Ultrathin Touch Mouse needs one minute charge for an hour's use

Logitech announces Ultrathin Touch Mouse

Logitech has announced the Ultrathin Touch Mouse, designed for use with laptops and tablets. The device connects via Bluetooth and features a touch surface compatible with OS X's multitouch features. The Ultrathin Touch Mouse was designed with portability in mind, says Logitech:

“Our personal technology needs are evolving rapidly, and people expect better design,” said Charlotte Johs, Logitech global vice president of brand development and portfolio for PC accessories. “Whether it’s a computer, tablet, smartphone or touch-navigation device, people are looking for thin, modern design that works fluidly. We created the Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse to give people an ultra-portable mouse that complements today’s MacBook and Ultrabook computers.”

The mouse can connect to multiple devices at once, with the user able to move between devices by using a built-in switch on the mouse. The Ultrathin Touch charges using USB, and Logitech claims that one minute of charging time gives users a full hour of use under normal circumstances. The Ultrathin Touch Mouse will be available in two models, with the black T630, meant for Windows machines, going on sale in September, while the white, Mac-focused T631 will be available starting in November. Both models will retail for $69.99.

Source: Logitech

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Ultrathin Touch Mouse needs one minute charge for an hour's use


What's the difference between the Windows and Mac models, other than color? Most bluetooth mice I've owned have been interoperable.

Yeah if its bluetooth then it should work fine for both. At first i was thinking yeah they need separate ones for mac and windows, but now it just makes no sense why they would need separate ones. All bt is the same isnt it?

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