Microsoft announces all new 10.6-inch Surface, a tablet competitor to iPad

Microsoft announces all new 10.6-inch Surface, a tablet competitor to iPad

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has just announced the all new Microsoft Surface, a Windows 8 tablet competitor to Apple's iPad. Microsoft's original Surface was a "big ass table" that mainly gained traction as a product placement on TV shows. This ain't that.

It also ain't an iPad. It has USB 2.0, for example. And a built-in kickstand. And two Smart Cover style magnetic covers that doubles as a multitouch or physical keyboard with a trackpad. And a pen with digital ink that magnetically attaches the body.

There are two versions, one running ARM chips like an iPad, the other running Intel chips like a laptop. The first is called Surface for Windows RT, the second, Surface for Windows 8 Pro.

Yeah. The branding sucks. Microsoft is unwilling to divest themselves of the Windows nomenclature. The actual products look great, and are deserving of much cleaner names like Surface and Surface Pro (or, arguably Xtab and Xtab Pro, or anything that ties into the cooler Xbox brand).

It's interesting to see Microsoft design their own hardware here. They did that before with the Zune, and it decimated the PlaysForSure MP3 player market and their hardware partners. Will the Surface do the same thing to Windows 8 tablet ODMs?

Time will tell. Right now, Microsoft's Surface looks interesting, but nothing else matters to me until they announce price and we see battery life.

That they didn't announce either is curious. If they don't know yet, why not wait until they do, and take pre-orders immediately while everyone's excited by the newness of the announcement?

There are as many questions as answers. We'll have to wait and see.

Video and full presser below.

Source: WPCentral

Microsoft Announces Surface: New Family of PCs for Windows

Microsoft-made hardware to be available starting with release of Windows 8 and Windows RT.

LOS ANGELES — June 18, 2012 — Today at an event in Hollywood, Microsoft unveiled Surface: PCs built to be the ultimate stage for Windows. Company executives showed two Windows tablets and accessories that feature significant advances in industrial design and attention to detail. Surface is designed to seamlessly transition between consumption and creation, without compromise. It delivers the power of amazing software with Windows and the feel of premium hardware in one exciting experience.

Advances in Industrial Design

Conceived, designed and engineered entirely by Microsoft employees, and building on the company’s 30-year history manufacturing hardware, Surface represents a unique vision for the seamless expression of entertainment and creativity. Extensive investment in industrial design and real user experience includes the following highlights:

Software takes center stage: Surface sports a full-sized USB port and a 16:9 aspect ratio – the industry standard for HD. It has edges angled at 22 degrees, a natural position for the PC at rest or in active use, letting the hardware fade into the background and the software stand out.

VaporMg: The casing of Surface is created using a unique approach called VaporMg (pronounced Vapor-Mag), a combination of material selection and process to mold metal and deposit particles that creates a finish akin to a luxury watch. Starting with magnesium, parts can be molded as thin as .65 mm, thinner than the typical credit card, to create a product that is thin, light and rigid/strong.

Integrated Kickstand: The unique VaporMg approach also enables a built-in kickstand that lets you transition Surface from active use to passive consumption – watching a movie or even using the HD front- or rear-facing video cameras. The kickstand is there when needed, and disappears when not in use, with no extra weight or thickness.

Touch Cover: The 3 mm Touch Cover represents a step forward in human-computer interface. Using a unique pressure-sensitive technology, Touch Cover senses keystrokes as gestures, enabling you to touch type significantly faster than with an on-screen keyboard. It will be available in a selection of vibrant colors. Touch Cover clicks into Surface via a built-in magnetic connector, forming a natural spine like you find on a book, and works as a protective cover. You can also click in a 5 mm-thin Type Cover that adds moving keys for a more traditional typing feel.

