Moscone Center gets decked out with iOS 8 and WWDC banners

WWDC is set to kick off June 2-6, in San Francisco but the Moscone Center is already getting decked out for the party. As captured by Business Insider's Jay Yarrow, the WWDC 2014 banners have gone up and unsurprisingly, so has an iOS 8 banner.

As expected, the banners don't give away much of anything really aside from using the oceanic background most folks are familiar with and it has an 8 on alluding to iOS 8. But, new things are exciting and all will be revealed soon enough!

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Moscone Center gets decked out with iOS 8 and WWDC banners


Think it's interesting they went back to the "oceanic" theme. iOS 7 billboard was so bland to me (even though the redesign was nice) so this makes me a little more hopeful for a more Apple-esque iOS. Not trying to follow in the footsteps of the competitors. Pretty sure we'll all enjoy this one! :-)

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The WWDC2014 sign on the outside of the building looks like a giant silicon wafer. Implying shrinking die size? Major overhaul of internal components? Apple making even more of their own chips?
Can't wait till Monday!

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