iPad highest scoring product in American Customer Satisfaction history

iPad owners seem to be loving their devices, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index. Overall consumer satisfaction with personal computers has grown 4% since last year putting people's overall satisfaction level at 78 out of 100 points. When you break that down, iPads are leading the pack. Satisfaction with the iPad has grown 2% since the last survey. This puts iPad customer satisfaction at 86 points. This is higher than any other manufacturer and 9 points ahead of any other competitor. Dell, HP, and Acer all scored 77s.

CNBC looked into why this number may be so high for Apple and the iPad and they've said this:

“The iPad, even at this early stage, pulled up Apple’s overall numbers – which makes it the highest-scoring product Apple has, and therefore the highest-scoring product ACSI has ever tracked.”

Do you agree with CNBC's reasoning or do you think there's more to it? One thing is obvious, people love their iPads!

[CNBC via TechCrunch]

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iPad highest scoring product in American Customer Satisfaction history


I agree with this. Between my family and myself we have 3 and I work for a company that's sells them and from what Customers say, this is a very accurate report. Some people don't like them but that's life. Diff strokes for diff folks. Hey the kindle comes out Sunday. Go get that instead.

I own a iPad, and love it..
I agree iPad is not a true computer replacement right now, but its a very convient device to do the things you need like browsing, reading the news, playing some games, or checking email, and other apps that take advantage of what it offers.

Yep, the iPad is a big ol' flop. It will start failing any minute now, just like that silly iPhone fad.

Get a grip. It is not a "computer" the way some people define a computer. Big deal. Remember how Steve Jobs said it was a new category of product? Same thing. In fact, I would go one further and say Jobs and Forstall are proud of the fact most people do not consider it a computer, because it validates their vision of a new category nobody else had successfully tapped. The iPad is a successful product however you classify it, and that is all that matters.
Sheesh, the way some people get so defensive about imagined slights to something they purchased never ceases to amaze...

I love my iPad! It is a great " in between" device. iWork is a great user experience especially now that you can export to xls files from numbers my MacBook serves more as a nice storage space or backing up and syncing my iPhone 4 and iPad. An iPhoto app to edit pics is really the only major thing I'm missing, maybe a future iLife suite will take care of that.

It's a nice device. I sold mine after owning it for 2 months. I like it. But for me the screen was too awkward to type on. I got tired of putting it down. Typing and picking it back up again. And the iPad wont come close to replacing the computer until you can sync it without plugging it into one.

What are they comparing? Pc/Mac vs iPad. May be I am missing something, but no iPad has the power of a pc/Mac desktop or laptop. There are notebooks out there, but no real competition to the iPad. The iPad is a great product. It will compete with itself when iPad 2Gen comes out.

iPads are really NOT computers in all reality, considering that they have nowhere near the versatility a product such as a laptop has. They are in a completely different class of their own, a class of mobile device that is meant to fill the space for people who prefer size over functionality. It's a great product, but not as fully functional as a laptop.

The best "take" on the iPad I have seen is this: if you are a producer of content (documents, spreadsheets, etc.) the iPad is probably not for you.
If you are a consumer of content (emails, videos, web browsing, music, etc.) the iPad is a terrific choice. We left the laptop home last trip to NYC and took the iPad instead and it worked out very well indeed.
In my case, I am at a point in life where reading newspaper print is becoming difficult. For me, going to articles online then sending them to InstaPaper then reading them on the iPad using InstaPaper is perfect. I find myself reading much more now that I can bump up the print size and read the articles minus all the bloody jumping ads all over the page.

2 outa the 3 ipads purchased by us had screen issues with backlight bleeding... We are dumping them as soon as a 10in android replacement comes avail..

@speedthree. I disagree, I produce content more than I consume content with mine and I thoroughly enjoy the experience of multitouch interface for doing spreadsheets. But also I love it for playtime too not just work

I produce as much product as I consume on my iPad and can do it whenever and wherever I want. It allows me to be much more productive. I love my iPad, look forward to it's forthcoming generations, and refuse to look back. The highest rated product for customer satisfaction? I believe that! I'm surprised the percentage rate isn't even higher.

Many people both produce and consume content.
For pure consumption nothing beats the instant-on, swiping, elegant and easy-to-use interface of the iPad to this savvy IT career person.
Keep it by the bed (it is my alarm clock) it can sit on the coffee table or be passed around at a party, it can go to the can with you, it is the envy of the people on the airplane, on and on.
To be honest I haven't booted my laptop in the 4 months I've had the iPad a single time. I'm going on a 4-day business trip and I think I'll be OK with just the slim, small iPad, which can stay in your carry on and not be brought out for inspection during security.
$500? Unless you are unemployed or have money problems it's a no brainer.

Man I just bought and iPad today and I absolutely love it. Key features. That's why thenipad is number one. Web browsing is excellemt. Email is perfect. And typing on this thing is easier than I thought. Netbooks are garbage. The iPad is better than net books and once people realize that they will switch. Easier, lighter, easier, better. That is what the iPad is. I have been waiting on iPad since April and you know what it was worth the wait. I love this thing.

Don't own an iPad yet. Waiting for the next gen. However I have played on them and know my laptop will be rarely used after i buy one. My 3GS caused my laptop usage to plummet at least 80%. The IPad is ultimAtely as flexible as someone is willing to make it. There IS an app for that!

I am jealous of my kids. They going grow up in a totally different world then me. Information is getting more and more instant. The ease at which we get the information is getting easier and easier. The ease at which we get entertainment gets easier and easier.
Your entire music collection. Your entire DVD collection, 720p HD video, TV shows. Volumes of books, comic books, audiobooks, podcasts. Arcade games, all of them, countless games. Almost anything imaginable. They all exist at the touch of your finger tips. Instant on. No boot time wait. No CLI or WIMP, but at your finger tips.
No need to feel slighted by people who say the iPad isn't a computer or a device for creatives.

I own a netbook. I would give it 5 out of 100 for customer satisfaction. iPad 2nd gen is getting my cash unless someone else launches something REALLY ground-breaking in the meantime.