An Amazing Windows Experience

Two models of Surface will be available: one running an ARM processor featuring Windows RT, and one with a third-generation Intel Core processor featuring Windows 8 Pro. From the fast and fluid interface, to the ease of connecting you to the people, information and apps that users care about most, Surface will be a premium way to experience all that Windows has to offer. Surface for Windows RT will release with the general availability of Windows 8, and the Windows 8 Pro model will be available about 90 days later. Both will be sold in the Microsoft Store locations in the U.S. and available through select online Microsoft Stores.

Contributing to an Expanded Ecosystem

One of the strengths of Windows is its extensive ecosystem of software and hardware partners, delivering selection and choice that makes a customer’s Windows experience uniquely their own. This continues with Surface. Microsoft is delivering a unique contribution to an already strong and growing ecosystem of functional and stylish devices delivered by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to bring the experience of Windows to consumers and businesses around the globe.

Additional Product Information

Surface for Windows RT

OS: Windows RT

Light(1): 676 g

Thin(2): 9.3 mm

Clear: 10.6” ClearType HD Display

Energized: 31.5 W-h

Connected: microSD, USB 2.0, Micro HD Video, 2x2 MIMO antennae

Productive: Office ‘15’ Apps, Touch Cover, Type Cover

Practical: VaporMg Case & Stand

Configurable: 32 GB, 64 GB

Surface for Windows 8 Pro

OS: Windows 8 Pro

Light(1): 903 g

Thin(2): 13.5 mm

Clear: 10.6” ClearType Full HD Display

Energized: 42 W-h

Connected: microSDXC, USB 3.0, Mini DisplayPort Video, 2x2 MIMO antennae

Productive: Touch Cover, Type Cover, Pen with Palm Block

Practical: VaporMg Case & Stand

Configurable: 64 GB, 128 GB

(1), (2). Actual size and weight of the device may vary due to configuration and manufacturing process.

Suggested retail pricing will be announced closer to availability and is expected to be competitive with a comparable ARM tablet or Intel Ultrabook-class PC. OEMs will have cost and feature parity on Windows 8 and Windows RT.

For more information about Surface, visit

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Microsoft announces all new 10.6-inch Surface, a tablet competitor to iPad


From the announcement, Balmer: "We believe that any intersection between human and machine can be made better when hardware and software are considered together." -- Thank you Captain Obvious. Apple has known this for how long now? :D

How exactly did MicroSucks take a chunk out of Apple and expose a worm? Microsoft is 2 oh wait 3 years late to this market. iPad adoption is increasing by double digits in almost every social, IT, Enterprise... etc. Now... what is your rational?

Surface is a new category. It's a tablet with full desktop OS. That's how. In one simple sentence. Easy!

Are you really that naive to believe Microsoft just created an entirely new category? Are you not familiar with Windows XP Tablet PC Edition?
Consumers are definitely going to be totally confused by two different versions of a tablet from the same company, one that runs existing Windows desktop software, and another that doesn't. And if you plan to plug this thing in to run Notepad++ and Photoshop all day long with a physical keyboard, why not simply buy a laptop?
I fully expect the new Microsoft Surface to follow the same path of the Microsoft Zune.

The difference is that is OS is an optimized experience for this hardwares'form factor. It's pretty simple.

Really joe, two versions are just too complicated to understand?
You'd best stick with iOS then.

The cover isn't at all like a Smart cover.
It actually has a great purpose other than pretending to provide subpar protection.

A purpose? Like making a tablet into a laptop you mean? If I had to use a keyboard with my iPad, I'd just buy the macbook air.
I personally think if you need to include a stylus or keyboard with a tablet, you've already lost.
Then again there are people who can't get past the old style of compute.... this will be for the laggards of technology I guess.

Dude you're a loser in the highest sense of the word. This tech just changed everything. Truly.

How did this silly thing just "change everything"? It's Windows in a 'tablet' form. This is NOTHING new. Ohh ahh "metro is touch-friendly". Big freakin deal - the core Windows experience is still there once you close metro to access your programs and work. This is fine for people that want to get all touchy-feely with their computer for whatever reason - but this is not the "tablet" that iPad exists as. People who want a full Windows experience will buy a REAL laptop. That's probably a fact.

