Notion Ink Adam -- Don't Call it an "iPad Killer"!


Notion Ink's Atom is one of the next generation "tablet" style devices that will no doubt be compared head-to-head with Apple's iPad. First, a note to traditional media -- if we never read the phrase "iPad killer" it'll be too soon. We clear?

Second and that said, SlashGear shows off some renders and it looks like the Adam brings some interesting ideas with it.

the Android-based slate using the latest-gen NVIDIA Tegra chipset and Pixel Qi’s innovative low-power display.

Pixel Qi uses a tranflexive display that blends characteristics of LCD (or LED like the iPad) and e-ink (like the Amazon Kindle).

Apple did a lot of UI work to scale the iPhone OS for the iPad, so it will be interesting to see how a non-integrated OS/hardware company will be able to scale Android, and of course, there's iPad's iTunes ecosystem to contend with -- something even companies like Acer have said is a show-stopper.

We like competition, though, because we like Apple being competitive.

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Notion Ink Adam -- Don't Call it an "iPad Killer"!


I am just glad companies like Apple are taking the tablet PC to the next level. We have had those clunky, overheating, POSs for too long.

"I won’t call it that, but I will say that this is what the iPad should have been. Sigh."
Yes, the iPad should have been vaporware, just like this.

I love how there are already "iPad Killers" before it has even come out. Nobody has even had the chance to use one yet, and while I think that the iPad will be a wonderful device that is also very capable, it is just stupid to claim that something is an iPad killer. As said before about the iphone, the iPad will be something completely different from a PC or laptop, or even a netbook.

The Pixel Qi screen is nice for battery life and outdoor reading, but from demo videos I have seen so far the colours (even with the backlight/frontlight on) aren't particularly strong and the viewing angle is very narrow. It gets funny colours, even with the light off, just looking at it from a slight angle like older/cheaper LCD screens. It's promising technology but it isn't quite there yet.
I would hope they don't just throw basic Android in this. Everyone was underwhelmed to see a scaled up iPod Touch homescreen on the iPad as if little thought had been given to using the extra screen space, but at least Apple reworked the UI of all the included apps to make the most of the iPad's screen.

On the scaling thing:
Android is so open source that developers and companies like HTC just take the UI and put their own on top.

lmfao @ apple did a lot of work to scale the iPhone's UI to the iPad. You did actually see the keynote right? They added one type of menu.... and that's it....

The iPad should have never been released, I hope not only this but also any future attempts by others on producing a tablet not only compete but outsell the iPad to show apple that they shouldn't release incomplete, hastily thrown together products anymore

@Ben mostly agree with your statement. Not only apple but all companies should not release crap before it's ready.
Or they do at least let the public know hey it's in the process of being greAt. By not quite there yet. Lol.
There is no way there can be a killer for a non-existant item. People get really overworked on lil things. I think Apple starts these "killer" quotes. I mean really who else would say that it's stupid at best.
Peace P.

Too bad it's not vaporware. A prototype has been fashioned. Many blogs and companies have demoed it. And it's already being funded.
Research before you speak.

Although I hate post links in the comments but here is what another blog owner has to say.
He claims that Adam is ipad killer with really cool comparisons.
Check out:
I personally feel after reading his blog that really Adam is somewhat iPad killer.

As many have already pointed out, the iPad killed itself. Among other things, not having an e-ink mode removes it from contention already. Then the fact that it doesn't have an sd slot or replacable battery and it's just a bigger ipod touch. I was never going to buy one anyway. The notion ink Adam looks like it has potential. We shall see if/when it comes out.

Why can't i call it an iPad killer?
The iPad put last years technology into a device, the Adam puts this years technology into a device. I mean for a new "niche" product that's suppose to bridge laptops and phones, how can Apple not even put a webcam on it? The adam allows you to record and take notes at the same time. Bringing us to the next topic, multitasking? Apple its 2010 not 1900 get your dish together or get out of the kitchen please.