mophie announces the juice pack helium for iPhone 5

For those whose iPhone batteries lived -- or died -- on the extra power provided by a mophie juice pack case, good news -- mophie has just announced the juice pack helium. Why helium? Because it's lighter than air, as in the previous generation juice pack air, of course. It's a 1500mAh battery, which will replenish an iPhone 5 up to 80%, but it's packed in a case that's svelter than ever before.

The mophie juice pack helium will retail for $79.95. The dark metallic version ships on February 19, the light metallic in March. Pre-orders are available now via the link below.

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mophie announces the juice pack helium for iPhone 5


Probably should have held out for the inevitable Pro, but ordered one anyways -- should be enough so I do not have to husband my battery through the last few hours of the day.

There will be a higher capacity new version....I tweeted mophie yesterday and they immediately responded with "stay tuned". It will happen. Of course I'm not due for upgrade for a year...