Have you ever tried t type a long blog post or document on an iPad? Did you get anywhere near 20 WPM?
Serious typers on iPads use an external keyboard. There is nothing wrong with that by any measure and having it baked right into the cover is one thing the iPad cannot do [keep you from carrying a keyboard and a tablet].

Actually yes I have typed many things on my iPad.. from long blog posts to term papers, to articles to meeting notes to you name. I never found that not having a physical keyboard slows me down one bit. To the contrary I have come to appreciate it and value the predictive type. I think the MS keyboard concept is nice and worth a look at, but my NO means a game changer.

"Serious typers" on the new iPad don't need to type at all......the dictation software built into the keyboard is spot on and works great.
If I need to type on the keyboard, glass is fine, or just buy a laptop. Which I will never do.

That keyboard from Logitech is as thick, if not thicker than the ipad!! the keyboard on the Surface is much, much, much thinner. Do some research before you say stuff. No offense.

Yeah, I guess you're right. Those of us who use a computer to work and be productive will probably never get over the "old" way of computing.
I still like the Transformer Prime form factor better, where the keyboard is an extended battery, but this design has advantages as well.

Seems to have the edge over the iPad (not the RT version but the pro version) by the fact it can do the things a Pc can do and not just a bigger smartphone. The keyboard covers seems cool and so does the kickstand. I'm defiantly interested!

I can run Photoshop on a tablet? DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN
+ other high-end software? DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN
I'm in.

Run Photoshop on this tablet and you might be lucky to get 2.5 hours of battery life. But the way, did Ballmer and crew even mention battery life?

Who cares if Photoshop drains the battery? Don't use it for that if you don't like what it does to battery life. Microsoft isn't going to force you to.
Options and capability are good things. I don't understand the mentality of people who complain about that.

Exactly. I can plug it into a power source and work on Photoshop and notepadd ++ all day. You know, actual work! This my friends is a true game changer.

"a bigger smartphone"
It's when people stay stupid crap like that, three years later, that I know there are some people out there that just don't "get it". I can't do what I do on my iPad on my iPhone (or Android phone, or Android tablet, for that matter), and if I wanted a full-blown PC experience I would by a damn laptop. It's kinda pointless to have the ability to do everything that a normal PC would do if you need a keyboard anyway. Touching the screen really isn't that life changing.

This is the tablet I've been waiting for. Terrible name though.
Pretty impressed overall.

Brilliant name actually. Rolls of the tongue very nice while the multiple metaphorical concepts from the name alone speak a million words.

"Microsoft is unwilling to divest themselves of the Windows nomenclature."
Everyone on earth who has ever touched a computer knows Windows. They don't need to get away from it by any measure.
Now, I agree the multiple version names are a bad choice but Windows should be in the name as it invokes instant product knowledge from any Windows users.

They should ditch all the tags behind the name and keep it simple; Windows, Windows Phone, Windows Tablet. And keep metro on the phone and tablet, I want classic desktop for my mouse and keyboard computer always. But like you said they can't ditch the name.

"Microsoft is unwilling to divest themselves of the Windows nomenclature."
Coming from some douche that gets paid minimum wage with no concept of branding whatsoever.

The keyboard in the cover is interesting. I don't see why they are so intent on making an x86 tablet though. Battery life has to be terrible. It's supposed to be mobile to do light stuff and have long battery life. If I want to do heavy lifting I will sit down at a computer.

Can you say Game Changer. This will blow Android completely out of the tablet market and force Apple to step up their game.

Maybe, maybe not. Windows Phone is still struggling to gain traction even with a superior interface to both iOS and Android. Look at what happened to WebOS.
The hardware is there, no doubt about that. It will come down to Microsoft's ability to put together a complete ecosystem that people want to invest in.

Windows Phone is not the same. Anyone who needs full Windows to get it done will get it. This isnt a new OS, but Windows that people use day in and day out.

