Nook Tablet hands on: iPad competitor or Kindle Fire catch up?

Phil from Android Central is live at the Nook event in New York City and he got his geeky hands on a Nook Tablet already. While the Kindle Fire is getting all the attention -- and iPad 2 competitive chatter -- Nook has been around for a while and as Phil points out, like Apple but unlike Amazon, Barnes and Noble has a retail presence to help push their gear.

All that being said, Nook Tablet, like Kindle Fire, is aimed differently than iPad, focusing on a cheaper price and easy access to content (at least for people who live in the US). It's running a heavily skinned, highly customize version of Android Gingerbread (no Honeycomb for you!), and it's not going to be running Real Racing 2 HD over AirPlay Mirroring any time soon.

Whether it catches on, or catches up to anything approaching iPad 2's market, much less profit, share is anyone's guess at this point.

Source: Android Central

Nook Tablet hands on: iPad competitor or Kindle Fire catch up?

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Nook Tablet hands on: iPad competitor or Kindle Fire catch up?


I having an extremely hard time deciding on whether I want the Fire of the Nook Tablet. Is it safe to assume that once the nook tablet gets rooted and cm7'd that we'll be able to load it with the amazon app store, the kindle app, netflix and hulu plus? If this is the case it seems as though the nook is a no brainer as it has more ram, and storage capacity.

What's that again? That's not even close to being an iPad, and it's nothing like the kindle fire. Just a big piece of junk. Lol.

Even though the Nook Tablet is more expensive than the Kindle Fire, I think I'm going to have to go with NT. A 10 inch iPad is too big for my taste, so the Nook nails it perfectly with its impressive specs. I'll definitely be rooting it to install the Kindle app, since Kindle prices tend to be a bit cheaper!

Every tablet'esque device is an iPad competitor. They all provide another option for consumers. Whether they hit iPad #'s or not, I doubt it but they definitely are taking away sales.

I just canceled my preorder of the Fire and put it my preorder for the Nook Tablet. The Netflix and the Hulu Plus apps are deal-breakres since I already pay for those services. I would have to pay for Amazon Prime to get media content for the Fire so what's the point?
Twice the memory, twice the space and a microSD card slot (up to 32gb) make Nook Tablet a clear winner.
But against the iPad? I think the world is really seeing a split tablet world, two categories as it stands. Just like the two desktop and laptop worlds, tablets are split in different uses and directions.

It looks like a semi-enlarged phone!ha But I guess it would take off if it touts a flagship feature or at least if it's a whole lot cheaper than an iPad.