Does your LTE iPad on Verizon allow a microSIM switcheroo for AT&T service?

An iPad with the SIM tray ejected One of our forum members has been able to pop an AT&T microSIM into his new Verizon LTE iPad, and get access to AT&T's 3G network. We haven't been able to confirm or deny this yet - it could be a one-off glitch, it could be AT&T or Verizon's systems being a little confused, or maybe it's a software oversight (or plan) on Apple's part to lock down the SIM slot. If this glitch turns out to be widespread, I suspect that it will be patched up pretty quick, unless of course Apple is purposely selling these iPads unlocked. If any of you guys have a spare AT&T microSIM kicking around, give it a shot and let us know in the forums if it works! (Image credit)

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kyle says:

i would think they wouldn't lock it down as Apple has stated since the Original iPad that they will be sold unlocked. however, i do wonder why someone would purchase a Verizon model to use on AT&T.

Ramiro says:

Well since it works on AT&T's 3G bands, it will work on most other carriers in other countries. So you can use it on Verizon here in the states, and if you happen to travel abroad, you can pop in most foreign MicroSims and use it on 3G.

Vatdoro says:

For sure Apple is intentionally selling both LTE iPads SIM unlocked. That is a big marketing point of both of them. You can travel to any country and use any SIM card you like in them for GSM HSPA+ connectivity.
"But if you want a local connection when you’re traveling, just pop in a local SIM card."
The only surprise is that it can do this in the USA. The Verizon iPhone 4S has this same feature (Verizon will unlock the SIM card for you after 60 days of being a good customer).
But, the unlocked Verizon iPhone 4S will not get on the AT&T network while here in the USA. Even though it will join any other GSM network if you pop in an Italian SIM card in Italy for example.
The Verizon iPhone 4S does something so if there is a Verizon signal present it won't let you join any GSM network. Forcing you to use Verizon.
The Verizon LTE iPad doesn't seem to have that restriction. It will use Verizon's network, or it will happily use any GSM network, even if you are within Verizon's service area. Pretty cool.
Glad I canceled my AT&T LTE iPad and switched to the Verizon version. :-D

scottpapak says:

I just tried it and it loads AT&T 4G but says I am out of data. I pulled the sim from my work iPhone 4

Allen says:

Tried my micro sim from my iPhone 4 and don't see carrier settings like APN. Just 'view my account' which shows the AT&T logo but then says device not supported. Bummer. Guessing that iPhone 4S sims provisioned for HSPA+ are treated differently

StoveNadir says:

Wow. You know when you have been abused for too long when you see normal and think it's a glitch.

ian9426 says:

My AT&T sim from my iPad 1 worked beautifully when I installed it in my new Verizon iPad, but when I tried to add more data I got an error message that says your device is not supported... :(
Looks like I will have to top off on the old iPad and put it in the new as needed. I was accessing the AT&T "4G" HSPA+ network just fine though. Even had the 4G indicator. Back to LTE I go for now.

west3man says:

Did/do you have an AT&T unlimited 3G plan, though?

ian9426 says:

No. Just a pre-pay plan. I usually bought 2gb at a time.

Ryan says:

"If this glitch turns out to be widespread, I suspect that it will be patched up pretty quick, unless of course Apple is purposely selling these iPads unlocked. "
Not to sound like an ass -- but a quick search on Apple's website tells you this is intentional. The only reason there are two versions of the iPad is because the LTE bands are different --- other than that, the units are identical.
"iPad with Wi-Fi + 4G models for AT&T and for Verizon connect to GSM/UMTS networks worldwide. But if you want a local connection when you’re traveling, just pop in a local SIM card."

atrpm says:

The ONLY reason why apple locks iPhones is because they are subsidized by carriers, there is NO reason for apple to lock the iPads! Even the iPads are build for an specific carrier you are paying 100% out of pocket for them!

Eric M says:

Yeah, I don't see how this is a glitch... Part of the reason I bought the new iPad was because their website does say it does ALL GSM Bands (Other than T-Mobile's 1700 MHz, which no iDevice does). You are buying the device outright, so there is no need to SIM lock it... But it does sound like unless you need AT&T LTE, the VZW iPad is the one to get as you get the option of VZW LTE, And their CDMA Network (Possibly Sprint at some point?), as well as AT&T's HSPA+ network. (Note: The AT&T iPad doesn't list a CDMA Radio).
Also, I was able to use my T-Mobile MicroSIM and EDGE data worked fine - Laughable, I know... But won't be so laughable once T-Mobile makes the switch over to 1900MHz for their HSPA+ as they said they are trying to do by year's end... No Contract 5GB HSPA+ (I know, it's not LTE) for $30 per month, plus unlimited "Slow Speed Data" after that, best of all I use an unlocked 4S on T-Mobile and they don't have any restrictions on Personal Hotspot, they actually publish the info on their website (server is

Leone Morgret says:

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Julio Peloso says:

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ztech350 says:

i popped my att iPhone 4s micro-sim in my new 64gb verizon LTE iPad, and it successfully registered on the Att network, however i couldn't get internet access without wi-fi. I checked the carrier settings, and it said that the device was not supported. :(

Honey Servin says:

I tried the same thing and everything went according to plan until I told him that I bought the iPhone from ebay, he abruptly cut me off when he heard that. Happy bloody days!

Eldora Deroest says:

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Aleisha Karsh says:

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Jennette Gwenn says:

Yes.. it can be deleted.. I only recommended renaming the file as a safeguard.