Good point, but tablets and pcs have been two seperate markets with very different philosophies on software capability and price, and each philosophy suited the hardware well. Are people willing to pay full price for pc software on a 10" screen?
It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

This is a PC in a tablet. This replaces laptops and ipads. I see it in the future replacing desktops as well.

All depends on the price though. Most people are not going to be willing to spend the $600+ this most likely will be when they can get a full out computer for that price. Most users who get a tablet do not need all the full features of a full out computer hence why they got a tablet. Competition will always be a good thing and hope this drives apple to go away from it's baby steps mentality especially with software.

Yeah, price is going to be the clincher, and I wouldn't be surprised if it was closer to $800.
I'm confused why you'd think that people necessarily want less functionality in a tablet, though. If I can eliminate the need to own both a tablet and a laptop for less than the two would normally cost, I'm going to go for it. I hope the Surface busts up the preconception that tablets have to be watered-down computers, but that depends on how the battery life, horsepower, and stability pan out.
On an unrelated note, why all the hating on the branding? I dig Surface. It's certainly no more lame than iPad. (Edit: Oh, all the "RT" "Windows 8 Pro" crap tacked on. Yeah, that's dumb.)

If the RT version of the surface comes out at $800 it will be way overpriced and will fail. If the Windows Pro version comes out at that price it will be a success.

I see the RT version as the ipad competitor. The pro version the MBA competitor.
In that regard, the ipad wins vs RT Surface handily IMO. For 499, that retina ipad is killer.
The other comparison vs an MBA is a different ball game. But its safe to say the windows pro version looks pretty good there because it can double as the tablet. Full windows. Digitizer pen. Did I mention it doubles as a tablet?

It just remains to be seen..literally. I'm not sure anyone saw the intel version at the event. MS is mum on a lot of things.
An RT version just isn't something I'd want..

Well they say the RT version will be priced like a tablet, and the Pro versions priced like ultrabooks. I take that to mean they'll match iPad prices on the lesser versions, or about $600 for 32GB. Just my interpetation.
I'd have a hard time spending ultrabook money on a tablet. It would have to match the specs.
Good point about the name. I don't like Surface, but iPad was probably worse. We've just gotten used to it.

It's not just the price point that is almost definitely going to hurt the devices it is the 'strange' choice to make two incompatible models using two different versions of the Windows 8 OS. To confuse purchasers at store level with two identical looking devices that are essentially different excepting the 'look and feel'. It means that app's purchased on one do not work on the other.
It's the reason that Apple has done so well. What runs on their iPhone runs on their tablet and if you upgrade a tablet to a 'newer' model the app's still run.
With the Microsoft device, if you decide after purchasing the cheaper ARM based model for some and then switch to the 'pro' model you are screwed.
Not only that, the Microsoft business model still revolves around software. The fact that they choose to not include Microsoft Office, even the base package, in the Pro model means that they are seeing it as a way of getting even more sales by purchases of their office package. Of course they have chosen to not include the Outlook mail app in either which means that businesses will upgrade on the ARM based model and pay for the more expensive Office Package on the Intel based model.
Sorry but my gut feeling about this is that the cheaper ARM based model will be overpriced and fail. The more expensive Pro Model will have some business customers but will not be an iPad competitor and will not affect Android tablets either. It will be a niche tablet that some corporate businesses, especially those that are trying to lighten the baggage of sales reps and continue to use their in-house developed software will be attracted to it.
This is really Microsofts attempt to stop losing ground in the mobile computing market that used to be dominated by Laptops. It may still be too little too late.

My understanding is that "Metro" apps will run on either version, and that is the direction Microsoft is going for all future apps. However legacy (XP/7) Windows apps will not run on the RT tablet, but will on the Pro version.
I haven't seen anything official that clarifies that though.

$600 is the same price of an iPad with the same RAM. So your question should be why would anyone want an iPad.

