT WANT... Nor BUY.

glen says:

what a case....can't wait to see them on the mean streets of montreal!

Miles says:

Oooooh, do you have matching shoes and a miniskirt to go with that, René? :P
Enjoy your day of pink! ;)

iDutch says:

I dont like pouches, but this one looks nice

Dessert says:

Agreed, time to go pink ;)

blitzgreg says:

you go, girl! (Rene, that is...)

Ord says:

Pink is absolutely Rene's color!

Christina says:

That is a sexy case. I think it will go well with his nail polish.

Joanne says:

I think this is cute, handy, and convenient. I like the input too!

tessy says:

My best pink I got from cretouch

Bane says:

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Sale says:

Superb!!! I love opensource this one