Agree that Android is now officially a no-hoper in the iPad clone space. The carriers won't help Android pads the way they helped Android phones. Fragmentation and forking (e.g. Kindle Fire's variant of 2.3) cut its legs out. Now Microsoft has demoed the kind of integrated pad solution that will help drive the fatal wooden stake in Android's adspam-ridden heart.
But Apple constantly puts pressure on themselves to improve. External pressure from "small-ass table" or not.

Android was and always will be a phone os first and foremost and tablet os in the background. I think we will still see android tablets but most tablets are bought as a toy and not to replace a computer, until the surface was announced. I could see low end computers taking a hit big time.

I like it, finely a powerhouse tablet that I can possibly download torrents on and I can bet it has a file system as well. When my wife got the iPad 1st gen I thought it was the coolest and now that she has an iPad3 it's just like meh.... I'll wait till something better comes out and it looks like this might just be it.

I think the name is cool and original. Imagine this working together with the Smart Glass for Xbox ! :D
Kudos to MS for something new and fresh. I love my iPad 2 and my New iPad. But I was hoping for a revamped iOS , instead of just updates they announced last week. The surface might win me over to switch ! I'll still hang on to my iPads and iPhones of course. For now ...

Laughing at the Intel model's "Perimeter Venting" system. Maybe MS should bundle in a set of oven mitts so users won't get burnt from that hot x86-heated air...

I think it looks better then the android tablit. It probably will sell more then android too. I don't like the stupid name though, and I am never going to buy one. I am happy with my iPad and what it can do for me.

There's no probably about it. Android is done before they started. I have to wonder what MS's partners feel about the Surface. HP and Dell can't be too happy.

Re: "The first is called Surface for Windows RT, the second, Surface for Windows 8 Pro."
The "Pro" model will be priced for enterprise. Which means that it will cost more. Which means that it will probably be less popular than the ARM-based model. E.g. the "No Compromises" HP Slate 500. They sold barely 9,000 units then cancelled it.
All of which is Microsoft's first, gentle little hint that they will soon be kicking Intel down the staircase. And not just Intel. Ultrabook Initiative? See ya later. Hardware partners? Hasta la vista, babies.

They have to be kidding me!
That's the best they can do? After having their lunch AND dinner eaten by the competition, The BomberMan puts their best effort into something that was designed by the people at Lego?
I'd be truly embarrassed to whip that thing out amongst the thoughtfully industrial designed competition.
Stock to nose-dive... SELL, SELL, SELL!

+1. After all the comments of "that's it" after the release of iOS6? "Lord, you give them eyes but cannot see...."

My thoughts on why this will not make it...
1) ugly
2) pro vs rt - will confuse people. Also how will they distinguish there app store since both cannot run the same apps
3) app store is lacking
4) no 3G / LTE
5) book store for e reading?
6) how is the security on the pro version - will this thing need anti virus? Will make it nice and bloated
7) will this thing get malware. How about the blue screen of death?
8) ugly
9) no mention of gaming capabilities or battery life
10) display not as good as new iPad
11) no exciting features. They actually didn't show anything at all except for what it looks like

What you find ugly , others find gorgeous. Matter of opinion.
As far as gaming goes , they'll integrate it together into their market place and it will have more QUALITY games than App Store.
MS will have security worked out on this much like they have on 360.
This will succeed because people want something FRESH. iPad is neat but it's just an oversized iPhone and the OS has looked the same since 2007. ( yes there's been updates here and there and the resolution is much higher now since iPhone 1st gen but it's all the same setup. Nothing new and fresh )

Hey Samsung - see how Microsoft made the corners a little more square? How the edges are "beveled" instead of rounded? Gives the Surface(s) a different look-and-feel. Maybe different enough to avoid litigation.
And, most importantly, see how Microsoft has designed the OS and UX to be unique? Not slavishly copying anybody. Not even Apple.
Just something to think about when you're designing the next-gen Galaxy Tab.

Well of course it's hard for people to see , when their eyes are covered by apple-shaped blindfolds ;) :lol:

Oh Oh Apple.....This thing looks great! I want one.
Here comes Microsoft again to take the crown away from Apple.
As for Google's Andriod....Adios!

This just killed the iPad in enterprise and education. The enterprise features of the iPad are nonexistent. Where is the AD or domain functionality? Again non existent on the iPad.
I currently went through a nightmare of a year deploying over 2000 iPads in a school district. Deploying a windows tablet in an AD environment will make it easy as pie.
Not to mention Microsoft actually gives discounts to Schools, unlike Apple.
Yes Microsoft just out Appled Apple. Get over it.

Fail on Price, Fail on LTE and Fail on Battery Life. The RT not being retina is competing price wise with the $399 iPad 2 and the pro will get crush by cheap ultra books. IMHO no chance against the iPad because of the apps but android can get beat by win8 tablet productivity in the work place...
Also in 10" tabletsm16:9 aspect ratio only words for movies nothing else..z

They said nothing about battery life so hows it fail? Lte? Not needed when they can use wifi. Open your eyes fanboy.

3G is not needed? Spoken from the typical , closed-minded windows user. I have three people just in my family who all have 3G iPads, that number bumps closer to 8 when I add in my coworkers. But you're right, 3G is not needed. :rolleyes:

Hardly anybody really needs 3G in a tablet with its own data plan. They need a way to tether to their phones it without paying outragous carrier fees to do so. RIM did this nicely. Hopefully Microsoft will as well.
By the way, did they actually state there won't be LTE or 3G versions? If so I missed it. MIMO can be used for LTE and 3G. I can't imagine them missing something as major as no portable network access at all.

I think Microsoft has created a very powerful piece of technology that will offer an alternative to the ipad because it will offer functionality the iPad can't. I think businesses will by these things in droves especially the intel version. As long as it works as well I have heard about windows 8, they should have a minor hit on their hands.

"... they should have a minor hit on their hands."
LOL!!! That is exactly what Microsoft needs, another minor hit, like bob, Vista, Zune or the original Surface. Classic!!!

It's humorous to see the Apple faithful harp over a device's PRICE being a dealbreaker...
This is a gamechanger... as well as an assurance of sorts that Apple will have to come with something more that a new gimmick - and losing the added girth from the iPad 2 to the 3 - in order to keep customers satisfied next year.
I like my iPads, but (unless it's priced ridiculously high - $1200ish) I will be getting the Pro version as SOON as these are released.

as someone that uses windows but isn't fond of metro why do you want this so much over other tablets on the market?

I'm excited over the possibilities, especially since MS is doing the hardware themselves. Mainly, I guess, I'm a tech addict, and Windows 8 is the most refreshing option to hit since God-knows-when. I'm not fond of Android, and I don't know if I trust RIM to actually release a thorough experience with BB10.
I'm looking forward to these...

The surface will compete in the ultra look arena. It is to big to function against the IPad, too little to be a PC. You can't use it in bed as I type this on my Pad, lying down. Therefore iPad wins as the ultimate "lay back experience. Was there any mention of on screen keyboard?
Several problems for windows. One, you have to wait until they get all the bugs worked out, 2. Windows 8 is Windows 7' with a new user interface. While Metro is a good counter punch for phones and true tablets, it sucks compared to good old fashion Win 7 on my PC. 3. How much of the storage will be used by weekly upddates?
Microsoft rushed this product to public view to thwart mountain lion's debut in a few weeks. I am excited about reminders, notes, calendar sync across all devices.
By the way I own 2 macs and 2 pc's

Did you compare the specs to an iPad? 1" larger screen, essentially the same depth and weight. Sounds comparable to me.

The tablet has a virtual keyboard... it's native on Windows 8. The keyboard cover is an accessory. Let's not be ridiculous for the sake of being so.

so is this the new toaster fridge tim cook was talking about lol.
it does look like they are 'forcing' surface out of 'desperation'.
post pc baby! hehe

Oh come on... just say what you think: "this sucks". I personally love it, even the name. So now you care about the specs? All of this post suggest that you don't like it, and you don't think it will be a success, so say it. I own 2 ipads and 1 macbook air, and I absolutely preffer Aple products before Microsoft products. Nevertheless, I must admit that Surface looks very nice, solid and business oriented.

not me. i just don't think metro looks good. that said i do care about certain specs like storage. to little and ill run out.

@mc. Totally agree. I am an Apple guy throughout and swore off everything MS years ago.
I do find the Surface interesting, though. Being an Apple guy, this is great. Getting the competition to push the envelope will keep Cook and Company on their toes and not fall asleep at the wheel, like those clowns at RIM.
RIP Android tablets.

I dont think the Apple boys quite understand what this means for computing, too long have you been told by Apple that NO you cant do magical things on your tablet, it must just be an oversized iphone!
THIS... this BEAUTIFUL piece of technology... IMAGINE! your family can use this device as a laptop in the home, plugged in, giving you a FULL desktop computing experience! Then mum shouts "come on kids we're going to the store" They simple pick up the 'surface' and take it in the car with them for a brilliant experience as a tablet!
oh but wait, dad forgot he hasnt finished his reports for work which are due in tomorrow, NO PROBLEM! kids just pass him the surface and he happily edits away his reports using microsoft office (sold separately lol)
THIS!! THIS IS WHY IT IS A GAME CHANGER! because this is how REAL people in the REAL world use technology!!!
It has to work for EVERYDAY situations.
Apple boys are just hacked that microsoft delivered what they have been eagerly awaiting from Apple.
(and before u start claiming im an MS fanboy, i am typing this on my macbook pro and have an android phone - I DONT CHOSE GOOD COMPANIES, I CHOOSE GOOD PRODUCTS)

Oh no you didn't lol. The isheep are going to bash you because cook told them so and that means it has to be the truth /s

@boom......another ignorant comment from a troll.
Do you buy a car before driving it? Nobody has even rated it by using it, how the interface works, you dont know price, storage, etc. This incestuous drool over a product that no one, and I mean no one, has tried yet.
Very interesting device, but check yourself. And the isheep reference is as old as Ross Perot jokes. Be original dude!

I mostly agree, but keep in mind Microsoft hasn't delivered anything yet. We'll have to wait and see what kind of shortcomings and compromises are in the final product.

i only use pcs and don't have a tablet or apple pc. But i simply don't see the appeal of the scenario you offer. I'd never be like that. Stuff i do for work ist way too complex for doing on a tablet. it requires lots of pages of desktop publishing. I'm never gonna be in such a situation. But if i had a tablet it wouldn't be to replace a sit down device. i just think your vision is you're but not what most would do.

The battery life on the pro version will be horrible there is no question about that. The battery life on the RT version should be great, there is really no reason to expect otherwise since pretty much any tablet with that hardware has great battery life. Hopefully the RT version has a great web browser, I hate the 16:9 form factor but other than that this does put pressure on the iPad

Great product. I am an apple funboy, but surely i am going for that one: HDMI, USB, keyboard, stand, full HD they are all in there. True multitasking! Skype and notes taking on the same time. Eat this iOS 6 (currently i have it installed on my new iPad...)

Can't say I'm as excited as I was after seeing specs for each one. I also remember how worthless Metro was to me on the desktop. I can't imagine RT being anything more than a joke.
This leaves the Pro 2 lb version. If you think the new ipad is heavy, this is even more so. Lots of questions remain since MS couldn't even show one.
It seemed a bit rushed from MS and the OEM's have to be weary. But the best thing was them willing to step up and design both the hardware and software. But can they finish strong and provide the support? I can usually depend on Dell or Apple.

What amazes me is how the Apple Fanboys are so into what Apple tells them they want, they forget what they want themselves to begin with.
Since the first iPad everyone wanted USB, HDMI, and a new interface.
Microsoft offers what everyone (including Apple) has been trying to do. Offer a full OS on a tablet.
Lion = We saw the first signs of the iOSification of Mac OS.
Mountain Lion = iOS feature update of Lion, nothing more.
Next we will see iOS replace Mac OS. But it will still be locked down.
So buy a MacBook Pro and you just bought a $2000.00 iOS device.
Do I think it will replace the iPad overnight, NO. But you can't deny that it defiantly changed the playing field. Apple better step up to the plate.
Apple touts they have sold 40,000 copies of Lion, and they actually tries to compare that to the 700 Million copies of Windows 7 Microsoft sold.
Time for Apple and the Fanboys to give credit when it is due and stop thinking the closed door ecosystem will continue to payoff.
Apple, Microsoft just knocked on your door. Let’s see how you answer it.

Windows have been available on intel tablets for years. The only thing new with windows 8 in this regard is the metro skin that comes with metro junk apps. The hardware isn't much different than the intel slates you can get now.
The only thing different here is the Metro ARM tablet that is Metro only with Office. A Metro Tablet isn't windows. HP found out with the Touchpad that they couldn't sell it competitively against the ipad. Is this RT tablet any better than the Touchpad? I'd argue no. Lack of apps, low specced hardware, confusing marketing... In fact, i'd say webOS was much more user friendly.
People will ignore these unless MS sells these for a loss like HP had to do. As for the Pro version, people will get laptops instead or opt for the cheaper ipad. There could be an enterprise niche for the Pro version (as with previous intel slates) but it won't be a mainstream hit like the ipad.

Complaining that the kickstand and keyboard will drive people away is not smart. Really? If there isn't a need for them, then why do they exist? I think some people are forgetting all the iPad keyboard accessories and kickstands available out there. Albeit, they may not be for everyone but you have to admit, making both the stand and keyboard integrate into the tablet and keep the small form factor is what portability is all about. Portability, OS integration and form factor are why the iPad exist! The Surface is a viable addition to the market (notice I didn't say "iPad killer". I hate that everything new has to compare to it). Judging from the comments, it seems name brand (and OS) are the reason why people are saying Surface is no good. People say the same about Apple, what makes you any different in this case? As mentioned all too well, pricing and battery life will help future decisions. To each his own. Sheesh, and to hear 'adults' act and call each other names is just immature and shows what level of thinking one has.

MS will never get it straight in their thick head NOT to announce a new product and have people sit around a wait for a decade before it is release. E.g: the windows phone 7. Announced it, wait forever, gets release quietly w/o fan fair.
if they could just shut their damn mouth until it is 100% ready, with all the specs, and pre-order, I think their sales would rocket ... instead they like to play the waiting game.

I want that keyboard, I love that keyboard, it's everything I always wanted from a keyboard. I dreamed about it from the moment I saw the SmartCover but I wasn't expecting to see that made for a Windows tablet. I was beginning to think that this keyboard will never happen, that it's impossible to make one such as this. I'm sad it wasn't made by Apple because now probably they won't make one.
Their presentation wasn't the strongest but I must say it's awesome. I don't want to jump between two devices because one does something better than the other, I don't want to spend money on two devices so I hope that finally someone will make a device that successfully combines all that's needed.

As a happy iPad user I must say it looks promising, really great product because it does the thing that's important if you want to replace your notebook full time. With storage space at 64 & 128 GB until Apple decides to include 2 ports - Thunderbolt and USB iPad you can forget this is your main and only machine (even for $800). Wireless all the way but external HD is a must have nowadays while with this Windows Surface you add that great keyboard touch cover and you can do everything. Keyboard is essential if you want to use the whole display (especially 10") and write at the same time. But Apple prefers to sell two products instead of one, and as much as I like the iPad design they could really hide that usb port (like on the first gen Macbook Air) and use thunderbolt for charging the battery (win win).

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